“And, we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn”... Our Burn Series is back!!! We have a great line-up of 90-minute customized workouts for the upcoming social happenings. We want to make sure to keep you on your best foot during the upcoming holidays and social events, so we made sure to give you a little extra BURN your mind and body will be craving.

Check out the line-up! You don’t want to miss out!

Turkey Burn: Sunday, November 3oth @ 11:30a w/ Monica

  • We are so thankful for...Monica! Never worry about what you indulged in on Thanksgiving because if you know Monica, she will get you moving and burning those added calorie intakes from the night before.

Lean in '15: Sunday, January 4th @ 5p w/ Kaley

  • Start off the first full week of 2015 in stride with us. Get lean in '15 with Kaley as she motivates you to work harder, feel stronger and have you feeling your very best for the New Year!

Super Burn: Sunday, February 1st @ 12p w/ Sheillah & Vanessa

  • Even if your favorite team isn’t playing or you’re really not that into football, Katy Perry is performing at half-time so that may be a reason to watch and partake in the big game festivities, right? With this social event comes unlimited snacks and maybe drinks, so why not start your day with your favorite team at WiO - Sheillah & Vanessa! They will kick your day in gear and have you cheering and sweating even before the game starts!

Three Burns, Three Ways to Join!

All standard studio policies apply

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