Our Go Mommies are all about getting their workout in during the morning hours! Here are four reasons why AM workouts rock! 

1. Wakes up the Mind

Exercise not only wakes up your body but it stimulates the brain as well and can help to improve mental activity and concentration.  We are more productive during the day if we start our day with physical activity. 

2. Promotes Weight Loss

When we exercise in the AM, we kick off our day by burning fat which revs up our metabolisms and leaves us will more energy throughout the day!  

3. Encourages Healthy Eating

Making a healthy choice like starting your day with exercise, changes our attitude about food and helps us to make wiser and healthier eating choices throughout the day! 

4. Promotes Better Sleep

When we expend energy at a steady rate while we are awake, our sleep quality improves as the body readies to shut itself down at night! 

WiO Tip:  Before your morning WiO workout, be sure to eat a small piece of fruit like a banana or half a protein bar. Your body is fasting for over 8-hrs so you need to jump start the engine with some energy to get the full potential of your workout!