Thanks to everyone who posted questions! They were all great and I plan to answer all of them in the coming posts, so stay tuned! 

Congrats Ashley Pagelow! I loved your question and can relate to feeling confused as to what I should wear after pregnancy. I remember not wanting to wear maternity clothes anymore, but also not being where I wanted to be physically, in order to go shopping for a new wardrobe. 

Some ideas you might be able to try: find a tank, or blouse that is not fitted and has movement, layer it with a fitted denim vest, and leave the vest open. This will give shape to your figure, but also cover up and make you feel more comfortable in the item your wearing underneath since it won’t be clingy. For a bottom, try a skinny jean that has a little spandex in it for comfort, or a straight fitted jersey maxi skirt. Denim is a staple that will always be in style. Granted there are fads and trends in denim, but they are trends that I feel are always on the safe side to experiment with.

Another option, focus on parts of your body such as your legs or arms that you feel comfortable baring. Try a flowy top again with a pencil skirt. Playing with the proportions will give a more slimming look. If you pair a boxy top with a straight leg/wide leg bottom, it tends to add an illusion of a larger frame. So take the time to try on items in your closet alternating basic bottoms to find what looks best. 

Most importantly embrace the fact that you just brought a gorgeous life in this world and it takes time to feel comfortable in your own skin again.  When going shopping don’t get discouraged if you can’t get into the size you were pre-baby. Be realistic in goals you set for yourself and celebrate each milestone, whether it be an extra hour of sleep, or getting back into your favorite jeans as they happen! Happy styling, and if you ever need a shopping buddy, let me know.