Here comes our next WiO Bride… Vanessa! Married on June 7, 2014, the same day as our last WiO Bride Jessica, newlywed Vanessa shares her wedding story with us. Keep reading to learn how this adorable couple met -- and how Vanessa got in killer shape with WiO! How did you meet your husband? 

John and I met through his older brother. I used to work with his brother Greg and one day I Iearned that Greg had a younger, single brother and I, like any single 30 year old woman would do, casually mentioned that I wanted to see a picture of him and asked him to set me up with him! He showed me a picture but refused to introduce us because we worked together and I dropped the conversation because I didn't want to make it weird for him at work. All the while, Greg told John that a girl he worked with thought he was cute :) A few weeks later, I woke up and saw a blank email from Greg to his brother that I was CC'd on. After I received that I took it upon myself to email John and we started talking for about 4 weeks via email before our first date. Later I found out that Greg did not mean to copy me on the email and the whole communication between John and I was a mistake! Best mistake he ever made in my opinion.

And how did you know he was the one?

I didn't meet John until I was 30 (almost 31) so I had spent a fair share of my 20's dating very unimpressive guys in NYC and Chicago. I did, eharmony, bad set ups by my friends, family and co-workers and so I guess when I met him I just knew something was different. I didn't know right away that he was the one. It took some time for me to realize that he was different. Everything with him was SO easy, so calming and I was able to be myself all the time. It was not how I felt with other guys and I just knew that I had to hold onto him :) He balances me out in every way possible and I do the same for him. It's a very natural relationship and it's nice to have someone like that in my life. I feel very grateful.

Tell us about your wedding.

Our wedding was absolutely the best day of my life! We both wanted a very intimate wedding in Mexico so after we got engaged we immediately searched for the perfect resort for the wedding. We had 81 of our closest friends and family at the NOW Sapphireresort for 4 days leading up to the wedding. We had an amazing Welcome BBQ on the beach the night before the wedding which included a live band and a cigar roller. The following day was our wedding. Our ceremony was on the beach and was officiated by my best friend from childhood. John and I wrote our own vows -- which was my absolute favorite part of the entire day. The weather was perfect and everything went smoothly. After the ceremony, we had cocktail hour and our reception on the beach terrace. Everyone was dancing ALL night and as an added bonus we had a taco bar ready for everyone after the last song was finished. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Where did you go dress shopping? What made you say yes to the dress?

I actually only went to Kleinfeld to try on dresses. The whole process to me seemed so overwhelming, but my mom and grandma were DYING to go to Kleinfeld, so we went one Tuesday in November. I tried on 13 dresses and finally after a few hours I found MY DRESS!! It's hard to explain but I kept trying on so many nice dresses and then when I tried on my dress I just knew it was the one I was going to wear. It was perfect for a beach wedding and really fit my body in all the right places. After many fittings I put it on the day of the wedding and it was PERFECT!

How did you get yourself ready for your big day?

After the Christmas holiday, I realized my wedding was only a few months away and I needed to STEP up my workouts and start eating better. I was already going to WiO 4 times a week, but I decided to just work harder while I was there and increase my weights from 8 to 10lbs in Monica's Sweata Weatha. Thanks to Monica, Aliyah and Heather after 4 months of giving it 110% I was ready for the wedding. I had cut down on my sugar, carbs and alcohol :( all my favorite things, but that combination with my workouts really started to see results for the big day. Monica made sure to do extra burpees when I was in the class just to make sure I was ready for the big day :) It was fun to take classes at WiO to get motivation from the other ladies especially Jess Purwin my fellow June 7th bride! If it wasn't for her I don't know if I would have been able to push myself as hard those last few weeks.

How is married life now and what advice do you have for other soon to be WiO Brides?

Married life is so fun! John and I already lived together for 2 years before the wedding so nothing "technically" changed when we got back from the honeymoon. In a weird way it still feels different and more exciting than when we were living together but weren't married yet! Everyday I feel luckier to be married to him! I still haven't changed my last name yet because I am dreading going to the Social Security office and DMV, but I plan to go through the name changing process in the next month or so. The only advice I have for soon to be WiO Brides is to just ENJOY EVERYTHING because it will be over so fast. Make sure you enjoy all the events leading up to the wedding day (bridal shower, bachelorette party) and of course stay calm and have fun on your wedding day. I had so much fun and enjoyed every moment with my friends and family the months leading up and then the wedding day went so fast that I keep having to watch the video so I can just remember the day! It's the best time in your life so make sure you don't sweat the small stuff!

Congrats Vanessa & John! Such a beautiful couple! Are you a recent bride or bride-to-be? Email us at to be featured as our next WiO Bride!