We love hearing the details of our WiO Brides' weddings -- and our next one is no exception. Meet Rimma, an avid lunchtime WiO'er, who married her hubby Matt on January 31, 2015. While the snow has finally melted and Spring is officially here, we think her winter wedding was just magical! Take a look for yourself... How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?

We're from the same town, but didn't really know each other until college, despite having mutual friends. We started hanging out a lot as friends, and our relationship evolved. For me it was really important that we were great friends first. I felt very comfortable around him and we had so much fun together! I knew he was the one when I was really stressed in law school (always), and he would take me to get hot chocolate and play on the playground or bring me coloring books to help me take my mind off of everything. I think it was the fact that even though we have many similarities, we are fundamentally different and balance each other out very well. I could never marry another me!

Tell us about your wedding.

We got married January 31, 2015, so it was a Winter Wonderland! It was a large wedding with about 300 guests, flying in from all over the country and even worldwide. The guests stayed at the Pearl River Hilton, and that's where we had the Rehearsal Dinner and the Brunch, both of which were wonderful. The actual wedding was at Seasons in Washington Township, NJ, which is amazing with the best food and staff. So. Much. Food. I really wanted to take advantage of the winter vibe, not only because I am Russian, but also because it has been so snowy!! Thankfully, it snowed around our wedding, but not actually on it, so we were lucky to have a beautiful blanket of white snow on the ground. The bridesmaids wore a greyish-blue color, and I made them sparkly belts to tie the look together, as well as bought tan furs that were really fun for the photos and kept them warm. The florist, Laurie from Laurelwood Designs, really helped bring the whole thing together with her amazing work. I wanted to channel an enchanted forest and we worked closely together to get the centerpieces and Chuppah just right, with tall branches and hanging candles, as well as mirror cubes to reflect all the candlelight of the short centerpieces. We got to incorporate some very special and personal elements into our wedding. My mother-in-law's train from her wedding dress became the roof to our Chuppah, and the crystal goblets that my parents used at their wedding were on our sweetheart table. We even threw in something for Matt (my husband) -- I walked down the aisle to a violin version of a Legend of Zelda song, which is something very sentimental to him (trust me girls, it was a pretty song -- that was requirement number 1). Our photographer Sean Gallant captured the whole day beautifully. Thank goodness, because both of us barely remember anything other than it being awesome! I'm sure we're not the only ones. It was an amazing celebration, followed by an epic honeymoon, and a sad, but relieving, return to reality.

Where did you go dress shopping? What made you say yes to the dress?

I went dress shopping at Pronovias, a boutique near my apartment on the Upper East Side, and, finally, at Letitia's Bridal, in NY near my parents' house. The women at Letitia's gave me the best experience, which is probably part of the reason I said yes to the dress there. I tried on a ton, but I really wanted something classic and feminine and also not too similar to what everyone else I know has worn. I was between two dresses, but in the end I went with the dress that made me feel special and beautiful, even without hair and makeup and while sick with a cold. It also helped that the dress I did not choose weighed a ton! If I can stress anything, it's to make sure that your dress is comfortable and that you can breathe. Even after choosing the "comfy" dress, I still didn't anticipate what it would be like to wear it for 12 hours straight. If you're uncomfortable when you try it on, don't do it!

How did you get yourself ready for your big day?

Well, of course I wanted to look my best, so I got my butt over to Work It Out! I stuck to the lunchtime (B) High Speed classes with the fabulous Heather, who is super motivating in class and really friendly outside of class. The (B) High Speed classes are great because it's not just spinning on the bike, but you get to mix it up with some hardcore floor work. It only takes 45-minutes, but you definitely get a FULL workout. I also took the lunchtime Naked Ride classes to keep up with my cardio - Vanessa and Monica are fantastic and even blend in some arm work. There is definitely no slacking in any of the WiO classes! Even though I live in Manhattan, I work in Hoboken and made sure to stick to a strict lunchtime workout schedule at Work It Out, because I haven't found anything else that compares or that has the awesome blended workouts.

How is married life now and what advice do you have for other soon to be WiO Brides?

Married life is great. It's not too different from cohabitation, but it has a nice feel to it. My advice would be:

  • Know what you want and don't let other people push you around, even if they are trying to help.

  • Stick to your workout routine -- not only will it make you look good, but it definitely helped to keep my stress levels down.

  • Try to be organized.

  • Don't worry about the little things, because you won't even notice most of them on the actual day.

  • Be thankful to those around you who are helping you and who are part of your wedding, and be kind to your vendors. Everyone will appreciate it and will be happy to do a little extra for you.

  • ENJOY IT! Make sure you take it all in for just a minute.