With Valentine's Day this week, what better time to showcase our next WiO Bride, Monica! Her wedding looks picture-perfect and she looked drop-dead gorgeous -- not to mention the Mexican scenery doesn't hurt for a cold, winter's day. Take us there! Read on for all the details on her destination wedding, dress shopping journey and daily WiO class-taking! How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?

I met my husband at Brother Jimmy's on the Upper East Side in New York City. It was a thirsty Thursday night in June 2010 and my friend had asked me to come out that night to be her wing woman. She was meeting up with a guy she was seeing and his Rugby buddies. Travis was out bar hopping with his high school buddy and popped in to Brother Jimmy's to play a round of Golden Tee. I met Travis that night and as it turned out he also lived in Hoboken. Travis treated me to a cab ride back to Hoboken and being the gentlemen that he was popped out of the cab at my street (11 blocks away from his) to walk me up to my door and asked me out on a date.

Shortly before meeting Travis I had decided to move back home to Maryland as my fashion career was off to a bumpy start and I was ready to throw in the towel and head home to find a new career path. I had decided not to re-sign my lease with my girlfriends so that I wasn’t tied down for another year. When I started having cold feet about moving back home I decided to sublet another apartment for 3 months while I figured things out. The first few weeks into the new living situation I quickly realized the roommate was a nightmare! Not only did Travis help guide me through the whole nightmare living situation, he was also my support system and mentor as I figured things out with work. He also helped move me twice in less than 6 weeks all within the first 3 months of our relationship! Right from there I knew he was the rock I had been looking for.

Tell us about your wedding.

We got married on a little island called Isla Mujeres in Mexico. We had 95 guests attend. It was such a great time. Everyone arrived on Wednesday, November 5 and we kicked off the week with a Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt around the island. Thursday was our church ceremony, which was an intimate ceremony with family and close friends which occurred at the Chapel of Guadalupe presided by Father Tom. It was very special to have Father Tom preside over our ceremony because he is Travis’s Great Uncle and he married his parents and also baptized Travis. Thursday night we had our welcome dinner at Fenix Beach Club which is located on the beach on the North end of the island.

Friday, November 7 was our beach ceremony and reception at Zama Beach Club located on the beach on the South end of the island. Guests arrived by boat from the North end of the island. The ceremony took place on the beach at sunset and was also presided by Father Tom. At the moment of our “first kiss” we surprised everyone with a Mariachi band that appeared and started off festivities. While everyone enjoyed cocktail hour on the beach while the sun set, the wedding party took pictures. After cocktail hour we headed off to the dinner area which overlooked the beach above lit infinity pools and under a beautifully lit pergola. Following the cake cutting we surprised guests once again. While guests finished up their cake two drummers appeared and led guests to the beach where a fire dancer began a performance. Once the fire dancer finished guests were led to a large Palapa for the reception. At the Palapa, the wedding party was introduced, each to a fun entrance song and choreographed shtick. Then the usual took place, first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, garter belt toss, bouquet toss and then crazy partying ensued until 11pm. Following, the wedding guests partied in town until the wee hours of the morning.

Where did you go dress shopping? What made you say yes to the dress?

I shopped for my dress in New York at three locations:  Kleinfeld, Gabriella and Lovely Bride. I finally found “the dress” at Gabriella. I had started out my search with a completely different concept in mind. I began with the idea of a lace key hole back dress but when I got to Gabriella and started perusing their extensive and unique assortment of gowns with my bridesmaids I quickly started considering other options. One of my Maid of Honor’s pulled out a silky gown with an embellished neck line. My initial thought as it lay on the hanger was that the silhouette was opposite of what I was looking for but the embellished neckline was so gorgeous and interesting I decided to try it on. Once I came out of the dressing room and saw the look on everyone’s faces I knew it was “the dress”. We almost skipped the last appointment at Lovely but we went and it just solidified how perfect the dress was.

How did you get yourself ready for your big day?

I just found out about WiO about 2 months before my wedding. Needless to say it was crunch time. But it was amazing how fast the weight started coming off once I committed to a 5-day a week schedule at WiO. First of all, I became addicted. The high energy, interval based training's gave me an opportunity to not only target every muscle but also kept me so motivated. My weekly workout regimen always consisted of the AM Ride Mixer with Taryn or Monica and AM (B) High Speed with Kaley. I loved the combination of the floor workouts with the cycle room. And whenever I could I would take Monica's Saturday morning Sweata Weatha which always kicked my butt and I think single-handedly sculpted my arms for that dress. Just to surprise my body I would throw in a few variations of different classes here and there throughout the two months such as CandyBarre, Zumba and Hip to the Hop. It really wasn't until I joined WiO that I started to finally begin to reach my goal and it was fantastic! In the end I was so happy with how quickly my body transformed.

How is married life now and what advice do you have for other soon to be WiO Brides?

Married life now is actually quite similar to engaged life before minus all of the busy planning! My advice for soon to be WiO brides is don’t get stressed! Everything will work out in the end and you will have an amazing time. However, don’t leave things to the last minute, make sure to reference all of the checklist resources online and stick to the timeline they suggest. Also, keep up with your WiO workouts! It was my main stress reliever the lead up to the wedding and it helped me to chisel off all of those unwanted pounds in no time. Especially Sweata Weatha with Monica and AM (B) High Speed with Kaley!

Congrats to the newlyweds, Monica & Travis! Have you been kicking your booty in our classes to get in shape for your wedding? Email us if you'd like to be featured as our next WiO Bride. Recently engaged or still planning your big day?! Make sure to read all about our first-ever Brides & Bubbly Bachelorette Party on Sunday, March 1 - And sign up on MindBody!