We're thrilled to introduce you to our next WiO Bride, Allison! She and her new husband, Dan were married on September 20, 2014 on a beautiful, sunny day in Connecticut. Allison was determined to look good in her wedding dress -- and did just that by discovering Next Stop Skinny, becoming an avid WiO'er and making slight diet changes. She is truly inspiring -- so keep reading for more of her wedding story. Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness, Allison & Dan! How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one? My step-sister begged me to go out with her when I was home visiting my parents in CT for the weekend. We went out to my town's local bar ("Sunset Ribs" -- yes) and I met him there. I knew he was the one when I went to his apartment for the first time and saw that he had put a movie stub from one of our first dates on his refrigerator.

Tell us about your wedding. It was a gorgeous day -- sunny and 70! We had our ceremony at a small church in Mystic, CT and then our reception was at a golf club near Foxwoods Casino. Some special moments of the day were when my step-sister gathered "words of wisdom" photos from all of our guests and put them into a slideshow. Also, Dan's brothers surprised us by playing the trumpets for the first dance songs -- which really got the party started off right.

Where did you go dress shopping? What made you say yes to the dress? I went to a few stores, but ended up buying at The White Dress By The Shore in Clinton, CT. I wanted something simple with lace details. I knew it was "the" dress when my family all told me how gorgeous I looked in it -- and I loved that I could still dance in it!

How did you get yourself ready for your big day?Next Stop Skinny! Went to WiO about 4-5 days a week with a mixture of this class and other spin classes. I also went to see Vanessa at Hoboken360 nutrition and went on a new diet that has now turned into a lifestyle. I lost about 12lbs overall and felt amazing. I also treated myself to a lot of facials and massages leading up to the event -- to help clear up my skin but also relax since it was pretty stressful!

How is married life now and what advice do you have for other soon to be WiO Brides? Married life is great -- I get to come home every day to see my best friend -- who could ask for more than that? Advice that I have is to take some time to yourself on the wedding day. We ended up going off on the golf course (at our venue) to take photos away from the cocktail hour. It was really great to be alone for a few minutes and laugh about silly moments that happened earlier in the day. The best part though was when we drove up on a golf cart to the cocktail hour and saw all of our loved ones laughing and having a great time -- and then cheering to see us! It's an amazing day that you will always remember -- so make the most of it and don't sweat the small stuff.

First photograph β„… Carla Ten Eyck Photography