If you love working out, don't fear! You can still keep your passion going throughout your pregnancy! When I first stepped into the fitness industry, I became very interested in training women, specifically pregnant women. I love being able to keep expecting Mommys in motion with appropriate modifications.

Last Summer, a client of ours Sarah Ward found herself wanting some specialized training with a couple months left in her pregnancy. Little did Sarah know, our team had a special Pre-Natal program already developed called Bun In The Oven! It's a NEW 12-week class series just started in the New Year - Every Tuesday at 1015am - WiO River with Sherri or myself!

“Continuing to train at the end of pregnancy kept my endurance up, I always felt better after the workout than before, and it felt SO good to sweat. Heather’s workouts were challenging, but in a good way,” says Sarah. Sarah has worked out most of her life that included our Go Mommys, and various Blendedclasses.

We encourage our expecting mommies to perform their same pre-pregnancy exercise regimen as long as they feel comfortable. Here are a few tips during pregnancy to keep you and your little one on the way safe and healthy!

  • Maintain a happy belly environment!

    • Make sure you don’t overwork or elevate heart rate too high because there should always be plenty of blood and oxygen going to the uterus

    • Perform the talk test during workouts

    • Base efforts and intensities on how the exercise and activity feels at that moment

    • Don’t forget to eat!

      • Pay attention to blood sugar levels

      • Make sure to eat before, after and even mid-workout if necessary

      • And don’t forget to drink! (we mean water, silly!)

        • Consume adequate water intake during workouts and throughout the day

If you are currently pregnant, feel free to ask me following questions and I will guide you in the right direction!

  • What fitness level am I at now?

  • What does my Dr. say regarding this particular exercise/activity?

  • Have I done this exercise or activity regularly lately?

  • How do I feel when I perform the exercise today?