We are the 21 Club! And we're training for more then a New Year’s Resolution!

The journey through the 21 Club is a personal experience.  Each participant has different goals and aspirations for the 7 weeks that were set for them.  It all started with with a fitness consultation with Heather (our guiding light and instructor through the entire process) as to figure out our personal ‘why’ and what we hope to achieve.

I’m Emily, and you have probably seen my face at the River Studio during the evening adult classes, or the afternoon gymnastics classes here.  Since becoming apart of the WiO Team earlier this 2014 year, I promised myself to get back on track and become a more fit and healthy me. I was really excited to see the 21 Club starting, and it just seemed to make sense in order to get back on my own fitness journey. I had a laundry list in my head of little sections of my body I wanted to ‘fix’, and pleasantly surprised myself when it came to focusing on ‘what did I want overall?’.  The 21 Club made me determined to focus on a stronger me, both physically and mentally in my overall lifestyle.  The challenge was set forth in front of me, and I am happy that so far I feel fabulous accepting it!

When it comes to our workouts as a group, the 90-minutes fly by on Wednesdays with Heather! She has created session after session that focuses us on using our entire body, as well as keeping all the workouts different.  The classes are fun and intimate, but most of all exciting since we never know what we will be doing that night. The length of the class sounded intimidating at first, but with the other ladies working out by my side, it rejuvenated something inside that said ‘you can do this!’.  On top of that, Heather is extremely motivational and reminds us to choose the one thing we came for. What is our individual focus? Choose that one thing and focus on it, and keep focusing on it! 

The 21 Club doesn’t end with just a 90-minute workout on Wednesdays.   There are also the personal emails from Heather each week; congratulating us on achieving the next step and tacking on more encouragement!   These small little touches take the entire experience to an entirely new level with wanting to reach the goals I set out for myself from the beginning.


The transformation is a personal mental growth process as well, giving more self-confidence each week.  The biggest challenge for me is to remember that as women, we should empower each other while we are exercising besides one another.  Yes, we came to workout for our individual self, but to remain inspired by the woman working hard right next to me.  Encouragement comes in many forms and the 21 Club is not lacking in giving a fuelled inspired change if you just embrace all of it.

The 21 Club has awoken a sleeping inspiration inside myself to keep reaching and to never give up on me.  However, to remember that fitness in all of its personal goals for me can also be a fun and enlightening experience when you work out together!