Many of you know our WiO Instructors as the friendly faces that give you the best workouts around! What you may not know is the lives they lead outside of the WiO Studio!  We are kicking off this new feature with 24 hours in the life of Kelly...

6:30 am - I love the morning and I am all about my routine! First thing I do upon waking is take four deep mediating breaths, it centers me and gets me ready to take on a day! I then head right to the stove and heat up some warm water with lemon, it is so soothing yet energizing at the same time!

7:30 Then it's time to get in my own "Kelly Workout," depending on what the rest of my day looks like, I either take a 30 minute jog or catch an early Ride class at the studio and then it's breakfast time my fav meal of the day! I must start my day with a fresh Green Juice and usually some rice porridge, protein shake or an egg! Yum! 

8:30 After a nice shower, I am off to the city where I am a Musical Theater and Dance Teacher!  Currently, during the summer I teach at a Theater and Dance camp for children.  I teach my students the basics of Musical Theater and am usually staging and choreographing a musical number for their upcoming performance! 

3:30 I usually get home from around 3:30 and then its time for me to RELAX and regroup before I teach my fitness classes at night while getting my "desk work" done.  I heat up a big mug of green tea while working on the WiO Blog, preparing lesson plans for school and/or catching up with my own schooling at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition!  I am only a couple months away from getting my certification as a Health Coach! 

5:30 Dinner Time! I try as hard as I can to eat dinner before I teach, though sometimes it is tough. I love cooking and am all about making my own food.  I usually make a big salad with a protein, or improvise with the ingredients I have around the house! I love experimenting!

7:00 I am off to the studio for a great Zumba Love or Groove Cycle class! I love coming to the studio and getting in great sweat with all of the incredible WiO clients! The energy is class is always so alive and it really gets me pumped! 

8:30  If I haven't stayed for Monica's Sweata Weatha Class then I go right back home, take a shower and get right into my comfy pajamas!  Then it is off to relaxation town!

9:00 Make sure all is prepped to go live for WiO's Blog page tomorrow then it's time to zone out with some mindless television,  while cozying up with the beau! Hate to admit it but I am BRAVO fanatic and when the man isn't around that is really all I watch at night, I just find it super entertaining! Nothing better to me after a long day then trashy TV, some cuddle time, maybe a piece of organic dark chocolate and an early bed time! 

10:45 Lights out! See you in the Morning;)