You might catch Sherri teaching Monday mornings at Willow for our Go Mommy classes, or down at River instructing an awesome Blended Ride class. But Sherri balances a lot more during her day than just fitness classes! Take a peek into how Sherri keeps it all together and gets life down as a mom, wife, and working woman!
Mom.. Mommy...MOM!! Eat, Dora, Read, Play! Oh Good Morning it's 6:00am I thought MAYBE you would like to sleep in today?
That would be my daughter Paige on most mornings and that is how we start our day. I am a morning person,but getting a toddler up, dressed and out the door is another story. When Paige is not arguing with me on what outfit she wants to wear those are the good days where I can MAYBE make a morning class or go for a run. Running has kinda been put on the back burner because it's not so easy to push a 28-lb child anymore in my jogger. Thank goodness we just started her in school 2-x a week, so that frees up time for ME. Funny thing is 3-hours is not much time to get things done. I zip around town with my list hoping to shorten it. 
6:00am - 9:00am: Usually time spent in the house. Multi-tasking...making the bed, hoping Mike (my husband) will feed Paige breakfast while he eats too before leaving for work, few loads of laundry, start dishwasher, pack up for the day
9:00am-12:00pm-ish: Either drop off Paige at school and then I will rush over to WiO to teach a class, train a few clients or I will try to jump in to one of the many morning classes at WiO. Time is ticking after  which only gives me time for maybe 2 errands. I take great pleasure in going to the supermarket without a toddler. Many times I've ended up with things in my cart that were NOT on my list! 
12:00pm-5:00pm: NAP TIME (for Paige) usually 2-hrs Whew! I TRY to clean myself up, perhaps put on REAL clothes although my gym clothes usually win and the shower waits until evening before I go to bed. Time to start thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner (or not). I like to try to cook 4-x week. We are lucky that Paige will usually eat what we do so I'm not making two dinners. Catch up time with emails, work on playlists and read up on different fitness websites. Take Paige to a friends for a playdate or some other activity. 
5:00pm-til bed: Not much time in this window as Paige doesn't go to sleep until close to 9:00pm and Mike and I are usually pushing it to 10:30pm. He doesn't get home until 7:30ish which makes for a long day for me and my girl! Dinner, bath, bonding time for Dad and Paige while I clean up. Ready for this, you might even catch me on a late night jaunt to Target, I know crazy me! 
Life is good! Yes, I enjoy a glass of vino every FEW evenings and go out with my Mommy friends for much needed catch up, put on makeup and and dig out those heels night. Date nights happen once every few weeks. I must admit our last great date was hot yoga together followed by dinner. It's rare that my husband and I do that anymore and that is what brought us together!