Go From Studio to Street

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Go From Studio to Street


By: Brand Ambassador, Alana Quagliariello


Ladies, you don’t need to be a fashion editor to fall in love with the athleisure trend.

Items that were once reserved for the gym are now street style staples and they're not only acceptable, but they're totally chic too.

Personally, gym-to-street looks are undoubtedly a part of my uniform.

The latest crop of activewear for sale at WiO this week has me excited to step up my sports luxe game. I am both a workout and fashion fiend, however, sportswear is quite unfussy and easy to integrate into your wardrobe. As such, I encourage you to try this trend out.

Lets navigate it together.

Take, for example, WiO’s range of alo yoga tank tops. Stretch performance fabric and mesh keep you cool, but also add an element of femininity to an otherwise athletic look. Two of my personal favorites are the Crest Tank and the Elite Tank.

What is the secret to elevating my workout wear? accessorizing for the win! Here’s how this tank can go from day to night.

By day – Tank, leggings, duster jacket, bun – done.

Quick tip: Keeping things in the same neutral color pattern (i.e. black, gray) instantly pulls this look together.

By night – This tank pairs perfectly with a midi skirt or leather pants. I’d knot the tank, throw on an aviator-inspired bomber and add a bold lip or beach waves. Thoughtful details are what make an ensemble feel compete and fashion-forward.

In need of inspiration?

Look no further than your Instagram feed. With Fashion Month in full-swing, it’s impossible to ignore the style setters hitting the streets and you’re bound to spot some sporty-chic looks to mimic.


All About Alana Quagliariello (@alana_quagliariello)

Fitness-focused and fashion-forward is the perfect alliteration for Alana (check out her gorg Instagram feed if you need further confirmation). She has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and loves her Hoboken community – where you can find her taking advantage of all the amazing, chill things our town has to offer – a great place to walk the dog, eat, grab a latte and a mani. Have you ever been in Jennifer’s 6:15am Sweata Weather class and thought that last round of plank rows had you seeing double? Chances are you might just be in class next to Alana and her twin sister.

Alana is such a devotee to WiO that she makes up Next Stop: Skinny classes at home if she can’t make it to the studio. And chances are her playlist would sound just like Lisa B’s with rap & hip-hop blasting.

Wanna know a random fun fact about Alana… she has two different color eyes.


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WiO Anywhere With Us This Summer


WiO Anywhere With Us This Summer

Attention Women of Work it Out! This is a public service announcement! Whatever you do - don’t let your summer weekend derail your fitness and nutrition! Take it from us. We're all busy ladies, just like you, always on the go! We put together a special Summer Weekend Away workout and eating plan that’ll keep you feeling fresh and toned no matter where you are traveling to or from.

 let's start first with the work out!

We love to see you in the studios, and nothing beats a room full of bad-ass babes killing it in Sweata, Next Stop, or a Blended Ride class. But when you cannot make it to us, we brought you the workout that you can take with you. No equipment needed.

Here is your on the go Sweata Weatha, that can be done alone or with vacay buddies! Just grab a watch or iPhone to time yourself and some music. Don’t have a playlist? No sweat, we gave you suggested songs. You can also follow all our tunes on Spotify. Look for us at WiOwithus.


FULL BODY STRETCH: 1 minute each

  • Down-dog + pedal out heels.

  • Cat-Cows, on all fours arch and hollow into cat-cow.

  • Straddle Stretch, sit in wide with legs apart, stretch Right Left and Center.

"Kill Em With Kindness"- Selena Gomez


WARM UP: 1 minute each

  • Straight arm jacks, open close jump with feet.

  • Standing upper body twists with crunch.

  • Full body rhythm punch series jabs + hooks + uppercuts.

"Kiss it Better"- Rihanna - R3HAB Remix


LEGS: 1 minute each

  • Alternating curtsy lunges.

  • Slow squat jumps.

  • Booty lifts, lay down flat on floor and squeeze glutes up and down. SLOW.

  • Deep chair hold. Try on toes for an extra challenge.

"Easy Love"- Sigala


ARMS: 1 minute each

  • Alternating pushups. Wide & Tight arm.

  • Bridge dips. Feet flat, face hands toward booty and tricep dip to the beat.   

  • Tiny front arm circles, Arms straight as can be and circle to front.

  • Crow Pose OR Handstand Push Ups. Be careful.

"Real Friends"- Kanye


CORE: 1 minute each

  • Plank hold with alternating shoulder taps.

  • V Sit with pulsing straight arms.

  • Full Sit Ups.

  • Side plank hold for 45 seconds each side.

"Intoxicated"- Martin Solveig & GTA


CARDIO: 1 minute each

  • High Knees.

  • Heel Taps. Add hop for a challenge.

  • Jumping Jacks.

  • Repeat each for 20 seconds each.

"Make it Work"- Rick Ross ft. Wale & Rick Ross


COOL-DOWN: 30 seconds each

(Stretch whatever you need here)

  • Right Lunge Stretch

  • Left Lunge Stretch

  • Lay on your back and slowly push up into a full wheel aka bridge.

  • Right & Left Cross-body arm stretch

  • Right & Left Triceps stretch

  • Right & Left Pigeon stretch

"Spiral"-  Rebecca Clements

next is the most important piece of the "stay on your health grind while traveling" Puzzle. What to eat?

Our biggest food goal in the summer is to stay hydrated and eat foods that keep you fuller for longer without the bloat.

How are we going to do that you might ask? Let’s remove some of life’s natural bloaters - dairy, most gluten, and meat-based proteins. We created clean recipes at the amount of calories an active, female should be eating in a day (approximately 1800 calories). If you cannot prep these items, we put suggested meals to order that mimic the DIY versions.

Would rather get back on the wagon when you are not away? Go for it and try these tips and guidelines for an extra boost.

  1. To really challenge yourself, try removing caffeine and alcohol from your diet (coffee, tea, soda) for 4-5 days at a time. This will help you lower any feelings of bloat and help balance your blood sugar

  2. Strive to consume greater than or equal to 64-ounces of water. The menu is full of fresh fruits and vegetables increasing your fiber intake, water will help your digestive system work efficiently

  3. Go plant-based for 5-days, remove all meat protein. You can keep fish and eggs. This will allow your digestive system to work efficiently and flush out toxins from any indulging.


Directions: In a large bowl, mix together rice, chia seeds, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and honey. Cover and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, mix pudding again and top with walnuts and berries, if desired.

  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice

  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened rice or almond milk

  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

  • 1 teaspoon raw honey or agave

  • 2 tablespoons crushed walnuts

  • 1/4 cup berries (optional)

Note for Breakfast! Can’t prep? Any acai or smoothie bowl will work, ask the waiter the ingredients, it should be mostly fruits, vegetables and limited dairy. Look for bowls that are almond milk based.

sweet green salad

Directions: To serve salad, toss salad greens and fruit with dressing. Sprinkle with sliced almonds. Serve immediately.

  • 2 cups spinach greens

  • 1/2 plum, sliced

  • 1/2 peach, sliced

  • 1/2 nectarine, sliced

  • 2 tablespoons sliced almonds, toasted

  • 2-tbs EVOO

  • 2-tbs Balsamic Vinegar

  • Fresh squeezed half of lemon

Note for Lunch! Can’t prep? Visit Fresh U or any other salad to go restaurant and have them build it for you.

Snack queen

  • Whole Fruit with ¼-cup of raw, whole almonds, walnuts or cashews. Fruits can include: medium green apple, pear, nectarine, peach

  • 1-Luna Bar

  • 1-Non-fat Greek Yogurt, with a small piece of fruit

  • Almonds (18-whole, raw) - don’t incorporate if you ate almonds earlier in the day

  • Grapefruit (pair with 16-pistachios, whole, raw)

  • ½ of a cucumber sliced (pair with 2-tbs of hummus)

  • Celery sticks (pair with 2-tbs of almond butter)

  • Baby Carrots (12 raw)

Note for Snacks! Eat 1-2 per day depending on your hunger level.

Summer Tostada

Directions: Preheat broiler. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Combine first 8 ingredients, stirring well; sauté for 3 minutes. Stir in salsa and 1 tablespoon cilantro. Cook 2 minutes or until liquid almost evaporates, stirring frequently. Working with the 2 tortillas, arrange tortillas in a single layer on a baking sheet; lightly coat tortillas with cooking spray. Broil 3 minutes or until lightly browned. Spoon about 1/4 cup of mixture in the center of each tortilla; place each serving with 1-slice of avocado. Broil an additional 2 minutes. Serve immediately.

  • 2 teaspoons EVOO

  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin

  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

  • ½-cup of black beans

  • ½-cup chopped red onion

  • ½-cup fresh corn kernels

  • ½-cup chopped zucchini

  • ½ cup salsa

  • 1 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, divided

  • 2 (6-inch) fat-free corn tortillas

  • Cooking spray

  • 2-slices of avocado

Notes for Dinner! Can’t prep? Mexican is a great way to stay gluten-free with a lot of items being corn based. So stop by any Mexican restaurant and you’ll be sure to find a tostada, just watch out with too much guac or added sour cream.


Our @WiOnutrition Instagram has a bunch of great ideas, so check that out too!

If you want to go big, contact Lisa for more nutrition options and how to set up a chit-chat on all things health and wellness (lbruno@workitoutgym.com).

We cannot wait to see you back in the studio. Don't forget! No matter where you go the studios are always here for you to come back to and reset.


Find Your Healthiest Self In Each Other

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Find Your Healthiest Self In Each Other

Lisa here! Those of you may know me as Co-Founder of WiO and while I wear many hats in my role, my true passion is nutrition (Shameless Plug! Follow our NEW nutrition account on Instagram for recipes, advice and creative food ideas! @wionutrition)

For me, my favorite thing with nutrition, is talking about it. I did win Most Talkative and Class Gossip in High School! As a Freshmen at Rutgers I was so outspoken, I got them to start an entire new cheerleading team, that went on to be top 10 in the Nation for my four years there. Seriously.

Talking moves us women forward. It helps us make decisions, form bonds, and most importantly gives us peace of mind about whatever journey we might be on. Recently, I was asked to write a guest post for loyal member and blossoming writer, the Untamed Blonde. The article was focused on all things healthy. As I began to write I thought "Where do I start?"

As I jotted down notes, I had a wonderful moment of enlightenment and realized the one common trait all of us women have, is that, we love to talk! The problem is health is so personal, there are so many philosophies, and it really can be a very secretive topic at times. 

Over the years I've met and chatted with many women about nutrition and always noticed one thing, we hate to talk about eating. Well let me rephrase that a little, we love to bitch about eating, but never really want to talk about it honestly.

There is so much secrecy around what we personally do with food, how we stay consistent with working out, and how we find a little piece of peace on our plates each day.

But why? Don’t we know already that we are strongest in numbers? When we share our thoughts, tips, emotions and insights we have the ability to learn so much from each other.

Last year Noel & I hosted a series called the Skinny Sessions. They were not about getting skinny, they were about getting the “skinny,” on different health and nutrition related topics. It was a super fun project to work on and the turn out was great! It was a diverse mix of women and no woman was the same. During the sessions, the most amazing thing happened. After the first 10-minutes, everyone became bonded to each other through honesty. We spoke candidly about issues and questions and shared tips with each other. Four weeks later, all the women made lifestyle changes. Some changes were as big as consistently working out, others were as small, but certainly still impactful, as drinking more water throughout the day. The point is we talked and were given strength in our numbers to make changes each of us needed. Most importantly no one passed judgement and there was support for each other.

As women, communication is our currency. The more you communicate with each other about your achievements, challenges, and confusions, the more wealth you will attain by learning from each other.

Our health should be the driving factor for all of our decisions. How can we be successful career women, strong partners, healthy moms, if we cannot provide for ourselves? Therefore, communicating about health, finding out what works for you, how others have found peace with eating, or working out, can be life changing. It can take years to figure out what works for you but the most important part in achieving your balance is to always strive to improve. And believe it or not, talking and sharing can help you learn and grow. 

Now remember, there is no quick fix to becoming healthier. I hate to break it to you, but there are no quick fixes with anything in life. Our journey is long and you must allow yourself trial and error.

I challenge you to take this one small step and that's to TALK. Talk to each other, share your struggles and share your successes. You will feel full on inspiration and connection, not on empty calories, I promise. Take it from me, a perpetual talker.

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The Untamed Blonde

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The Untamed Blonde

Introducing an exceptionally fierce WiO Woman who is on a mission to spread the word about her life's journey and her NEW online journal. We very proudly present, Maggie Scarpelli, who is Untamed Blonde. We caught up with Maggie, chatted a bit and felt her passion for her newest project and life's journey was a story worth sharing. 

A few things have stayed pretty consistent in Maggie's life: living in New Jersey, her love for writing, and her drive to blaze her own path. Yet on the other hand… many things have shifted: careers, personal well-being, and relationships.

During life transitions she has been able to uncover more about herself and realized her spark for writing has always remained lit. Recently, that spark and interest has turned into a call and aspiration, which has now fully engulfed her.

Here she is in front of our community taking a leap of faith to use her words and transform her career and life into Untamed Blonde.

By blazing her own path to discovery, she has been able to develop into the person she has always wanted to be. Maggie tells us that Work it Out has been one of the valuable steppingstones along her way.

She tells us, after joining just six months ago, our community and studios have brought her more self worth, the ability to smile and to have fun during a workout, plus she is on the road to her bridal bouquet arms! WiO Bride in the making! More importantly she says, "I have been able to take part in the Hoboken mecca that Lisa and Noël built for strong, talented, fearless women to join together."

She is so thankful for being a part of this community and feels every single person who is a part of the Work it Out team has encouraged her to embrace her true self. During the past six months Maggie has lost almost twenty pounds, and has changed her lifestyle habits completely. She has also quit her job and got engaged! 

These are the changes that are allowing her to set the world ablaze. Her hope is that Untamed Blonde will be a springboard for like minded women to do the same! Maggie tells us, 

I’ve created Untamed Blonde to motivate women to unveil their inner thumbprint and live each day untamed. May you feel compelled to follow, share, and gain inner strength to craft your own journey by using the Blonde’s perspective, tools, and advice. Together we will inspire women, just like Noël and Lisa, to walk through life unclothed.

Please join her to celebrate the launch of Untamed Blonde on Thursday, June 16th from 6-9pm at the Ainsworth Hoboken, located at 310 Sinatra Drive.

Ladies of Work it Out are all invited to mix and mingle! Grab your favorite workout buddy, instructor or friend, and get ready to branch out and meet new people, network and most importantly, get the first look at Untamed Blonde! Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Feel free to bring guests!

In the meantime, look out for Maggie around the studio and give her a big smile and congratulations! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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2016 Brand Ambassador Jacci Frascarelli


2016 Brand Ambassador Jacci Frascarelli

Jacci Frascarelli

Introducing, our LAST but certainly not LEAST, 2016 Brand Ambassador, Mrs. Jacquelyn Frascarelli. Jacci lives in town with her hubby and 2 pups. Her life in Hoboken is healthy, happy and low key. She and her husband have a weekend routine in the warmer weather where they’ll meet at the studio after she’s done with class, and walk to grab bagels for breakfast with their dogs, that both get their own bagel with a little cream cheese too!

When we asked Jacci about her favorite post-class activity, she meekly answered “oh just another class!”. However her cute smile and soft spoken voice was not fooling us, yet it did showcase her bad ass commitment to her Work it Out and fitness regimen.

Let’s back up for a sec.. Jacci grew up in Freehold, NJ and rode horses very competitively for most of her life. Throughout school she always stayed very active and absolutely loved gym class. She tells us “I was probably the only girl that couldn't wait to sweat my butt off at lunch, only to then put my school uniform back on without a shower.” While most of the other girls sat in the shade and chatted, Jacci was always the one with the boys, playing baseball or kicking around a soccer ball. In high school she ran indoor/outdoor track and cross country. During her freshman year she made Varsity in all three sports and still continued with horseback riding competitively.

In college she took it upon herself to put together a team for every single intramural sport offered, in addition to riding horses. Yet still, her cavity for being active was still not filled. But what else was left to conquer? Well, it’s not typical but leave it up to this over achiever to get her fix with club rugby. Yup, that’s right, rugby....  As you can see, she needed multiple active outlets in order to keep her feeling fulfilled physically.

Fast forward to post college when she joined the real working world. She entered into that nose to the grind stone finance industry where she sat behind a computer, sedentary for 8 hours a day, straight. For Jacci this was the complete opposite of feeling physically fulfilled. However this became her routine for a few years and the sitting didn’t end at her desk. After her long days in the office she would come home and sit some more, on the couch, decompressing from her work.

After some time she began understanding that this new lifestyle was not making her happy, and knew deep down something had to give. Who would have thought she would be so far removed from what her lifestyle once was. Luckily, this realization was the beginning of the end. From that point forward she made the decision to change her life. She understood that it was necessary for her happiness and more importantly her health and her future.

Gym dating. Jacci had never really been a member at a gym before and was unsure of where to begin. In the past she would visit different types from time to time for fun, but never really formed her own personal connection with a specific place. What she did know was she was interested in the idea of classes and the motivation that came with being in a group setting. So she began trying out a few studios that were close to her apartment. Before meeting us, her first love was a barre class at another studio. It was her first real connection with something active again, and it was great while it lasted. Like most relationships, feelings change and growing out of someone (or something) is totally common. That said, she began to realize she needed something more - more of a challenge and a deeper connection. She wanted to feel physically fulfilled again and knew the only way to make that happen was with variety in her workouts - that same variety that was offered to her in college sports. She wanted her body to feel pushed and tested to be its very best. She then fell in love for real.

Jacci and her husband would walk past the Willow Studio on the weekends with their pups on their way to have breakfast. After passing a few times, she was intrigued and decided to do a bit more research. She told us “I jumped on your website and scoured the whole thing. I then bought the intro special.” She actually winded up taking barre both times she attended. She knew she needed variety but barre was comfortable and was the entry point for her. “I was immediately hooked and think I signed up for a year right away. I’ve really never looked back.” She tells us that she has taken every single class offered and has yet to find one she’s disliked yet, which certainly makes us feel great! 

I have no shame. I’ll make a fool of myself in Zumba, then pump 12lbs. weights in Sweata, then squeeze my ‘thass’, as Cassie calls it, in Hottie P’s.

Even though Jacci was always active in high school and college, she never truly learned to love her body.. until now that is. Jacci says she has more confidence than ever before and after 2 years of loyal dedication she gets excited to proudly wear a crop top. She also mentions she would’ve NEVER wore one in the past (or even owned one for that matter). Jacci is more than happy with her progress and sometimes still can’t believe what she has accomplished since becoming a member. We are super proud of her too and are thrilled to have her as the anchor of our 2016 Brand Ambassador Team.

As a BA, she hopes to share her positive attitude that forces others to get excited about working out as well. Hopefully, you ladies will see a little more of her personality rather than the girl that lifts the heavy weights in class. Beware she says! “Sometimes I get into my own zone during class and I may not look like I’m enjoying myself... but that's just my determined face!” We all suffer from resting bitch face from time to time. But turning off her brain and thinking about herself during her workouts are important for her progress, she explains. “We all bring things into the studio with us, ya know? Things that are bothering us, a bad day maybe, a break up, but we need to use that as motivation. Use it to punch harder, do the extra jump squat, pump out that last push up, whatever you need to do to rid yourself that crabby mood.”  Jacci wants everyone to feel comfortable approaching her with questions or motivation, anything you need she is there for you! She says “I feel like I practically work here anyway”. She hopes to motivate others to work harder too. It’s challenging to stand next to someone who’s a little stronger than you and we’ve all got a little competitive edge inside of us as women. Jacci hopes to be that person for whoever needs that extra push. She also wants to educate others about doubling up on classes and explains, “It's not that scary! Especially if you do barre and ride something low intensity and then high intensity. It's great to pair them together to really complete your workout!” Remember ladies, the first time is the hardest.

We asked Jacci about her goals for 2016 which included; running on the waterfront during her lunch a few days a week for extra cardio, drinking three large bkr’s of water a day, to do a split and to excel in Pilates, (she recently started taking the Wednesday and Thursday classes at Willow religiously and has already noticed a huge difference in her body). She also wants to focus much more on her core and balance. Last year, she focused a lot on strength and is more than satisfied with her results, which is why she is now shifting.

In closing we asked Jacci a few questions about her relationship with WiO and why she feels so connected to us? She responded with “I love working out alongside strong and motivated women. The instructors are incredible and the studios are just so damn cute. I am so happy to walk through the doors and call WiO my home. I’m like the most proud member ever and basically never stop bragging about it.” We also asked her to give you newbies some advice. “Your first few months are the most difficult but once you hit your groove, you start to crave WiO. You start to feel like you’re letting your team down when you cancel out of class. You want to change your diet because you are working so hard each day, and you don’t want it to go to waste on junk food! I encourage you to take a few classes a week in the beginning. Set a achievable goals for yourself and stay dedicated to them. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself - cheesy but oh so true!” 

When asked what her favorite post-class activity is and the answer is “another class” – you know you have someone very dedicated to her fitness regimen and her fitness studio, and that’s Jacci. (FYI, her 2nd answer was eating, and then listings some of the great HOB spots we might find her noshing at – and that’s what we love a well-rounded WiO woman.) Jacci also takes advantage of our beautiful waterfront to take walks her with hubby and their 2 pups (you might find them up on 14th on the weekends with some bagels). But if you don’t see her in Hoboken, you could check to see if she’s in Molly’s cupcakes in NYC, or at the Short Hills Mall (road trip!!).



Fun fact? Ranked number one in the country in her division riding horses

If you were a Sirius XM station, which would you be? Today’s Hits

Which WiO class is your Spirit Animal? Next Stop: Skinny

Favorite post WiO class activity? A 2nd class

Favorite season? The Winter (but I'm an East Coast girl and love the seasons)



Her Vibe | Bubbly

Known | Gym Rat 

Favorites | Her pups & fitness

Workout Style | [High Intensity] (B) Sweata Weatha

Birthday | September 19, 1986

By Day | Corporate Communications



WiO + WHOA + Girls On The Run


WiO + WHOA + Girls On The Run


WiO [Work it Out] and WHOA [Women High On Adventure] Come Together For Girl Power Cause!



This summer WiOwithus every Wednesday with our friends from WHOA Travel! We've partnered up with the female led travel company WHOA, to bring both of our communities together to have fun, break a sweat, to get empowered and to be inspired for a good cause.


Every Wednesday of the summer, beginning June 1st, we will offer a special co-branded class that’s more way than a work-out. Each class will start with an inspirational positive intention or reflection, and an all Diva playlist. $4 from each reserved seat in class will go to a local organization supporting local women. Following each class there will be refreshments from women-owned companies and swag! You are more than welcome to leave a donation as well. Every dollar counts!


Ride with us and help us reach our goal of raising $1,000 to support local girls to becoming their strongest most awesome selves! Proceeds will be donated to our charity of choice Girl's On The Run! We want the women of our communities to leave class feeling stronger, accomplished and more inspired!



Work it Out River

June 1st - Aug 31st

Wednesdays 6:15pm

(B) AbSalute with Alex Joy Pucci


2016 Brand Ambassador Alyssa Ginelli


2016 Brand Ambassador Alyssa Ginelli

Alyssa Ginelli

Blend a little bit of conservative & proper, with a dash of wild & fun! You’ll either be describing our Blended CandyBarre class, or our next adorable Brand Ambassador, Alyssa Ginelli!

Background check! Alyssa is from Monmouth County New Jersey and is 100% Italiano! We all know that growing up in the Italian culture breeds lots of family traditions, which mostly revolve around eating, eating, and more eating! Mangia! Right? Well in Alyssa's case there is an up side to this. She feels family can create a healthy support system for maintaining a positive outlook on keeping a healthy lifestyle. She and her mother have always loved cooking together, and cooking is a tradition that has carried over and plays a role in her healthy eating habits. During her Alyssa's childhood she wasn’t exactly keen on sports. She describes herself as more of a book worm, involved in academic clubs and groups. Fast forward to her teen years, she naturally became body and health conscious, which led her to trying out her first group fitness class. Her first experience was at a local karate studio that her older sister introduced her to. Cardio kick-boxing. She loved the feeling of working out in a motivational group and has been hooked on group classes ever since.

Now, that's where we come in! Alyssa is well-acquainted with most styles of fitness including; yoga, Pilates (which she did religiously in college), barre, spin, interval training and more. For Alyssa, it was always about trying something new, keeping her workouts fresh, fun and most importantly, challenging.  When she discovered our community for the first time (a few years back), she connected immediately and it all made perfect sense. All the classes she knows and loves, all at one studio! She says, “For me, there’s no need to look any further. WiO's classes are cutting edge and there is ALWAYS a different style available to take.” She explained that if her body isn't feeling up to a high-intensity cardio class like Riding High, she’ll focus on another area of her body, and sign up for a class like AbSalute.

Alyssa does admit that at times she will fall into habitual comfort zones where she'll only attend one style of class, with a specific instructor. She realizes that this is natural but understands it blocks growth. She says,“Everyone struggles with breaking out of their comfort zones at times. Comfort creates consistency, which is important in fitness! However I do try to remind myself that growth doesn't come from comfort zones.” Alyssa forces herself to break free from comfort and has goals of becoming more and more, well-rounded with her weekly fitness routine.

We asked Alyssa to talk to us about women. We wanted her to speak from an inspirational place and look to guide and to help motivate. She began to discuss how sometimes as women, we can be terribly hard on ourselves. Her thought process on this topic is our reason for selecting her as one of our 2016 BA’s.

Shaming is dangerous and leads to comparison, competition and seeking approval from others. At Work it Out there is an opportunity to be comfortable in you our own skin and women need that. A safe place where we can be kind to each other, root for each other, and lift each other up in a sincere way.

We asked Alyssa what we can see from her during her time as one of our four 2016 Brand Ambassadors. She told us that she has plans to share what motivates her. Whether it be playlists, healthy tips, her favorite recipes, style and beauty inspiration, or just some summer travel pictures, no matter the content, she promises to inspire. Follow her @missslyss on Instagram. But remember ladies! Just because our BA's are here to inspire you, we're sure they can use a little support at times too. One goal Alyssa has set for herself during her run as a WiO BA, is to get into more early morning classes. She agrees that when you start with an AM workout it sets the tone for your day, and ultimately leads you to making healthier decisions all around. She also understands the added bonus of having more time to spend with loved ones when the day is done. So look for her in class, say hello, connect with her, and ask her how her early morning rituals are going! She'll appreciate it.

Overall, this is a girl is drawn to dance-inspired workouts and playlists that are on point! (Hear that instructors?!) But if you don't catch her fiercely dancing (and sweating) in the studio you might see her shopping on Washington, getting her hair done at Caru, or having lunch at Anthony David's! Also keep your eyes peeled for her walking around town with her pup Chloe. Alyssa recently left our Mile Square for JC, but she's still an avid Work it Out woman and makes it into the studio weekly!



One Fun Fact? Need something painted? She's got you covered.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? 90's on 9

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Blended CandyBarre

Favorite post-class activity? Honeygrow

Favorite Season? SUMMER



Her Vibe | Upbeat

Known | To Love the Jersey Shore

Favorites | Music, Starbucks & Shopping

Workout Style | Barre

Birthday | March 9, 1987

By Day | NYC Finance 




The Valerie Fund


The Valerie Fund

Cancer affects us all and today we feel compelled to support and share the story of a WiO veteran instructor and very dear friend, Miss Bachata and Barbells herself, Vanessa Checchio. 16 years ago, the C word came into her life when she least expected it. Vanessa was 12 years old, a super active child with nothing but sports and Spice Girls on her mind. Unfortunately, on one random day, some very serious and shocking news made its way into her life. CANCER - Hodgkin's lymphoma to be exact.

For this young energetic spirit, softball practice quickly turned into chemotherapy sessions and the hospital became her second home. Vanessa received 6 months of chemotherapy and 3 months of radiation treatment, which made her feel weaker than weak. It got to the point where it was so debilitating she could barely move off the couch because she felt so sick.

Luckily, Vanessa responded to treatment immediately and has been in remission for the past 16 years. When we asked her about her recovery, she gave credit to a few big contributors. Her age for one because at 12 years old, there was not a clear understanding of how sick she actually was. She feels that being naive played a role in her positive outlook, and a complete understanding may have affected her progress.

Another contributor was her new found home and family, The Valerie Organization at Overlook Hospital. She says without the support of The Valerie Fund and the treatment she received while being a patient there, she may not be here with us today. Throughout the duration of her treatment, the doctors, nurses and staff did everything in their power to make her feel like a kid still. Vanessa explains, “The reality is children with Cancer go through some pretty heavy stuff but at the end of the day, they are still children. The Valerie Fund made sure we still felt like kids and for that I am forever grateful.”

This brings us to the meat of this blog. Vanessa now feels her personal mantra and life’s mission lies in being as strong as she can be both physically and mentally, and most importantly, helping others to do the same. She is full of gratitude, appreciation and knows that giving back is the best way to thank them. Vanessa, along with her friend Rock Tate, (co-owner of Intrepid Gym in Montclair,) are trying to raise as much money as they possibly can to give back to this organization which motivated us to lend our hand as well. Sharing Vanessa’s story and educating people as to what The Valarie Organization actually does is the real mission. For over 30 years this organization has been caring and treating sick children with cancer and sickle cell anemia. Annually they host a 5K fundraising race to raise money for the organization and this year it falls on June 11th. Vanessa along with friends, family and supporters will run and ask for donations which will go to comprehensive health care for children with cancer and blood disorders, meaning the money goes straight to the source!

Wondering how to get involved?  Well luckily for you there are a few different ways!


Sign up for a work out on May 22nd at Maxwell Place Pier in Hoboken.
Class begins at 12pm and will be followed by drinks at Pier 13.
Tickets are $10 and go directly to the Valerie Fund. Bring $10 cash on the day of the class OR

Purchase tickets here!


Donate because every little kid deserves to have a worry free childhood and The Valerie Fund helps the ones that are affected do that. You can donate directly to Vanessa and Rock’s private fund through their GoFundMe page.

Click here to give! 


Sign up for the Walk/Run on June 11th at Verona Park. Registration begins at 7am and the race starts at 8:30am.

Click here to sign up!

If you'd like to read more about Vanessa's inspiring story visit her blog, I WAS A CANCER KID. We asked Vanessa to share some words of encouragement and wisdom for children, family and friends battling the C word and here’s what she had to say:

Scary is an understatement about what you’re going through, but it’s also going to make you one of the strongest human beings out there. Don’t be afraid to talk about it, don’t be ashamed when your body takes a toll against you, and don’t ever stop fighting.






Meet our next Brand Ambassador, Alana Quagliariello. Fitness-focused and fashion-forward is the perfect alliteration for this fit chick! If you don’t believe us just check out her Instagram feed @alana_bazaar Alana has a passion for living a healthy, happy, stylish lifestyle and it certainly shows. She has a background in fashion and just completed a 3+ year run as Special Projects Editor at Harper's BAZAAR. She’s now excited to be moving on to a new position at Spotify as a Partner Marketing Associate, where her vertical will be fashion and retail. We’re sending out a big CONGRATS to her as she started her new job today!

On a weekly basis you can find her taking advantage of all of our class styles here at WiO as she makes it in to the studios 5-6 times a week. Talk about dedication! She’s an early riser and always takes advantage of an AM workout. She says, “It's the best way to kick off my mornings, and by the time I get to work, I'm hyper-productive.” Alana’s favorite classes are Next Stop Skinny, Riding High and Hottie Pilates. As of very recently she’s also taken a liking to CandyBarre and says with a smile, “it really works out those small muscles!”

Alana has built fitness into her lifestyle for years and has never looked at working out or eating clean as a chore. It’s a part of who she is, she says. She looks forward to trying new workouts and recipes, and just living life well overall! We asked her about the boom in popularity surrounding the health and fitness movement and she said, “I’m glad it’s finally happening, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been invested in my health and well-being long before this all began.” Kudos Alana! And her love for health and wellness does not stop with her own goals. She feels passionately about wanting to motivate others to find joy in it too. In college she struggled with body image issues but emerged from that period in her life, stronger and healthier. Alana was a perfect choice for our first round of BA’s because of her desire to empower women to find self-love and healthy balance within their own lives. She understands what it is to be a woman of Work it Out and calls our energy, “fierce female confidence.”

As a BA, this girl is certainly dedicated to spreading our positive message of well-rounded health and fitness. You can expect to see her in many classes, events, posting socially and furthering the sense of our kick-ass female community. Also, (exciting news) she is on the road to becoming an instructor and will start training with us this summer! Oh, and if you're a hip-hop fan, go find her to chat playlists.

A little about her background, she’s originally from a small town by the Jersey shore. Growing up she played lots of sports but specifically soccer and lacrosse. She liked the camaraderie of team sports although, her love for a solid independent work out always took precedence. She always considered herself to be self-motivated and appreciated her ‘me-time’ at the gym.

Alana moved to Hoboken a year after graduating college and truly enjoys our mile-square city. Both of her sisters live in town as well and often all take class together. Have you ever been in 6:15am Sweata and thought you were seeing double on that last round of planks? Ladies, it’s not exhaustion. Chances are you were next to Alana and her identical twin. Laura – who is getting married in a few weeks, recently hosted a Bachelorette Party with us and is a WiO Bride in the making! We also can't forget to mention their older sister Kristine, who is the final link to their fit trio. These three are incredibly close and get to bond at the studio on a regular basis, and that's our favorite part.

She understands what it is to be a woman of Work it Out and calls our energy, ‘fierce female confidence.’


One Fun Fact? She has two different colored eyes.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? The Heat

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Next Stop Skinny

Favorite post-class activity? Grabbing a latte! 

Favorite Season? Fall (Again, ever dedicated to working out – when asked this question, she noted not only the stunning colors, but spending more time outside, adding “outdoor workouts, anyone?!”)



Her Vibe | Chill

Known As | Fashion Fiend & Fitness Enthusiast

Favorites | Manicures and Lattes

Workout Style | [Interval] Next Stop Skinny 

Birthday | February 21, 1990

By Day | Partner Marketing Associate, Spotify






Meet Tam, the lead Ambassador of the 2016 Work it Out Brand Ambassador Program.

She was chosen because there is nothing cookie cutter about her. She prides herself on being unique, and doesn’t conform to a one-size fits all policy, just like our motto here at Work it Out! 

You might recognize her from a Next Stop Skinny class, seeing her at our Front Desk, or maybe even just running around Hoboken. Literally running, since she’s training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May.

Tam is a Boston-girl born and bred, but has been living in New Jersey for about 28 years. She came out to Hudson County to be closer to NYC when she was working as a PR Executive.

We chose Tam to be one of our first Brand Ambassadors because we felt she embodied an important part of our core demographic. She's determined, confident and incredibly sweet. We asked her why she loved Work it Out and she responded with how she loves the the strong community of women it draws in. She said she felt that "sometimes women get intimidated when they hear the term boutique fitness." She explained, "But that's not the case here. People walk through the door and can immediately see how welcoming everyone is!"

I want women to be more aware of what a great community we are here at WiO and how we represent the variety of women in Hoboken.
— Tam Turse

Tam is a woman on a mission. At 36 years old she decided to become a runner. At 40, yoga certified. She has quite the track record with races too! Tam has run a total of 6 half marathons and 3 full; The Philadelphia Marathon twice and The NYC Marathon once. She's currently training for the Brooklyn Half on May 21st, and in November will be giving the NYC her second go. She told us jokingly, "each year my marathon time goes down and my age goes up!" Tam stays in tune with her weekly running schedule by working off of a training plan. She maps out her runs to prepare for the amount of miles she should complete for the week ahead.

Tam's positive attitude is infectious. We asked her about her motivation to become a runner in her 30's and where she began. She said, "When I started I couldn't even run a mile! But I got it in my head that I really wanted to do it, so I worked up to it on the treadmill first." She explained "After that I decided that I wanted to do a 5K, and after I completed that, I started setting harder goals for myself."

Wondering what can you expect to see from her during her time as a Brand Ambassador?

Well, lots of Instagram posts about her training during marathon season for one! She posts photos from every run. If you are ever up bright and early, walking the Hoboken waterfront be sure to look for her! Especially on Mondays, as she tries to get a 3 mile run in right after (B) CandyBarre. She also promises to post about healthy eating and has goals to start making smoothies every morning! Tam is the only Ambassador that is also an instructor. You can catch her on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at the Willow Studio. If not there then definitely in class. Tam loves variety in her workouts, classes and instructors. "Oh! and playlists too!" she says.



Her Vibe | Zen

Known As | A World Traveler

Favorites | Books & Photography

Workout Style | Yoga, Tone n' ohm

Birthday | May 25th

By Day | Communications Manager, Wellness One




One Fun Fact? Married her HS sweetheart.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? Alt Nation

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Next Stop Skinny

Favorite post-class activity? A run or a latte! 

Favorite Season? Fall


When Life Throws You A Baby, How To Keep On Working Out!


When Life Throws You A Baby, How To Keep On Working Out!

In January 2015 my world was turned upside down in the best way possible. I became a mom. 

Prior to being pregnant, my lifestyle had always been active, but I made sure that during my pregnancy and afterwards, it still would be. I currently work a full time job in television, but many of you may know me as an instructor at Work It Out. I’ve had to learn to balance my life and adjust my schedule so that I can teach, workout, work and still have time for my family.  I know it sounds like a lot, but it was my goal to remain active and try not to change too much after giving birth, without seeming selfish or feeling guilty! Rest assured, after figuring out my schedule, along with my newborn son’s, I was able to find that balance of staying active and healthy without hitting the gym 4 -5 times a week. 

Like all things that change, it was a challenge. I figured that since I was in the gym until 39 weeks, I would easily bounce back to my pre-baby body and get back to the gym without struggle or time constraints. Reality check. That was not the case, nor is it…ever. Once I got over my ego and my unrealistic goals, I set small, reachable ones to progress. 

At first it was one exercise a night, e.g. 100 crunches or 10 push-ups. Once I was able to do 10 push-ups easily without stopping, I’d increase the number pushing myself harder. I started to feel better at what I was starting to accomplish, so I started to bring weight back into the equation without even hitting the gym. I used my son! YES! The little things you can do (safely) with your child, will not only be a workout for you, but fun for them! 

I would do sit-ups with him on my knees and give him a little kiss every time I’d sit up (That would always make him smile). Adding in some variation, I’d lay him underneath me on his back when I would hold a high plank or hold him while doing side squats, which even at times would put him to sleep. (Think of it as holding a dumbbell or medicine ball while doing a squat. It’s the same sensation).

As a new mom, staying active can be done in so many ways. Something simple like dancing with or rocking your baby (holding in your abs of course) is one way to get on your feet and still enjoy those precious moments. 

But I cannot say that I did this entirely alone. That old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is true. Letting people help allowed me to go after what I wanted. My husband and I worked out a routine in order to allow us both to “maintain our sanity” and have time to ourselves. Getting to the gym everyday was never going to be easy nor was it realistic, but we made it work and continue to each and every day. While I know this isn’t as feasible for everyone, doing those little things for yourself can be attainable…like taking a longer walk with your stroller rather than a stroll to the local coffee shop just a few short blocks away.

My son is now 15 months and with every passing day my life feels more and more accomplished. I knew I wanted to stay healthy and get back to “where I was,” but allowing myself to realize the truth on how to get there helped me obtain it quicker. I recently competed in a figure competition (something I never thought I’d do). The vigorous training I endured for the last three months showed me that anything is possible if you have the will and the help of those around you. 

I feel that the woman I am now, is the woman I always wanted to be.




The WiO Bachelorette Party


The WiO Bachelorette Party

Picture this:  Your favorite fitness class with all of your best friends, and only your best friends, followed by celebratory champagne (you did just work your butt off) - All before your big night out on the town! Sound good? We think so too. That's why we created the WiO Bachelorette Party (or Birthday Party) - Don't have to be a bride to celebrate!

The WiO Bachelorette or Birthday Party is a 2-hour customized, private event which includes:

  • 60-minute customized, private class with all of your friends

  • Hand-selected playlist built just for you and your big day

  • Post-workout 'happy hour' of healthy snacks and bubbly

  • $45/person (8 guest minimum - 20 guest maximum)

We see you ladies coming into the studio with your friends or making new friends in class, sharing with each other that you just got engaged or have a big event coming up - and we pride ourselves on this fun, loyal community we've created. That's why we offer these events. To give you a healthy, yet fun alternative to the traditional celebration!

Our recent WiO Brides shared their experiences with us and here's what they have to say!

From WiO Bride, Kerry:

"The bachelorette party CandyBarre class was such a great way to celebrate with my friends & family. Cassie put together an awesome playlist and a fun workout for all of us. The bachelorette themed decorations in the studio were a fun addition and the champagne at the end of the class was a nice treat! We had a blast!"

From WiO Bride, Tricia:

"I wanted to do a non-traditional bachelorette party when my MOH suggested taking a workout class. I love the gym and going to classes with my friends, so I thought that sounded like the perfect idea! We picked Ride Mixer at the Willow studio. Our instructor, Julia, made sure to tailor the class for our group by making it challenging, but fun. Everyone loved jumps (and even burpees) on the Mat Room floor. After the class, there was champagne and snacks while we relaxed, showered and got ready for our next stop, Up & Out for blow outs. It was the perfect start to our celebrations!"

Check out photos from recent events below - and be sure to email us at info@workitoutgym.com to book your own bachelorette/birthday party.


Introducing Alex M. & Ashley C.


Introducing Alex M. & Ashley C.

We love meeting new, talented instructors and these two are no exception. We're so excited to introduce the first, new instructors of 2016, Alex Morrison and Ashley Criso! Both ladies have a background in dance and are sure to get your hearts pumping in their classes!

Meet Alex Morrison

Alex began dancing at age 4 and cheerleading at age 7. Because of these skills, she performed, choreographed, taught and coached throughout California and in the Caribbean before moving to New York in 2012. Her love for fitness and movement eventually led her to a certification in exercise science and then in spin. Alex currently teaches adult ballet classes in Queens and children’s ballet for the Salvation Army. She is so excited to bring her passion for fitness and teaching to Work It Out in her CandyBarre and Ride classes.

Did you know?

1. When I'm not at WiO you'll find me... Playing (flag) football, dancing, or reading at a coffee shop.

2. Favorite restaurant in Hoboken? I indiscriminately love all Italian food!

3. Your go-to song for your playlists? Throwbacks rock my world but I’m in love with everything Ellie Goulding right now.

Meet Ashley Criso

Always passionate about musical theater and performing, Ashley began dancing when she was 10 years old.  After years of nonstop dancing in high school, she went on to dance for the nationally ranked Saint Joseph's University Dance Team. As a college student, she developed a strong interest in nutrition and fitness, hoping to find the right balance to fit her active lifestyle. Ashley knew she wanted to continue her love of dance and fitness by transitioning her experience into becoming a fitness instructor. Get ready to dance like nobody's watching and break a sweat in her Zumba Love classes.

Did you know?

1. When I'm not at WiO you'll find me... Drinking tons of coffee at a coffee shop, making playlists on Spotify or reading a good book.

2. Favorite restaurant in Hoboken? Bin 14

3. Your go-to song for your playlists? It is a battle between anything Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.


Move. Sweat. Work it Out With Us All 2016


Move. Sweat. Work it Out With Us All 2016

New Year + New Membership = New Fit You!

Our intended mission with memberships was to show you, that you don't have to workout anywhere else. We offer over 15 different styles of classes - Ride, Barre, Dance, Toning, Blended Ride - allowing you access to the most diverse class schedule in town, 7-days-a-week. There's no need to studio-hop when you can take a different class every day all at Work it Out. Because of this overarching brand mission, we have made our memberships more affordable for you.

Our 12-Month Membership is our best deal yet! We know you want to be a WiO VIP and join the fiercest studio in Hoboken! This $129/month membership includes 1-class-a-day, plus a discounted drop-in class for $10 on the same day and access to over 15 different styles of classes!

All members also receive all of these amazing PERKS upon the signing of a new contract:


Choose 1 Burn to participate in for free; 50% off additional burns in the year.


Once a season, shop our members-only sale and receive 30% off all apparel.


Upon the signing of a new, or renewed contract, receive 1-VIP Pass for a friend to join you in class. VIP Pass valid for brand new clients ONLY; late cancel policy applies as the charge of a Single Class ($25)

The fitness world is booming right now. We know you've read the articles on the importance of switching up your workouts - aka not taking the same class every.single.day - to keep furthering your fitness game. Good for your muscles, good for your brain - No one likes being bored!

On top of our rock-star instructors, each class style is complimented by a witty, fun name that is sure to keep you talking about your favorite fitness studio. No matter what class you choose, all are designed to keep you motivated, challenged and in the best shape of your life.

So what are you waiting for?! Become a WiO VIP and work it out with us all year long! You can sign up for our memberships directly online or contact the studio at info@workitoutgym.com.

Our 2016 Burn Series

January Sexy in Sixteen, Sunday 1/10

February Lovers Burn, Sunday 2/14 *Valentine's Day

March Spring Sweat, Sunday, 3/20 *First day of Spring

May Beach Body Burn, Sunday 5/22 *Weekend before the "Unofficial Start of Summer"

June Weekend Warrior Burn (2-hrs), Sunday, 6/19 *Extra long in lieu of the Summer Solstice

August Beach Burn, Friday, 8/5

September Back to Business Burn, Sunday, 9/25

November Turkey Burn, Sunday, 11/26

The Annoying Fine Print!

12-Month Memberships, AutoRenew, non-refundable, non-transferrable. Add a second drop-in class on the same day for $10. Child care is not included. Billing cycle processes on the 1st of every month. Late Cancel Fees $20, no exceptions. Early Termination Fee of $350 applies with 30-days notice. Freeze for up to 30-days, billing cycle does not change.


Willow Gets A Makeover!


Willow Gets A Makeover!

We’re excited to announce that we are renovating the Willow Street Studio!

When Work it Out opened 5-years ago, this studio was in its infancy. Along the way the concept shifted by listening to the community and responding to the needs of the outspoken women of Hoboken. This included adding Ride classes, along with services like child care.  

With so many changes in the past 5-years, and aspirations to grow into a formative fitness brand, the time has come for a renovation to bring us to the next level. This’ll include a layout re-design, along with soundproofing, and a variety of other perks. Here’s what you can expect!

More bikes, More babes, More badass classes!

We are expanding our Ride Studio to include more bikes. Your favorite Ride classes will be doubling in size. This means, more space, more energy, and more good vibes.

We’re gonna make you say, OHM!

Our Mat Studio is going to be re-designed and soundproofed to allow yoga to be incorporated back into the WiO Class Portfolio.

So fresh, and so clean.

SHOWERS! Yes, ladies. You will soon be able to take your 6am class, shower and head off to work without skipping a beat. Towel service will be complimentary.

Nip and Tuck

All of the aesthetic friendly elements you have come to love at Willow will still be included -  just upgraded and cuter!

With all of these exciting additions and changes, we’ll have to put our Willow classes on hiatus. Beginning on Thanksgiving, Willow will close for approximately 8-weeks, re-opening on January 25th. (unless we finish sooner!) Closing an operational business is never fun, but at the end of the day, it’s for the greater good of the Work it Out community.

We know that short term, your schedule might be affected, but we’ve added additional times and classes to our River schedule in order to accommodate the renovation. You’ll see your favorite Willow class styles at River on or close to their typically scheduled times. We encourage you to continue to use your memberships and keep working out with us.

Alright, now about memberships. You’re going to like this! You ladies on memberships are the heart and soul of this community, you get the Work it Out lifestyle. You understand the value in variety and consistency. Our intended mission with memberships was to show you, that you don't have to workout anywhere else. Because of this overarching brand mission, we are making our memberships more affordable for you.

Introducing the brand new Work it Out Membership!

Commitment-Phobe? Get a Month-to-Month Membership for $189

Test the waters and choose our $189 month-to-month membership which allows you 1-class a day for 30-days.

Why it works? You save. It is a lower price point than our current single month membership, and lower than any of our class packages, without any commitment at all. No brainer, right?

WiO Obsessed? Our Annual Membership Drops to $129/Month

Sweat with us for 12-months and save big! $129 per month for 1-class per day. Jump right into our new membership options and receive a free 13th month if you sign-up before January 1!

Why it works? Again, you save. But you get consistency with your workout, and the flexibility to break your contract if needed.

The annoying fine print!

Payment Processing: All 12-Month Memberships will be charged on the 1st of the month; if you start mid-month, you’ll be prorated. The 12-Month Membership Auto Renews, 30-day advanced notice must be provided to cancel prior to the Auto Renew date. If you need to cancel your 12-Month Membership, there is an Early Termination Fee ($350) with a 30-day advanced notice.

Additional fees: All memberships can add a second drop-in class, on the same day, for $10.  Late Cancel Policy remains at 4-hours before the start time of class or 10pm for early AM classes, however the fee will be increased to $20. Child Care will be an a la carte service ($10 drop-in, or save with a 10-Pack for $80).  

Now, what to do with your current membership?

While Willow might not be open throughout the holidays, we still want to be your one and only. But we understand if this might not work for you. To be fair, we have a few different ways to make this relationship uncomplicated.

For Better or For Worse.

If you are a current 6 or 12 month member make a swap and get started now on our new 12-month membership with new contract terms PLUS you’ll get your 13th month FREE! You can choose to start your membership immediately or begin it upon the re-opening of Willow, the choice is yours.

On a Break.

Hold Up! Wait a minute. Don’t want to start a whole new contract? Freeze your current membership until Willow reopens. As stated in your current contract with a freeze, your expiration date will be extended on your membership and your AutoPay will continue. If you’ve never activated a freeze on your membership, you’ll still have your additional 14- or 30- day allotted time. These freezes must be done upon request by emailing lbruno@workitoutgym.com.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, but we promise it’s for the greater good. Our end goal is to motivate you and keep you happy and satisfied. This renovation will do just that! If you want to vent, email us. We’ll do our best to answer all questions and make the Willow hiatus as easy as possible. Just remember, we’re coming back stronger than ever!


On January 1st, we will be incorporating adjusted pricing for our Class Packs, and streamlining our offers to make choosing the perfect way to WiO with us easier. We’re giving you a heads up now, so that you can stock up on our currently priced packs now.  But before you do that, we want you to consider something that may have never been an option before - our memberships. With the lower pricing and our mission of offering a 360-degree approach to fitness, the membership is the way to roll with us.  The Work it Out lifestyle focuses on variety and consistency. Our intended mission with memberships was to show you, that you don't have to workout anywhere else. Because of this overarching brand mission, we are making our memberships more affordable for you.

If a membership is still too much of a commitment, totally cool. Here are the deets on Class Packs:

Single Class - $25 (30-day expiration)

5-Classes - $115 (1-month expiration)

10-Classes - $220 (3-month expiration)

Okay, now what happens to your current class packages?

We hope you'll continue to use your active class packs through all of the additional classes we are adding, but we understand if this might not work for you. To be fair, here is what we are offering as an extension of our understanding, we have a few different ways to make this transition, a breeze.

Make a Swap

Go from a class pack to our NEW affordable membership! Now with a lower monthly rate sign up for either 12-months or Month to Month. It’s a win-win, lower rates and all the flexibility you need! Starts 12/1.

Hold Up! Wait a Minute.

Extend your class package expiration until Willow reopens. You’ll receive 6 additional weeks on your active package, if you need it. Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

Please note: we will not be refunding any class packages.

If you want to vent, email us. We’ll do our best to answer all questions and make the Willow hiatus as easy as possible. Just remember, we’re coming back stronger than ever!