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Meet Tam, the lead Ambassador of the 2016 Work it Out Brand Ambassador Program.

She was chosen because there is nothing cookie cutter about her. She prides herself on being unique, and doesn’t conform to a one-size fits all policy, just like our motto here at Work it Out! 

You might recognize her from a Next Stop Skinny class, seeing her at our Front Desk, or maybe even just running around Hoboken. Literally running, since she’s training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May.

Tam is a Boston-girl born and bred, but has been living in New Jersey for about 28 years. She came out to Hudson County to be closer to NYC when she was working as a PR Executive.

We chose Tam to be one of our first Brand Ambassadors because we felt she embodied an important part of our core demographic. She's determined, confident and incredibly sweet. We asked her why she loved Work it Out and she responded with how she loves the the strong community of women it draws in. She said she felt that "sometimes women get intimidated when they hear the term boutique fitness." She explained, "But that's not the case here. People walk through the door and can immediately see how welcoming everyone is!"

I want women to be more aware of what a great community we are here at WiO and how we represent the variety of women in Hoboken.
— Tam Turse

Tam is a woman on a mission. At 36 years old she decided to become a runner. At 40, yoga certified. She has quite the track record with races too! Tam has run a total of 6 half marathons and 3 full; The Philadelphia Marathon twice and The NYC Marathon once. She's currently training for the Brooklyn Half on May 21st, and in November will be giving the NYC her second go. She told us jokingly, "each year my marathon time goes down and my age goes up!" Tam stays in tune with her weekly running schedule by working off of a training plan. She maps out her runs to prepare for the amount of miles she should complete for the week ahead.

Tam's positive attitude is infectious. We asked her about her motivation to become a runner in her 30's and where she began. She said, "When I started I couldn't even run a mile! But I got it in my head that I really wanted to do it, so I worked up to it on the treadmill first." She explained "After that I decided that I wanted to do a 5K, and after I completed that, I started setting harder goals for myself."

Wondering what can you expect to see from her during her time as a Brand Ambassador?

Well, lots of Instagram posts about her training during marathon season for one! She posts photos from every run. If you are ever up bright and early, walking the Hoboken waterfront be sure to look for her! Especially on Mondays, as she tries to get a 3 mile run in right after (B) CandyBarre. She also promises to post about healthy eating and has goals to start making smoothies every morning! Tam is the only Ambassador that is also an instructor. You can catch her on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at the Willow Studio. If not there then definitely in class. Tam loves variety in her workouts, classes and instructors. "Oh! and playlists too!" she says.



Her Vibe | Zen

Known As | A World Traveler

Favorites | Books & Photography

Workout Style | Yoga, Tone n' ohm

Birthday | May 25th

By Day | Communications Manager, Wellness One




One Fun Fact? Married her HS sweetheart.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? Alt Nation

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Next Stop Skinny

Favorite post-class activity? A run or a latte! 

Favorite Season? Fall


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How to Pop-In To Our Pop-Up

Nearly 9-months ago we opened the doors to our River Street Studio. We introduced you to a new style of fitness that married our original Work it Out classes with our always popular Ride. Now this Summer we unveiled the Treehouse, a private pop-up yoga studio. While this private space will be a part of our WiO Community until the end of October, it is more than just a new offering for each of you, it is an experience, and we want each of you to take advantage of this experience while it is available.

Sneak Peek into the Treehouse

We always want to bring together the most enjoyable parts of being a vibrant, active woman into our studios, and the Treehouse does just that. Our 60-minute Rock n' Ohm yoga class is our take on an active flow vinyasa. Then we have brought together a variety of our favorite things including, shopping that you can find in our showroom, indulging in healthy treats which are available to you complimentary each week, and relaxation in the sun on our private deck. Check out photos from our sneak peek week where we hosted a sample Rock n' Ohm class and tastes of our elixirs and salads.

How to Use the Treehouse

Each client is unique, so we wanted to take each of your schedules and fitness habits into account. If you are on a membership and want to incorporate the Treehouse to your Work it Out world, just do it! For $99/month it will allow you to receive 1-Rock n' Ohm class per day for the month. It's your choice to continue each month. This option will be available through October. If you work out with us on class packages or single class purchases, you can grab a 10-class package ($200) that will not expire until the end of the Treehouse, come 10/31, or purchase a single Rock n' Ohm class ($24) when you are in the need for some zen. All of our 9:30am Rock n' Ohm classes offer child care. Standard pricing and studio policies apply.

Our class times have been built around our current studio schedules and your busy day. You can find an early morning Rock n' Ohm class on Thursdays at 7:30am, weekday evening classes starting at either 5:45pm or 6:30pm and running up until 8:00pm, along with mid-afternoon classes and an early evening Friday class (a last minute OHM before the weekend!). Visit MindBody for all the details and sign-up for a class that works for you. Our late cancel policy applies for all the Treehouse experiences, remember to cancel 4-hours in advance if you cannot make it to your scheduled class.

If you need more information about what makes the Treehouse different, check out our recent blog post that will explain it all and give you background on all of our instructors. We also offer you a few convincing reasons why you need to try yoga, just click here and let us know what you think.

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With You Every Step of the Way

A gym is a special place; some think of it as a sanctuary, a place of solace, or a place for "me time." But what if your gym were structured around your evolution, inside and outside of the studio? What if, as you changed, your fitness studio was right alongside you, with offerings that changed with you? This is what we are all about. While our studios are open for all to come and get their sweat on, the focus is around women, in every stage of their lives. Whether you are a single working woman, or a mom wanting to feel supported and strong, we are here for you, every step of the way. We know juggling a job, a commute, and of course an active social calendar is hard, so we have class times in the late evenings and early mornings to ensure you can get your workout in. Plus showers and top-of-the-line styling amenities, to go from sweaty to snazzy in a second. Getting ready for a wedding is stressful enough - getting the body you want shouldn't have to be. With comprehensive personalized packages like the "I Do!" kit, which mixes classes, fitness consultations, make-up trails and more, our brides are more than ready to tie the knot feeling their strongest and most beautiful. After being a bride comes, for many, babies. But just because you're expecting does not mean you're left behind! We have pre- and post-natal packages that will make you feel strong and ready to tackle the world. Once Motherhood hits, our classes are designed to get you back to your best bod, and you don't even have to leave the kiddies home! Participating in our Go Mommy™ classes means you can bring your kids for childcare while you sweat it out in our studios. Then when your children go from tots to tumblers, they can join our super fun high flying gymnastics program!

Life always comes full circle, and so does your experience with us. While we may only be a few years old, no one has had time to make the evolution full-circle just yet. But there have been some standout clients who have begun their journey with us. Meet Jayme!

She moved to Hoboken in the summer of 2010 and lived a few blocks away from the then under construction Willow Street location. She walked her dogs past the studio as it progressed from an empty space to a sparkly new fitness studio and knew it was a sign she had better get in shape and take charge of her health. It took a year for her to finally take the step and enter into the studio. "I had recently gotten engaged and with a wedding the following August, I was determined to be in the best shape possible for the big day," she recalls. She bought an unlimited month of classes and signed up for her first week immediately. After the first week, she was hooked and found herself taking advantage full advantage of her unlimited classes, sometimes taking two per day. "I was able to lose almost 40 pounds for my wedding day and was in the best shape of my life." Jayme continues to feel empowered by the WiO community: "I learned that I was stronger than I thought, more dedicated than I realized was possible and that fitness could be fun!"

Jayme recently had a baby and she and her husband moved to the suburbs. With WiO’s Go Mommy class, a series of workouts designed specifically for mother’s (with childcare provided!) she hopes to someday live near another WiO studio. Despite the distance, Jayme still feels the impact WiO continues to have in her life: "WiO isn’t just a fitness studio but it is also a community that allows me to be the best version of myself with a newfound strength and confidence I always knew I deserved."

Virginia Einstein, another rider, mother and now new WiO instructor - remembers her transformation:  "Day one I didn’t think I would make it through my first class. But everyone there was so supportive. I always felt like I fit in." As a mother already, she found that having the support of fellow riders and staff motivated her to get to the studio and continue to find new power in her workouts, and in her life: "As you grow stronger and find you can do new things, the staff and the other women at the gym all push you to find new limits. I have achieved things at WiO I had no idea I was capable of." Virginia has since found a passion for teaching and has now begun instructing herself and delights in the opportunity to give back inspire women in the same way.

Jayme and Virginia are only two examples of many women’s journeys with us. But they are true reflections of The Evolution of the Work it Out Woman! So do yourself a favor, and get ready to Set Your Fitness Free ™ and Work it Out with us!

From Bikes to Bridges - Welcoming Yoga into Your World

We all love that feeling - the music blaring, the feeling of being a little out of breathe, our heartbeats racing. When you leave the room after Sweata Weatha or  (B) High Speed, you know you have worked hard and are ready to face the day or week ahead. But sometimes what we need between these super intense cardiovascular and strength training workouts is to stretch out the kinks, deepen our breath, detox our bodies and open our hearts. There are many so benefits to yoga, beyond merely stretching and getting “zen."  This is why we poured our hearts into the creation of the Treehouse. It not only offers a fun private space to grow our community, but it also offers everyone an opportunity to take their wellness to another level. Here are some reasons why we all sometimes need to jump from the bike to the mat for a little Namaste.

Strength in the Stretch Yoga helps build strength and flexibility simultaneously. When you’re in Warrior Two, the opposition of stretching and holding the pose means you are strengthening the muscles that are engaged while lengthening and elongating. Talk about long and lean! Also, the more flexible and strong your muscles and joints are, the more prevention you are taking against injury. And when coupled with weight training and intense cardio, muscles that would usually become stiff and vulnerable to injury become supple and will increase your abilities and range of motion on and off the bike.

Join(t) together!

Our joints are sensitive things and need a little TLC. While they are built for impact (think Alex’s jump squats in Tight End or Michelle’s high knees in Upper Class), the cartilage around those joints still need to be nourished and protected against wear-and-tear. Yoga gets deep into areas of cartilage that aren't normally utilized and helps drive nutrients to those areas that are not often reached. The cartilage then stays supple and well-maintained and prevents our joints and bones from injury.

Breath – Food for the Cells

Yoga gets more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result.  Yoga rides the breath and the breath mixed with poses like twists and inversions wring out your body of old blood and replenish it with freshly oxygenated blood. It’s like a juice cleanse for the blood stream. Yum..?

Yoga lowers cortisol levels. Most of us have high levels of this stress hormone caused by all sorts of things (pressure at work, too much coffee, etc) but chronically high levels take a toll on memory and may lead to permanent changes in the brain, not to mention high levels of cortisol facilitates obesity, linked with major depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. And yoga helps to lower the potential for all these ailments? Yes!

Happy Hour!

One study found that a consistent yoga practice improved depression and led to a significant increase in serotonin levels, the levels of your internal happy drug. Yoga has found time and again to be linked with greater levels of happiness and even better immunity. So fight off those diseases with a zen-like smile. Can you say ‘peaceful warrior’?

Consciousness Counts!

When we practice yoga, we practice being more mindful and aware. We all know we burn calories in yoga, but a regular practice may also help us make wiser and more healthy food and lifestyle choices outside of class! And along with being more in touch with you body and having a keener sense of awareness, this may also create a sensitivity to food cravings and maybe even curbing emotional binge eating!

“So you mean yoga can stimulate my metabolism, lower bad cholesterol and stress hormones, increase flexibility, prevent injury and increase my overall wellbeing?” you may ask? Yes. That’s exactly what we mean.

The point being: every once in a while, take that long lean riding machine, and hang out in a down dog with us. Things look pretty good from down there.

Come Rock n' Ohm with us, we won't steer you wrong. See you on a mat.


WiOShare Referral Program

Alrighty Summer Babes -- here's a huge thank you to our loyal community! We'd like to introduce our WiOShare Referral Program. Starting on Monday June 16th, we're rewarding our customers for spreading the WiO love and at the same time, helping new people try us who have always wanted to.

How it Works:  Refer a friend to Work it Out, and if your referral purchases any Monthly Membership within 14 days of their first class, you get $40 off your next Membership purchase!

WiOShare Discount Details:

  • Only valid towards the purchase of Monthly Memberships.
  • Your friend must purchase their membership within 14 days of their first visit.
  • Tell your referral to write your name when they fill out their new client waiver and make sure your name is noted on their account.
  • Only valid for new referrals (sorry, nothing retroactive!)
  • Great news, the discounts are cumulative!

Example: If you refer two friends and they become WiO's you will receive $80 off of your membership, if you refer 3 friends and they become WiO's you will receive $120 off, you get the point..

(Disclaimer: Your discount must be used within 30 days of your WiOShare's purchase. NOT valid if your Summer Membership has been paid in full. In this instance it will go towards your next membership purchase.)

Celebrating Miss Gina

This lady is very special to our community. Gina started with WiO very early on and has played a huge role in our growing company. She has been an integral part to the team since the doors opened. You can find her daily behind our Willow Street studio's front desk, juggling anything from watching your wonderful children to managing our class schedules.  So since we love her and she is very special to us, we decided to do some celebrating! This past weekend we gathered our girls together to shower 'Miss Gina' and her little bundle of joy who is soon on the way! (Side note; She dubbed the name Miss Gina because of all the WiO kids and we find it funny. lol) Here are some shots from her shower! IMG_9849

The gang met upstairs at The Brass Rail for the perfect Sunday brunch -- complete with mimosas, cupcakes and chicken & waffles! (not particularly healthy but, keeping a pregnant woman happy is vital when throwing the perfect shower!)


Pink and blue cupcakes from Carlo's Bakery were oh, so appropriate since the gender the baby is a surprise!


No shower would be complete without a little favor -- A colorful hand soap was just the right touch.



 Gina, Noël & Lisa


Devon, Janel & Jamie


 Showering Gina with presents - We love this adorable onesie!


 Heather, Sheillah, Virginia, Taylor & Sherri


Our Team!

Gina, we love you and we're all anxiously awaiting your new arrival!

We Made Some Foodie Friends!

You know the moment you meet someone and you're thinking, 'WOW! I really like them!" Well that's exactly what we thought when we met Fresh from the Farm 365. They are an online green market that sources vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and more from local farms in and around New Jersey. We know what it is like to go into our local grocery stores and find less than fresh items, so this concept was very appealing to learn more about. Their goal is to make sure you get your hands on responsibly grown, locally sourced produce and artisanal foods from some of the Tri-State area’s finest family farms and food purveyors.

Fresh from the Farm allows you the option to shop online or get a subscription to their offerings (more about that below!), then the items get delivered right to your door! Every item chosen is hand selected by their Personal Pickers to ensure the highest quality of vegetables, fruit, meat or whatever it may be! The delivery items are packaged and stored safely in eco-friendly packaging. 

They are offering two specials just for Work it Out members! Snag 25%-off their best selling Positively Produce subscription filled with a weeks worth of the freshest and most in-season fruits and vegetables. Perfect for a home of 1 - 2 people. Or save and get more with 25%-off the Everyday Essentials subscription that includes all the edible essentials from fruits, vegetables, milk, meats, eggs, yogurt, bread and more. This option is great for a household of 3 - 5 people. The online promo code is WORK25. Additional offer terms are below.

Of course we had to sample some of the goodies and played around with their seasonal vegetables to create some rocking recipes that we are sharing with you. We whipped up a tasty salad that you can have as a lunch or dinner, roasted spring vegetables that we used as a side for dinner and had extra that we topped on a salad, then got fancy and baked salmon wrapped in baby bok choy! All of the dishes were simple and quick to make, not to mention delicious with the fresh ingredients! 

Radicchio Salad Bowls 


2-3 leafs of radicchio (to act as a bowl) 
Place the following in the leafs, after tossing together in a separate bowl): 
1/2-c mesculun 
1/2-c arugula 
1/3-c chopped asparagus 
1/3-c chick peas 
3-oz of either tuna, chopped grilled chicken, or tofu (cooks choice!) 
Dressing: 2-tbs of extra virgin olive oil, 1-tbs of chopped rosemary, and 2-tbs of red wine vinegar - whisked together 
Serves 2

Spring Vegetable Roast 


  • 2-turnips - peeled and sliced into quarter size medallions 
  • 2-beets - peeled and sliced into quarters 
  • 2-sweet potatoes - sliced into quarter size medallions 
  • 1-cup sliced carrots 

Toss all vegetables into a bowl and coat with 1/3-c of extra virgin olive oil, 1/3-c chopped Thyme and Rosemary, a pinch of salt, and 1-tsp of black pepper. Place coated vegetables into a sprayed baking pan, cover and bake at 400-degrees for 30-minutes (toss after the initial 15-min). After 30-minutes, test the tenderness of the vegetables. Depending on different ovens, you may need an additional 10-minutes. To crisp vegetables, after they are baked you can broil for 5-minutes.
Serves 2 

Baked Salmon with Wrapped in Baby Bok Choy 


  • 3-oz of wild salmon
  • 1/2-fresh lemon
  • 1-tsp of chives
  • Small bunch of baby bok choy
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Lay two to three leafs of baby bok choy on parchment paper, place the salmon on top. Squeeze the lemon on the salmon and rub the chives into the salmon. Cover salmon with two to three additional bok choy leaves and spread 1-tbs of extra virgin olive oil on top. Wrap salmon and bok choy in parchment paper and place on baking sheet. Bake at 375-degrees for 20-25-minutes (depending on your preference)
Serves 1

Offer Terms:

  • New customers only
  • Only available for Positively Produce and Everyday Essentials
  • Can choose weekly, bi-monthly or monthly delivery options
  • Subscription continues until customer cancels subscription; minimum of 4 orders required to take advantage of the offer
  • Customer must be in one of our current delivery areas 

Mommy Intuition and Autism Awareness

Rock star instructor, Sheillah Dallara, can be found in the studios teaching amazing classes at our studios, while balancing a busy life as a wife, mother and advocate for Autism awareness. She has opened up her heart to share her story about how this disorder touched her personally. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, read her story and leave her words of encouragement (and don't forget to come out to our charity rides on Sunday, April 27th!):

Alexander was born on March 1, 2010. He was born a happy and healthy baby boy. It wasn’t until his 2nd birthday when my husband, Aaron, and I started to notice a change in behavior and mood in little Alexander. It became more obvious to us when our youngest daughter, Felicity, began talking and repeating words, she seemed more in tune with her environment and the people in it. She was 1.

We were worried and brought our concerns to our pediatrician. It was dismissed as a “he’s a boy and boys typically develop slower than girls” and “let’s check his hearing”. But I knew, my “mommy intuition” kicked in and I knew it wasn’t as simple as this. Alexander had started to play by himself, and seemed content in his own world.

What hurt the worst was the day Alexander stopped talking altogether, and eventually I stopped hearing three little words every parent wants to hear from their child, I love you. It was devastating. As a mom, when your child starts to talk, hearing those three little words is something you cherish. Losing that broke my heart.

Autism was a foreign word to us. We came up on it as we researched, “late talkers” and “poor eye contact”. But the more I researched, read and learned, the more I began to realize Alexander may be autistic.... I stopped reading through all the endless articles and blogs, i felt numb. Could it be? Could we have a child with special needs?

We knew we had to do something. But what it was, we did not know. Our first steps were to change pediatricians and get a different opinion. I remember watching Alexander as he played with the doctor during his appointment and how well he interacted, and for those few minutes I hoped the doctor was going to tell me I was wrong. Nothing prepared me for the pain of hearing a professional say “your child has autism”. It hit us hard. My heart hurt for Alexander, for my husband, for my daughter.

A few days went by after our appointment and I felt as if I had no more tears left to cry. I got back on my two feet and began our journey. Focused and determined to bring out the best Alexander that he could ever be. After all, this is our job as mothers, as parents, whether or not our kids have any kind of disabilities. I began reading everything I could find on autism. I learned that early intervention was our next step and that a healthy diet and nutrition were also an important role.

By the time Alexander was 33 months he was receiving occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy through early intervention. We changed his diet to a gluten free, caisin free based diet, to clean out toxins from his body. We also eliminated any artificial flavorings from his foods, snacks and even vitamins. We started him on an array of supplements, ranging from Omega-3 oils to protein (plant based) powders. A few months after these changes were made he began to talk again. And my husband and I heard those three little words again, I Love You.

When Alexander turned 3 he started school. Wallace Elementary is one of the schools in Hoboken that offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) classrooms. He has been there for a year now, and is doing amazing. His teachers and aids are all phenomenal, we couldn’t be more happier with our decision to start him in this program. Although he is not 100% verbal yet, he is able to communicate his needs and wants and we’ve come to find out he has a really good sense of humor!

Alexander by no means is fully recovered, every day is a blessing and a challenge. But we will do anything, try anything we can to make sure he lives a happy and healthy life. Alexander is a beautiful little boy, he is smart and very loving. Autism is just one small puzzle piece of who he is.

Autism is no longer a foreign word for us, so if you have any questions regarding our journey, treatment options, diet options etc. Please email me. I truly believe whether you have a child with autism, some other disability, or none at all, we all need support. 


Give Your Kitchen a Spring Cleaning

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and you are getting ready to bask in the sun. So while nature is dusting off it's glorious self, so should you! 

Spring is the perfect time to reset and refocus, just like you do after a super intense hill in one of our Ride classes! The big question is where to begin. 
While some of us choose to spring clean our closets, at Work it Out, we like to give our kitchen a little cleanse! You will be surprised after multiple snow storms and polar vortexes, how much comfort foods you can acquire.
If you makeover the below three places in your kitchen, we promise you'll be walking with an extra pep in your step as you stroll down Washington Street! If you read through and realize you have more questions, want recipes or anything else, leave a comment and we'll get back to you!
The Fridge:
Stop drinking your calories!
  • Toss juices, iced teas, and sodas (you can keep a bottle of wine, we all need a vice once in awhile). These drink choices are full of wasted calories and sugars that provide no nutritional benefit. We recommend keeping milk, almond milk, or soy milk, as they are great options for calcium, vitamin D, among other things and a perfect addition to a smoothie or oatmeal.


Use your produce drawers!

  • No they are not there to keep random condiments in, they are there to keep beautiful, colorful fruits and vegetables. Our top items that last for a week and are very versatile include: 
    • Kale - make a salad, add to a smoothie, or sautee for a dinner side dish. If you are a vegetarian, it is an amazing source of calcium and also provides antioxidant rich and cancer fighting, vitamin A, C, and K, along with potassium, which helps you recovery after a long workout
    • Apples - perfect grab and go snack and source of fiber, and if you are in need of a 'dessert," make a mock apple pie for under 300-calories - cut up the apple and bake with some cinnamon for 10-minutes at 375 (covered), pair it with three graham crackers
    • Asparagus - tis' the season for this veggie! You can bake, steam, sautee these lean, mean low calorie stalks. They are naturally anti-inflammatory and offer great antioxidants through Vitamin E, C and beta-carontene
Organize your shelf
  • First shelf should include the most healthy and important items, because they are at eye sight and the first thing you see. Items could include: steel cut oats, multivitamins, herbal teas, powerful grains like faro, quinoa, barley and dried beans like lentils
  • Second shelf place for more of your snack foods. Whole grain crackers, granola bars, or canned items.
  • Third shelf should be the most tempting items in your kitchen, maybe its pasta that you can incorporate into a meal once or twice a week, baking items like sugars and vanilla flavoring
Your Counter:
Display fruits in a beautiful bowl
  • Who doesn't like HomeGoods! Grab yourself a nice bowl to place on your counter. Instead of dropped bills, mail, keys and other stressful items,  display a beautiful assortment of lemons, to add to warm water in the morning to detoxify, or bananas that you can grab as you walk out the door, to jump start your metabolism.
Jars of Healthy Snacks
  • While you are at HomeGoods picking up a fruit bowl, grab some jars with portion controlled spoons (1-scoop to equal a 1/2-c). Fill the jars with dried cranberries, raw almonds, flaxseed. All of which you can mix together in oatmeal or plain low-fat yogurt, or enjoy separately.

We'll have more fun tips and brand new programs for you focused all around wellness, stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Designing The Lady Tank

Finding the perfect outfit can set the tone of your whole day, which is true for a workout as well. This is the exact reason why the apparel part of Work it Out is so incredibly important to me. Trends and fashion have always caught my eye and as time goes by I consistently try to figure out my own look. On good days, I like to emulate something that falls somewhere between Ralph Lauren classic and boho/rocker chic! I know that most of you probably have your own looks that you try to exude and for some nailing a consistent style is effortless. But for others, like myself, it can be challenging. After spending hours drafting designs, scouting stores, and being inspired by everything from street wear to music videos, I am excited to introduce our first piece of a new collection that we are gearing up to roll out in the fall. Looking for a blank silhouette to brand with our curvy W is always challenging. I am well aware that each WiO woman has their own personal style and taste, so I always try to select pieces that are comfortable, easy to wear and brand appropriate. I've been on a mission, looking for the most comfortable and versatile tank top for this spring and summer and Eureka! I've found it!


An American Apparel tank that we've dubbed, "The Lady Tank," because of its feminine outline and look.  It's a top you can wear to the studio with your lulu's or with a pair of distressed jean shorts. The material is soft, a cotton triblend and the edges are seamless and oh so flattering! The goal of the tank was to try and make it fit into your weekly rotation of wear, so colors were key.  As much as I love a bright color (especially for spring), lately I find myself gravitating toward more neutral toned pieces because of their ability to match everything. For the Lady Tank, I've chosen two different colors- an oatmeal (shown above) and a cranberry (shown below) which are both stamped with the free-flowing version of our beloved W. The sizing is pretty true but it will depend on how you choose to wear it.


Placing orders for apparel is difficult and a part of the business that I have yet to master, so instead of guessing how many pieces to order, we will be selling The Lady Tank by email pre-order for 1 week only. If you want to guarantee we have a tank in your preferred color and size, place your order today! Plus tanks only retail at $22 each and are the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! I promise you'll love them.

To place an order email with your desired size & color. If you have any questions on wear, wash or sizing leave a comment below.



Spring Is Blooming New Instructors!

Winter is hopefully coming to a close, and spring is blossoming (today is the first day of Spring!). With the change in season, comes new blossoming faces in our studios. Welcome Alex and Kristen to our sassy instructor staffWe met them both at our January Open Call. This was the first time we have ever hosted an Open Call, and boy was it an amazing day! We were dazzled by the strong and confident women that came out to demonstrate their skills. The talent is just amazing in the area, from right here in Hoboken and afar! 
Alex and Kristen, not only were a part of our inaugural Open Call, but they were also part of our growing Work it Out instructor training program. They dedicated their heart and souls to learning about our studios, classes, and overall community. They had meetings with our seasoned instructors, put together demos for our management team, and participated in classes at Willow and River as clients. So enough with what we have to say. It is time to hear all about Alex and Kristen! 
Alex is a bicoastal girl, born in New York City and raised in sunny Santa Monica, California, and now she's back to her roots in the city of dreams. A dancer from a young age, Alex has always had a passion for movement and music, but it was not until she found spin that her passion for fitness flourished. Alex believes in the transformation power of intense cardio and takes the strength of an athlete, the spirit of a yogi and the rhythm and fun of a dance club to push you towards the best, strongest version of you! She currently lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is a Columbia University MFA candidate in Acting  and a certified Heath Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

What keeps Alex moving? Endorphins! And music! And health! Looking fit is a byproduct for her, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either. Her fitness philosophy is to be kind to your body, treat it well, keep it active, and improve on one thing each time you workout. Acknowledge that the burn in a workout is not where you end, but where you begin, and is an opportunity for change and something new in your mind and body to open up. 

Right now, you can catch Alex teaching Monday evenings at River, 6:20pm (B) Upper Class and Friday mornings at River, 6:45am (B) Upper Class. But you'll start to see here teaching in a lot of other classes at our studios shortly!

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A recent graduate of the University at Buffalo, Kristen received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. She spent 2 years with the Zodiaque Dance Company in college and was a Lead Dancer in Irina Jade’s “Dance Like a White Girl” music video.

Kristen has 5+ years of experience teaching Dance and has won numerous awards for her choreography. Working with dancers of all ages inspired her to branch out into the fitness industry to continue exploring her passion for movement. She found her love for Spinning when she moved to New Jersey and is Mad Dogg certified.

Being a dancer her whole life has fueled a healthy relationship with exercise and food and Kristen hopes to share her knowledge with all of her clients. She uses music as a main source of inspiration and believes her classes facilitate an opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Her motivating personality will have you working your hardest but her upbeat playlists will keep a smile on your face! 

Join Kristen in her Wednesday 6:00am Naked Ride at River and Thursday 7:20pm Naked Ride at Willow!

Our new schedule for the upcoming week posts every Monday at Noon. Be sure to sign on and sign up for your favorite classes! Any questions, you can email us at or call us at Willow 201.222.0802 or River 201.710.5458.

High Intensity What?!

 All the major fitness magazines are talking about, studios in New York City and Los Angeles are claiming they are starting a trend, so what is the hype about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

Well, we know a thing or two about it, because we’ve been ahead of the fitness trend since the Tighter In Twenty(13) Challenge and our latest creation at River, Blended High Speed! HIIT is also one of Heather's favorite workouts, which was the impetus for us to create and design the Blended High Speed class!

So first things first:

The premise of interval training is simple: When you vary your effort by mixing periods of high and low intensity during your workout, your fitness will improve faster and more dramatically. Think about it like this, 45-minutes of an HIIT workout, is like a 90-minute regular workout! Who doesn't like more bang for their buck, right?!

How is HIIT different from other forms of interval training?

HIIT intervals involve maximum effort, not just trying to maintain a higher heart rate throughout. Because HIIT is so physically demanding, this form of exercise will fire up your metabolism during and after your workout, referred to as the ‘afterburn.’ Afterburn can lead to metabolism boosts for up to 48-hours after a completed workout! Fascinating, right?

Why bother with all these intervals you ask?

HIIT is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and take your fitness to the next level. Our Blended High Speed class is based on the core principles of HIIT: alternating bike and floor segments that are broken into eight rounds of :20 seconds of maximum work and :10 seconds of rest. Sounds easy, but these difficult repetitive rounds will challenge you physically while building mental toughness and a deeper mind-body connection with each breath.

So join us as we rock this trend in Blended High Speed offered at River on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15pm with Heather and coming soon to early mornings too! It is a fast-paced, high-energy, intense, and most importantly, another FUN way to WiO with us!

{ Things WiO Love }

Noël here!  I don't know about all of you but I'm dying for the spring to hurry up and get here already!  I know we still have a few months to go but c'mon- a snowstorm once a week!? You know it's bad when you're happy it's raining! Everything about winter is making me a bit gloomy, but all we can do is day dream about the warm weather. Right?  I’ll try to drag us both out of the post-holiday doldrums with some spring fashion trends, which was the inspiration behind this week's killer picks.  Check 'em out!


image-3 copy


 1. DYING over white leather back packs. The one pictured is by J.ESTINA and called "The Manhattan Backpack." Similar versions can be found on ASOS for as low as $40 bucks!

2. Team Essie. (OPI never stays on my nails.) The nail brand has announced their annual 4-polish, Spring Resort collection.  The colors are shown above and have imaginative names like "cocktails and coconuts" for the nude, "resort fling" for the peach, "find me an oasis" for pale blue, and "under the twilight" for the navy-ish purple. Next time you're deliberating over color options- keep these in mind!

3. Our good friend Ronnie Fieg, is a NY based sneaker designer that collaborates with bigger brands like New Balance and Puma.  Together they come up with original designs. The NB's pictured above are called the 'Daytona' 1600. Inspired by Ronnie's childhood trips to Daytona Beach, Florida, the collaborative 1600 runner features a combination of tan luggage leather, brushed white nubuck and oily pigskin suede, all finished off with pink and navy accents. (I personally LOVE these!) Ronnie and his KITH Team have mastered the art of the exclusive release so finding this shoe may not be so easy.  I highly recommend checking out their store locations in Manhattan 644 Broadway (at Bleecker St.) or 233 Flatbush Ave in BK. 

I'd love to hear your feedback! Talk to me about what you'd like to see in future posts!

Thanks for reading - Noël

{ Things WiO Love }

New feature alert! { Things WiO Love } is a compilation of creative inspiration that can be anything from home decor, activewear, fashion finds, beauty products, to favorite foods, accessories and even celebrity icons.  This week's top picks are:



1. The "Work it Honey" Pillow. Perfect WiO decor for your bedroom, living room or office! $28 Available at 

2. The infamous Mrs. Carter goes by many names; Beyoncé, Queen B, Sasha Fierce, Yoncé, Bee. This bad bi*ch is our celebrity icon of the week. Whichever name you prefer take a dose of her killer style with you as your dance out the door to start your day. #surfboard

3.  The Nike Flyknit Trainer+ is a fashion forward runner designed shoe that delivers a comfortable knit upper blend with cushioning & support. $160 Available at  in kaleidoscopic multicolor. 

4. The dapper Oliver Peoples 'Sheldrake' sunglasses. Match the green frames to an olive-toned shirt for an effortlessly cool combo. $365 Available at

quote AW

A Day in the Life of Sherri Satz

You might catch Sherri teaching Monday mornings at Willow for our Go Mommy classes, or down at River instructing an awesome Blended Ride class. But Sherri balances a lot more during her day than just fitness classes! Take a peek into how Sherri keeps it all together and gets life down as a mom, wife, and working woman!
Mom.. Mommy...MOM!! Eat, Dora, Read, Play! Oh Good Morning it's 6:00am I thought MAYBE you would like to sleep in today?
That would be my daughter Paige on most mornings and that is how we start our day. I am a morning person,but getting a toddler up, dressed and out the door is another story. When Paige is not arguing with me on what outfit she wants to wear those are the good days where I can MAYBE make a morning class or go for a run. Running has kinda been put on the back burner because it's not so easy to push a 28-lb child anymore in my jogger. Thank goodness we just started her in school 2-x a week, so that frees up time for ME. Funny thing is 3-hours is not much time to get things done. I zip around town with my list hoping to shorten it. 
6:00am - 9:00am: Usually time spent in the house. Multi-tasking...making the bed, hoping Mike (my husband) will feed Paige breakfast while he eats too before leaving for work, few loads of laundry, start dishwasher, pack up for the day
9:00am-12:00pm-ish: Either drop off Paige at school and then I will rush over to WiO to teach a class, train a few clients or I will try to jump in to one of the many morning classes at WiO. Time is ticking after  which only gives me time for maybe 2 errands. I take great pleasure in going to the supermarket without a toddler. Many times I've ended up with things in my cart that were NOT on my list! 
12:00pm-5:00pm: NAP TIME (for Paige) usually 2-hrs Whew! I TRY to clean myself up, perhaps put on REAL clothes although my gym clothes usually win and the shower waits until evening before I go to bed. Time to start thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner (or not). I like to try to cook 4-x week. We are lucky that Paige will usually eat what we do so I'm not making two dinners. Catch up time with emails, work on playlists and read up on different fitness websites. Take Paige to a friends for a playdate or some other activity. 
5:00pm-til bed: Not much time in this window as Paige doesn't go to sleep until close to 9:00pm and Mike and I are usually pushing it to 10:30pm. He doesn't get home until 7:30ish which makes for a long day for me and my girl! Dinner, bath, bonding time for Dad and Paige while I clean up. Ready for this, you might even catch me on a late night jaunt to Target, I know crazy me! 
Life is good! Yes, I enjoy a glass of vino every FEW evenings and go out with my Mommy friends for much needed catch up, put on makeup and and dig out those heels night. Date nights happen once every few weeks. I must admit our last great date was hot yoga together followed by dinner. It's rare that my husband and I do that anymore and that is what brought us together!