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This Is What SHE Looks Like

It's been five years since the doors at 603 Willow Avenue swung open and since then, oh so much has changed. But with all of the change, some true clarity came and it can best be seen through our loyal community and rock star team. Each woman, whether you are a client or instructor, is strong, supportive, and comes from a different and unique background. And because of all these unique faces and experiences, it has pushed us to evolve too. You've seen us evolve with our expansion in Hoboken to include Work it Out - River and Blended Ride. A style of class that we believe brings out the best in a workout and is ideal for each of you to achieve the most efficient and productive workout. Each category of classes we design are in an effort to fit you and where you are in life whether you are a bride, single sassy lady, mom or mom-to-be, we have you covered.

Our latest evolution is something we are most proud of, and each of you were the inspiration.

Enter our new mantra and year long campaign entitled 'This Is What SHE Looks Like.'

This mantra encapsulates every strong female that walks through the studio doors. Each of you are united under this one common theme and live an active and healthy lifestyle through balance, support, and motivation with each other. It is not one style of a woman that makes us Work it Out, it is all different styles, perspectives, and backgrounds. Over the course of the next year, you'll see this play out in different ways. Here's what you can expect to see from us?

A new online voice

If you are reading this right now, you probably noticed the site is new and improved. We are featuring brand spanking new photography from the talented Thaddeus Rombauer who grabbed the most phenomenal shots of our staff. Additionally, you'll see more lifestyle content from us featuring different contributors in and around Hoboken. Topics will include everything from the latest fitness trends, nutrition tips, style, and more. Check out the site, read our instructor bios, and peruse all of our offerings. There is a little something for everyone!

The WiO Circle

We're going to be selecting three women to work with us for the next year as part of the WiO Circle. This is our new brand ambassador program designed to spotlight motivating WiO Women that have been a part of the brand, live and breath the WiO lifestyle, and want to be even more involved with us as true spokespeople. This will include being social media mavens for the brand, introducing new clients to the studio, and more.

More community-building events

The Skinny Sessions. Hosted by Noël and Lisa, these complimentary, hour-long chats are based on behavior theories, activities, and some good ol' fashion bitching, that will guide you to self-reflect, share, and learn. The sessions will cover four integral components to living, eating, and breathing a healthy, active life. Each session builds on the other, starting with the core values of accepting and loving the body you have, no matter what the flaws, and then moving into areas of exploration and reflection on topics such as eating with joy. The sessions are meant to be used together, but if you cannot attend all of them, that's okay too! It's a 'judgement-free' zone where we will share, support and ultimately elicit positive change based on getting the skinny on topics and themes we've all wondered about.

  • Session 1:  7/16 - Healthy at Every Size: Learn to love your body for all that it provides you, no matter what

  • Session 2: 7/23 - The Art of Intuitive Eating: Find satisfaction in all your food choices and learn to be present during eating, one of the great joys in life

  • Session 3: 7/30 - Make Your Own MEtox: Eat clean, without deprivation and personalize it

  • Session 4: 8/6 - Create Your Healthy Living Mantra: Rise and shine each day with your own personal mantra to motivate you

There's many ways to be a part of the new evolution of Work it Out. We hope you get involved where you can, inspire each other to achieve great goals in and out of the studios, and constantly defining what a healthy, fit and active Work it Out Woman is. Stay connected with us @WiOWithUs and tag us along your Work it Out Journey.

Are You Fierce and Inspiring? Join Our Circle!

Psst! Did you hear we are on the hunt for the fiercest women in our studios? Well, if you didn't, now you know! Our studios are evolving, the Work it Out brand is growing, and this means our community of inspiring women is growing too. We want to showcase all of the amazing women that come in and out of the studios day in and day out. You'll be seeing changes from us in the next few weeks, which will include a new website, as well as a new brand campaign. With all of these evolutions, it is time to spotlight the women that make Work it Out what it has grown to be - a lifestyle brand full of fitness, motivation, and badass women from all walks of life.

There are two ways we're looking to hear and work with you.

First off - we're going to be selecting three women to work with us for the next year as part of the WiO Circle. This is our new brand ambassador program designed to spotlight motivating WiO Women that have been a part of the brand, live and breath the WiO lifestyle, and want to be even more involved with us as true spokespeople. This will include being social media mavens for the brand, introducing new clients to the studio, and more. All you need to do is submit answers to the following five questions with a photo of yourself to

How has fitness shaped who you are today?

What, if anything, defines you as a woman?

What makes Work it Out different from other studios or gyms?

If you were a WiO class, what would you be and why?

What would you say to someone who wants to try Work it Out for the first time?


For simply taking the time to answer and submit your information, you'll receive 10% off your next WiO Package or Membership.

If you are selected you'll receive monthly perks including:

Complimentary classes per month (limited amount)

Option to bring a friend for free to 1-class each month

1-monthly personal training or nutrition session

30% off all apparel purchases

Opportunity to provide feedback on new class designs and brand projects


As a part of the WiO Circle you'll be able to work with our marketing and social media team, co-host events with us, host your own events at the studios, and much more. Additionally, you'll have an opportunity to share news with your network about the brand through social media and other media channels. In short, you'll be a killer fitness role model! Joining the WiO Circle will include an orientation program, as well as a commitment to regular brand presence in and out of the studios.

Now on to the second way we want to hear from you! We are looking for women in the Work it Out community that have a great personal story about how Work it Out shaped them into the woman that they are today? Not just physically, but also mentally. Share your story with us and you could be selected to be featured on our new website as an inspiring WiO Woman, part of the new campaign launching in mid-July. Stories could be anything from how you now have a reinvigorating or new positive relationship with fitness to how working out made you strong in your life. Share us at

You'll be hearing a lot more from us in the weeks to come. Stay on the look out for our new web site, more events, and other ways to engage with the Work it Out brand. It's been an amazing five years, and we got a lot more in store for everyone in the next year to come!

Our 3rd Annual Beach Burn


Time for our 3rd Annual Beach Burn! We love the beach, especially the Jersey Shore -- and we love our workouts too, especially since they result in our bikini bods! So we're taking our workout to the beach -- Pier Village to be exact! We hope you'll play hooky with us (it's a Friday!) and join us for beach day that starts off with a 90-min burn led by Noël & Lisa!


3rd Annual Beach Burn









Noël & Lisa will take you through a series of exercises on and around the beach -- and we'll have a healthy lunch & mocktails for you to enjoy post-workout. Then you're free to enjoy the beach and shops at Pier Village for the rest of the day. Sounds like a great way to start your weekend!

Sign up directly on MindBody or contact the studio with questions. Transportation is not included, but we'll be carpooling from the studio. In the event of rain, we'll transfer 3 classes to your account. Bring a friend and see you at the beach!


Client Spotlight: Jacquelyn Frascarelli

Our clients mean everything to us -- and it means the world when we hear that feeling is mutual! Our team of instructors kept mentioning this fierce chick who kept popping into all of our we had to take a few minutes to sit down with WiO'er Jacci F. to see what she was up to. Turns out Jacci is killing it with her 2-a-day membership and utilizing the WiO schedule to the max. Keep reading for our interview with Jacci to learn her secrets!

As a 2-a-day member, we see you taking advantage of the WiO schedule to it's full potential! What does a typical week of classes at WiO look like for you?

I try to do 2-a-day at least twice a week and visit WiO 6 times a week. My week is filled with a variety of classes. Mondays are CandyBarre and Zumba, Tuesdays are Next Stop; Skinny and Zumba, Wednesdays are CandyBarre and Ride Mixer (my favorite class of the week), Thursdays are CandyBarre, Fridays are Ride, and Saturdays are Sweata Weatha. I know the schedule is always changing gradually and I take advantage of new classes that are added whenever I can. For example, a few weeks ago Sweata Weatha was replaced with Absalute and Tight End so I took both!

Tell us your secrets for staying motivated to take 2-a-day?

There are a lot of things that keep me motivated, but I think the biggest is the change I have seen is my skin, body, and attitude since I joined WiO. I only go to the gym in the evenings after work and it is a great way to end my day. I use my workouts to de-stress and get rid of any frustrations I had during the day and I feel great when I go home. I even have extra energy to clean the house, do laundry, walk our dog, and make dinner when I get home. When I joined WiO, I also changed my diet a bit – I don’t starve myself or deprive myself of sweets but I have certainly cut back on the cupcakes and pizza lunches...I never joined WiO to lose weight, I simply wanted to feel better about myself and tone up a bit. Most of the two-a-days I take fit together so I feel like I am getting a full body workout. If I’m already going to the gym for one class, why not stay for a second here and there especially when your second is Zumba and it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out!! If you can get yourself motivated to go to the gym, it is easy to stay for a second class. I think the hardest part is getting there in the first place.

What's your favorite combo of back-to-back classes?

My favorite combo is Wednesday – CandyBarre and Ride Mixer – it’s the ultimate workout! Core Body workout, Cardio, Weights, and Spin.

How long have you been coming to WiO?

I have been coming to WiO since February (I think) so almost 6 months now!

What made you decide to become a 2-a-day member?

When looking for a gym, I tried out a few places but I knew I wanted something with classes and I wanted to be close to my apartment otherwise I knew I wouldn’t go. WiO had a such a large variety of workouts, it was the perfect fit for me! I came for my two-for-one class deal as a new member trial and joined immediately. I decided to become a 2-a-day member for multiple reasons – I always jump into everything I do with two feet so when I reviewed the options and cost for each package, two-a-day made sense for me. I knew 50-minutes wouldn’t be enough for me on a daily basis. I am very energetic and have always been athletic and competitive, so I knew I needed a longer workout right out of the gate. I love being able to stay for a second class whenever I feel like it especially when some of my favorite instructors are teaching two different classes back-to-back.

Last thing I would add is that many of my instructors are my biggest motivators in general and they certainly push you to work hard and push your limits which I love. To me, WiO is almost like having a personal trainer since the classes are small and everyone makes it a point to get to know you. For example, during Ride Mixer, I will be struggling through my last set of push-ups and Vanessa will come over and give me a few words of encouragement to keep me going and not drop to my knees. I really appreciate that all of the instructors take an interest in everyone that joins their class. It’s a very positive workout environment and I have been very happy to get to know everyone! I love WiO!!

Thanks for sharing Jacci! Do you have an inspiring story too? Share your story with us at

Our 2015 Summer Events Calendar

Make this summer your most fun - and most fit - yet! We've already got your classes covered with our Summer Membership,class packs and Summer Schedule - and you'll find that our Summer Events Calendar brings the burn, but won't break the bank! Save the date for all of our upcoming Summer Events below!

Check your inbox for more event announcements each week. We'll be sending updates via email, blog posts and social media. Be sure you're following us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to stay up-to-date on all the summer fun!


July 4th On-the-Go Workout

It's here! Your July 4th weekend is imminent. But just because our studios will be closed on Saturday doesn't mean you need to miss your workout! We've designed the ultimate Beach Body Burpee Workout -- Perfect for your weekend travel, no equipment necessary! Squeeze in this 30 minute on-the-go workout before hitting the beach -- and then don't forget to sign up for class again on Sunday if you're in town!


What is the Burpee? This full body exercise takes you from a squat thrust, to plank and pushup (optional), back to thrust, to a squat jump.

Why is it so good? The Burpee is everything. You see it a lot in classes, because it’s that good. Not a lot of exercises are toning, cardio, power and full body all at once. Using your fast twitch muscles, the Burpee works and tires your body quickly.

Try this breakdown workout at home over the 4th weekend…

The Burpee Breakdown Workout: (30-minutes)

All you need is a watch or a timer and your body!

5-Minute Burpee Burn 1 Minute: Slow Burpees (Stepping one leg at a time back into the plank and up from the plank) 1 Minute: Squats; Squat Jumps (8 reps; 8 reps) 1 Minute: Push Ups (wide grip) 1 Minute: Squat Thrusts (jumping feet from your hands to a plank and back up) 1 Minute: Burpees


Cardio Burst 1 Minute - High knees 1 Minute - Jacks 1 Minute - Lunge Jumps


5-Minute Burpee Burn 1 Minute: Slow Burpees 1 Minute: Push Ups (narrow grip) 1 Minute: Squat Jumps 1 Minute: Forearm Plank Hold 1 Minute: Burpees


Cardio Burst: 1 Minute - High knees 1 Minute - Jacks 1 Minute - Lunge Jumps


5-Minute Burpee Burn 1 Minute: Slow Burpees 1 Minute: Squats; Squat Jumps (8 reps; 8 reps) 1 Minute: Push Ups (narrow grip) 1 Minute: Squat Thrusts (jumping feet from your hands to a plank and back up) 1 Minute: Burpees


Cardio Burst: 1 Minute - High knees 1 Minute - Jacks 1 Minute - Lunge Jumps


Core: 1 Minute - Crunches 1 Minute - Bicycles 1 Minute - Tuck Ups


Cool-down: 15:seconds - Upward Dog 30:seconds - Standing up, straddle and walk hands to the right 30:seconds - Standing up, straddle and walk hands to the left 30:seconds - Right quad stretch 30:seconds - Left quad stretch

Doing this workout with your friends? Send us your photos and don't forget to tag us on Instagram @wiowithus + #wiotravel! Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

Three Things You Didn't Know About Our New Instructors

We're so excited that Karen R. and Lisa H. have joined the WiO team! They've both been on the schedule for a few weeks now, so you may already know why we're so excited -- but we wanted to officially introduce to you our new instructors and let you get to know them both a little bit better. We asked them three questions to find out a little more for ourselves -- and we think you'll be able to relate to these two as well!

Meet Karen!

WiO asked:

1. When I'm not at WiO you'll find me....Walking my new puppy around town.

2. Favorite restaurant in Hoboken? Anthony David's

3. Your go-to song this summer? All My Love by Major Lazer ft. Ariana Grande

Karen's love of spin began at the age of 14 at her local YMCA. Since then she's dreamed of instructing and after two years as a loyal WiO client, she made that dream a reality! Karen received her Mad Dogg Spinning certification and is a NYRR member. You can catch her steaming up the ride room in one of her Naked Ride or Ride Mixer classes!


Meet Lisa!

WiO asked:

1. When I'm not at WiO you'll find me....Either hanging out with some friends at one of the awesome Hoboken restaurants or teaching a kiddie sports class at the Pier.

2. Favorite restaurant in Hoboken? Tough one...there are so many. I would say either Robongi or Cafe Michelina.

3. Your go-to song this summer? The Wolf by Mumford and Sons

As a lifelong athlete, physical activity has as always been a huge part of Lisa's life. As a Physical Education and Health Teacher, and Founder of The Inner Athlete, it just seemed natural that her love of teaching brought her to Work it Out! Lisa knew WiO would be a perfect place for her to instruct with her high energy and passion as a teacher to inspire and motivate. Lisa is Spin and Schwinn certified and has the ability to push clients beyond their comfort zone guaranteeing a meaningful, fun, unforgettable, and extremely challenging workout. Find her on the schedule teaching Ride classes!


Bridal Bootcamp with Your Beau

It's that time again! Our next Brides & Bubbly event is right around the corner! We've teamed up with local bridal influencers: Hoboken Girl, EVJ Wedding Co., The Bloginista and Tulle Wedding Skirts for the ultimate Bridal Bootcamp just in time for the height of wedding season!

This BYOB (Bring Your Own Beau) high-intensity bootcamp class with our little powerhouse, Vanessa, will be just the workout you need to look your best in your gown and tux -- and for all those summer weddings!

We'll take you outside for this 55-minute class and end the evening back at our River studio for your post-workout bubbly, treats & raffles from our local partners! Plus, mix and mingle with other couples and expert vendors.

Join us Tuesday, June 2, 2015 from 7-9pm at River for our first Brides & Bubbly: BYOB Bridal Bootcamp!

Brides & Bubbly: BYOB Bridal Bootcamp Tuesday, June 2 7:00pm - 9:00pm WiO River $50 per couple Includes: Class for you and your beau, refreshments, goodie bag, and a DIY wedding detox plan!

To register, purchase online under Burns or contact the front desk at, 201.222.0802 or 201.710.5458. Space is limited!


Spend Summer 2K15 With Us!

Summer 2015 is here! Stay motivated all summer long with this perfect 3-Month Membership! Our Summer Membership is the perfect variety of class options, free child care and wellness -- Designed to stay fit through the summer with the lowest commitment level and most affordable price point of any our of memberships! All the savings of our annual 1-class a day membership, but with more* access to classes, WiO Wellness treats, and only a 3-month commitment!

*Unlimited classes allows maximum 2-classes per day. 

Purchase this one-of-a-kind membership online right here -- and get ready to stay sexy with us all summer long! It's going to be your best summer yet!

Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day only two short days away, we know some of you WiO'ers are still looking for the perfect gift for mom. Look no further than your daily fitness stop -- because we've got the perfect gifts for all our moms in town! We've rounded up our top gifts for mom right here. Shop any of these gifts tomorrow at Willow and receive complimentary coffee and fresh fruit!

#1 Gift Cards

Good things come in small packages, right? Don't forget about our WiO Gift Cards, which can be applied towards classes, memberships, kits and apparel! Purchase right online here.

#2 Alo Leggings

If you've come to class this week, then it would be hard to miss the new pieces of Alo apparel to hit our shelves -- especially these pretty leggings! Colorful and perfect for Spring, they'll have mom looking fresh in her next class!

#3 Pretty Clutches

Is mom always sporting a new bag you're super jealous over?! Well, you will be again with our collection of summery clutches, which will be her new go-to accessory for weddings, showers and graduation parties!

#4 Face Kits

Grab mom (or yourself) a bundle of top of the line face products by Cosmedix.  These products are brought to you by our friends over at Noy Skincare. The kit includes PURITY, an exfoliating cleanser for normal, oily, acne, or sun-damaged skin. AFFIRM, a corrective serum enriched with over 12 antioxidants and other natural ingredients. LIGHTNING, an all-natural, dynamic lightening serum made with long-used ingredients for radiant skin. Kit includes a complimentary WiO clutch!

#5 Special Offer

Snag any 10 class pack and get 10 complimentary child care classes on the house!

Better yet! Take mom to class this Saturday, May 9 at Willow and receive complimentary coffee and fresh fruit, while shopping our unique collection of apparel and accessories. Select apparel is still 20% off at our River studio only!

Sign up for class this weekend on MindBody. Happy (Mother's Day) Shopping!

A Wedding Story from Rimma Bukhbinder

We love hearing the details of our WiO Brides' weddings -- and our next one is no exception. Meet Rimma, an avid lunchtime WiO'er, who married her hubby Matt on January 31, 2015. While the snow has finally melted and Spring is officially here, we think her winter wedding was just magical! Take a look for yourself... How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?

We're from the same town, but didn't really know each other until college, despite having mutual friends. We started hanging out a lot as friends, and our relationship evolved. For me it was really important that we were great friends first. I felt very comfortable around him and we had so much fun together! I knew he was the one when I was really stressed in law school (always), and he would take me to get hot chocolate and play on the playground or bring me coloring books to help me take my mind off of everything. I think it was the fact that even though we have many similarities, we are fundamentally different and balance each other out very well. I could never marry another me!

Tell us about your wedding.

We got married January 31, 2015, so it was a Winter Wonderland! It was a large wedding with about 300 guests, flying in from all over the country and even worldwide. The guests stayed at the Pearl River Hilton, and that's where we had the Rehearsal Dinner and the Brunch, both of which were wonderful. The actual wedding was at Seasons in Washington Township, NJ, which is amazing with the best food and staff. So. Much. Food. I really wanted to take advantage of the winter vibe, not only because I am Russian, but also because it has been so snowy!! Thankfully, it snowed around our wedding, but not actually on it, so we were lucky to have a beautiful blanket of white snow on the ground. The bridesmaids wore a greyish-blue color, and I made them sparkly belts to tie the look together, as well as bought tan furs that were really fun for the photos and kept them warm. The florist, Laurie from Laurelwood Designs, really helped bring the whole thing together with her amazing work. I wanted to channel an enchanted forest and we worked closely together to get the centerpieces and Chuppah just right, with tall branches and hanging candles, as well as mirror cubes to reflect all the candlelight of the short centerpieces. We got to incorporate some very special and personal elements into our wedding. My mother-in-law's train from her wedding dress became the roof to our Chuppah, and the crystal goblets that my parents used at their wedding were on our sweetheart table. We even threw in something for Matt (my husband) -- I walked down the aisle to a violin version of a Legend of Zelda song, which is something very sentimental to him (trust me girls, it was a pretty song -- that was requirement number 1). Our photographer Sean Gallant captured the whole day beautifully. Thank goodness, because both of us barely remember anything other than it being awesome! I'm sure we're not the only ones. It was an amazing celebration, followed by an epic honeymoon, and a sad, but relieving, return to reality.

Where did you go dress shopping? What made you say yes to the dress?

I went dress shopping at Pronovias, a boutique near my apartment on the Upper East Side, and, finally, at Letitia's Bridal, in NY near my parents' house. The women at Letitia's gave me the best experience, which is probably part of the reason I said yes to the dress there. I tried on a ton, but I really wanted something classic and feminine and also not too similar to what everyone else I know has worn. I was between two dresses, but in the end I went with the dress that made me feel special and beautiful, even without hair and makeup and while sick with a cold. It also helped that the dress I did not choose weighed a ton! If I can stress anything, it's to make sure that your dress is comfortable and that you can breathe. Even after choosing the "comfy" dress, I still didn't anticipate what it would be like to wear it for 12 hours straight. If you're uncomfortable when you try it on, don't do it!

How did you get yourself ready for your big day?

Well, of course I wanted to look my best, so I got my butt over to Work It Out! I stuck to the lunchtime (B) High Speed classes with the fabulous Heather, who is super motivating in class and really friendly outside of class. The (B) High Speed classes are great because it's not just spinning on the bike, but you get to mix it up with some hardcore floor work. It only takes 45-minutes, but you definitely get a FULL workout. I also took the lunchtime Naked Ride classes to keep up with my cardio - Vanessa and Monica are fantastic and even blend in some arm work. There is definitely no slacking in any of the WiO classes! Even though I live in Manhattan, I work in Hoboken and made sure to stick to a strict lunchtime workout schedule at Work It Out, because I haven't found anything else that compares or that has the awesome blended workouts.

How is married life now and what advice do you have for other soon to be WiO Brides?

Married life is great. It's not too different from cohabitation, but it has a nice feel to it. My advice would be:

  • Know what you want and don't let other people push you around, even if they are trying to help.

  • Stick to your workout routine -- not only will it make you look good, but it definitely helped to keep my stress levels down.

  • Try to be organized.

  • Don't worry about the little things, because you won't even notice most of them on the actual day.

  • Be thankful to those around you who are helping you and who are part of your wedding, and be kind to your vendors. Everyone will appreciate it and will be happy to do a little extra for you.

  • ENJOY IT! Make sure you take it all in for just a minute.

Pair Your Class With The Perfect Meal

You've figured out how to fit in your Sweata Weatha class with your CandyBarre, and a dash of Blended Ride all in one week, you're a rock star! Now elevate yourself to Hall of Fame status and nourish yourself before and after with the perfect meal, depending on the class you are take. Our class philosophy is that the more you vary up your workout with different classes, the more results you'll see, and your body will constantly be seeing the effects of an active lifestyle. How you eat, should be no different! Adding and trying different fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a great way to explore nutritious options for yourself and also help you never get bored.


We went through some of our most popular classes and all of our recipes and gave you quick and painless recipes, tailored to your favorite class. The best part is, the meals can all be done in under 30-minutes and in ONE pan. So you do not have to spend too long in the kitchen prepping, cooking or cleaning! Oh and did we mention, we made sure these were all gluten-free and dairy-free, as well as some vegetarian options, to make sure all of our wonderful WiO ladies can dabble in these meals!

First up is the pre-workout munchies question of - Do I eat a meal? Do I eat a snack? Or go empty stomach?

We know sometimes it is tough to get in a meal or snack before a workout, but working out on an empty stomach may not allow you to workout to the best of your abilities. Essentially, you could be burning more calories and toning more muscles, if you are fueled and hydrated properly.

Our recommendation is to always listen to your body. If you have an early morning workout and eating first thing doesn't sit with you, that's okay, make sure you eat post-workout to give your body all it needs to rebuild and tone up. A combination of whole grains and protein is what you want to look for. Steel cut oatmeal with half of a banana and 2-tbs of chopped walnuts will do the trick. Or whip up a quick smoothie, with 1-cup almond milk, two cups of kale, 1-banana, 2-tbs of a cinnamon and 2-tbs of chia seeds.

If you are hustling from work to one of our evening classes, this is simple: throw a piece of fresh fruit in your bag and eat in on the commute home. You can also stack your office fridge with some fat-free Greek yogurts and around 4:00pm, treat yourself to a snack and then hit the studio.

It's a perfect combination of complex carbohydrates that your body can fill utilize, plus fiber and protein to help fuel you through an intense workout and power up your muscles.

And don't forget throughout the day, to drink water, please!  64-oz a day of water will keep you feeling fresh! This is a total of 4-Poland Spring bottles. Not hard to accomplish, just keep sipping.

Love Our Ride Classes? Love this Post-Ride Meal! Our Rides get your heart rate pumping for a cardio workout like no other. This is where you can indulge in some truly healthy whole-grain carbohydrates and lean proteins, we like to go veggie on this one to mix it up a little. Sometimes the best proteins can be non-meat proteins. Here you'll get your protein from beans and quinoa.

Mexican Quinoa Bowl - serves 2; approximately 300-calories

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • 1 jalapeno, minced

  • 1/2 cup quinoa (if you are GF, read the label to make sure there is no gluten added in the processing)

  • 1/2 cup vegetable broth

  • 1/2 (8 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed

  • 1/2 (8 oz) can fire-roasted diced tomatoes

  • 1/2 cup corn kernels

  • 1 teaspoon chili powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin

  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

  • 1/2 avocado, halved, seeded, peeled and diced

  • Juice of 1 lime

  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro leaves

Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add garlic and jalapeno, and cook, stirring frequently, until fragrant, about 1 minute.

Stir in quinoa, vegetable broth, beans, tomatoes, corn, chili powder and cumin; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat and simmer until quinoa is cooked through, about 20 minutes. Stir in avocado, lime juice and cilantro.

Serve immediately. Use a whole wheat wrap to make a modified burrito. We recommend FlatOut 100% Whole Wheat 100-Calorie Wraps. They include 8-grams of Fiber and 9-grams of Protein

Adapted from DamnDelicious.

Dabble in our Blended Rides?  These is a unique workouts, especially our Blended High Speed Ride, wins its street-cred based on the fact that it helps you burn more calories through the varying heart rate intervals you go through. You'll work muscles throughout your body, and also keep your cardio stamina improving. Because this is a blend of all the good things a workout has in store, you better make sure to blend all the right food groups in for your post-blended meal!

Roast Chicken Breasts With Garbanzo Beans, Tomatoes, and Paprika - serves 2; approximately 300-calories

  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

  • 2 garlic cloves, pressed

  • 1 tablespoon smoked paprika

  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin

  • 1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper

  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt or Greek yogurt

  • 2 chicken breast halves with bones

  • 1 8-oz can garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drained

  • 1 12-ounce container cherry tomatoes

  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro, divided

Preheat oven to 450°. Mix first 5 ingredients in medium bowl. Pour 1 teaspoon spiced oil mixture into small bowl; whisk in yogurt and set aside for sauce. Place chicken on large rimmed baking sheet. Rub 2 tablespoons spiced oil mixture over chicken. Add beans, tomatoes, and 1/2 cup cilantro to remaining spiced oil mixture; toss to coat. Pour bean mixture around chicken. Sprinkle everything generously with salt and pepper. Roast until chicken is cooked through, about 20 minutes. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup cilantro. Transfer chicken to plates. Spoon bean mixture over. Serve with yogurt sauce.

We suggest adding a healthy bowl of fresh greens (spinach, kale, romaine lettuce) with three of your favorite vegetables and a tbs of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. An added boost of nutrients after a hard workout!


Adapted from Bon Appetit

You like the burn of Sweata Weatha or Next Stop; Skinny. You did it girl! You pushed yourself in two of our most challenging classes. Your body needs the perfect combination of food to help support burning and muscle building. This means a solid, lean protein source, plus vegetables and a low glycemic carbohydrate to fuel your body and restore your muscles.

 Spring Salmon Bake - serves 2; approximately 300-calories per serving


  • 1/2 lb sweet potatoes, cut into quarters

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 8 asparagus spears, trimmed and halved

  • 2 handfuls cherry tomatoes

  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

  • 2 salmon fillets, about 140g/5oz each

  • handful basil leaves

Heat oven to 400-degrees. Toss the potatoes and 1 tbsp of olive oil into an ovenproof dish, then roast the potatoes for 20 mins until starting to brown. Toss the asparagus in with the potatoes, then return to the oven for 15 mins.

Throw in the cherry tomatoes and vinegar and nestle the salmon amongst the vegetables. Drizzle with the remaining oil and return to the oven for a final 10-15 mins until the salmon is cooked. Scatter over the basil leaves and serve everything scooped straight from the dish.

Adapted from BBC Good Food

Keep taking classes, keep experimenting in the kitchen, and keep checking back on our blog for more recipes, tips and tricks to keeping a healthy lifestyle all the time!

Virginia's Winning Playlist

Over the past month, we challenged our talented team of instructors to submit their best playlist. Each playlist was to be created just as it would be for one of our killer classes and was judged on the following criteria:

  1. Fluidity and Composition

  2. Creativity

  3. Song Selection

It was no surprise that we received a slew of jammin' playlists...Our ladies know how to rock. But only one could come out victorious. So without further adieu...

CONGRATS to Virginia for winning our Playlist Contest! We dubbed it "Most Likely to Get Moms Krunked Before 11am!" Virginia's playlist carried out a consistent theme: Hip Hop. While not every song was hip hop, each song was relevant and you could see her common theme throughout the whole list. We've posted Virginia's playlist to Spotify, so be sure to take a listen!

Listen Here!

Don't Get Caught Believing These 'Healthy' Eating Tips!

You can Google your way into an endless pool of information when it comes to eating and living healthy a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, there are old wives tales on eating healthy that we all abide by and never question. But what no one tells you 9 times out of ten is: a) the truth and b) you need to trust yourself and your body. Search no more! We are here to help you debunk the four most common healthy eating tips, that don't really stack up!

We've heard it all before, a calorie is a calorie. Enter "tip" #1 - All calories are the same!


Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, oh my! They are your macronutrients and most important pieces of a person's diet, they all have different calories associated with them.

For example: 1-gram of a carbohydrate or a protein equals 4-calories, while 1-gram of a fat equals 9-calories. So a simple rule of thumb, if you want to watch your caloric intake, cut back on fat, you'll get a bigger bang for your buck.

Next up! Eat whatever you want, as long as it is in moderation.

This is a slippery slope to go down.

Two things must ring true for people to enjoy "everything in moderation."

First, you must have self control and understand portion sizes, that includes reading nutrition labels and following them.

Second, you must eat a very balanced diet throughout the day including the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy choices in carbohydrates and lean proteins. If you do not feel confident in any or all of these things, learn more and then you can practice moderation!

This might be your favorite daily task, hopping on the scale everyday to make sure you are 'being healthy.'

If you want to keep your sanity, don't jump on the scale everyday.

As women, our weight can fluctuate by 2 - 5-lbs per day due to fluid retention, exercise, bowel movements, and our menstrual cycle. Not to mention, if you have a day where you indulge a little more and have a large amount of carbs and high-salt foods, you won't gain weight in a day, but you will retain wait, boosting the number on the scale.

If you are making a commitment to weight loss, avoid the unnecessary stress and check it once a week. If extra pounds consistently show up on the scale for 2-weeks or so, after working on your diet and exercise, it may be worth seeing a medical or nutrition professional for some guidance on adjustments.

How many times have you read, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it jumps starts your metabolism! Well, this long given advice, has recently been refuted.

Now researchers are finding that there may be no difference in weight loss between groups that eat or skip breakfast.

However, consistently skipping breakfast, after a period of long fasting (example: while you sleep), does affect your metabolism over a long time. Prolonged fasting of this nature leads to increases in blood pressure, insulin levels, triglycerides, LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and decreases in HDL levels (good cholesterol).

The best advice here is to listen to your body and do what works best. If you typically eat breakfast, keep doing it and make sure its a combination of fiber rich carbohydrates, lean protein and beneficial vitamins. If breakfast isn’t your thing, it’s probably fine to skip it, just eat smart the rest of the day.

If you have more questions or confusions, let us know and we will happy to give you the truthful 411 on all things healthy, manageable and of course, delicious! You can also learn a whole lot more by participating in any of our WiO Wellness packages. Check them out here.

You. Better. Work it OUTDOORS!

Yes ladies, it is here! Spring time! Not only is the weather getting nice, but we are taking our classes and giving them some fresh air, literally. Welcome to our new Spring and Summer Series, aptly entitled Work it OUTDOORS!

Some of you may have been with us for the past 5-years and seen a few of our classes move to the surrounding parks, but this year we're doing it big. It'll include some of your familiar classes and an infusion of new classes too! The goal of Work it OUTDOORS is to keep you motivated to workout, stay committed to your routine, and add some flavor into the overall experience. Don't forget, a little Vitamin D, courtesy of sunshine, elevates mood and can make you overall more happy!

We'll be rolling out Work it OUTDOORS over the course of the next month. Starting Monday, 4/20 you'll see mid-morning classes soaking up some sunshine. These classes include Wednesday and Friday 10:00am Outdoor Next Stop; Skinny at our Willow Studio. Then you are in for something brand spankin' new, our first ever run club, WiRun, starting the week of 5/4.

WiRun takes the idea of a run club and elevates it to the next level. We'll host this in a class format, because that's what we do best! You'll participate in a dynamic in-studio warm-up, go through your Run of the Day, and then return for core work and a cool down. WiRun's will begin the week of 5/4 and runs will be hosted at River, Monday 6:30pm, Wednesday 6:45pm, and Thursday 6:30pm. You can learn more about WiRun here and be sure to take us for a "test run."

All classes are listed on MindBody, sign up with your class package or membership. Remember you still come to the respective studio to check-in and then you'll travel to our outdoor location as a class. Please note: All standard studio policies apply. In the event of inclement weather, all outdoor classes will move indoors, except WiRun, which will hold host its run in rain, unless thunder or lightening take place.