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Evolutionary WiO Woman

This Is What SHE Looks Like

It's been five years since the doors at 603 Willow Avenue swung open and since then, oh so much has changed. But with all of the change, some true clarity came and it can best be seen through our loyal community and rock star team. Each woman, whether you are a client or instructor, is strong, supportive, and comes from a different and unique background. And because of all these unique faces and experiences, it has pushed us to evolve too. You've seen us evolve with our expansion in Hoboken to include Work it Out - River and Blended Ride. A style of class that we believe brings out the best in a workout and is ideal for each of you to achieve the most efficient and productive workout. Each category of classes we design are in an effort to fit you and where you are in life whether you are a bride, single sassy lady, mom or mom-to-be, we have you covered.

Our latest evolution is something we are most proud of, and each of you were the inspiration.

Enter our new mantra and year long campaign entitled 'This Is What SHE Looks Like.'

This mantra encapsulates every strong female that walks through the studio doors. Each of you are united under this one common theme and live an active and healthy lifestyle through balance, support, and motivation with each other. It is not one style of a woman that makes us Work it Out, it is all different styles, perspectives, and backgrounds. Over the course of the next year, you'll see this play out in different ways. Here's what you can expect to see from us?

A new online voice

If you are reading this right now, you probably noticed the site is new and improved. We are featuring brand spanking new photography from the talented Thaddeus Rombauer who grabbed the most phenomenal shots of our staff. Additionally, you'll see more lifestyle content from us featuring different contributors in and around Hoboken. Topics will include everything from the latest fitness trends, nutrition tips, style, and more. Check out the site, read our instructor bios, and peruse all of our offerings. There is a little something for everyone!

The WiO Circle

We're going to be selecting three women to work with us for the next year as part of the WiO Circle. This is our new brand ambassador program designed to spotlight motivating WiO Women that have been a part of the brand, live and breath the WiO lifestyle, and want to be even more involved with us as true spokespeople. This will include being social media mavens for the brand, introducing new clients to the studio, and more.

More community-building events

The Skinny Sessions. Hosted by Noël and Lisa, these complimentary, hour-long chats are based on behavior theories, activities, and some good ol' fashion bitching, that will guide you to self-reflect, share, and learn. The sessions will cover four integral components to living, eating, and breathing a healthy, active life. Each session builds on the other, starting with the core values of accepting and loving the body you have, no matter what the flaws, and then moving into areas of exploration and reflection on topics such as eating with joy. The sessions are meant to be used together, but if you cannot attend all of them, that's okay too! It's a 'judgement-free' zone where we will share, support and ultimately elicit positive change based on getting the skinny on topics and themes we've all wondered about.

  • Session 1:  7/16 - Healthy at Every Size: Learn to love your body for all that it provides you, no matter what

  • Session 2: 7/23 - The Art of Intuitive Eating: Find satisfaction in all your food choices and learn to be present during eating, one of the great joys in life

  • Session 3: 7/30 - Make Your Own MEtox: Eat clean, without deprivation and personalize it

  • Session 4: 8/6 - Create Your Healthy Living Mantra: Rise and shine each day with your own personal mantra to motivate you

There's many ways to be a part of the new evolution of Work it Out. We hope you get involved where you can, inspire each other to achieve great goals in and out of the studios, and constantly defining what a healthy, fit and active Work it Out Woman is. Stay connected with us @WiOWithUs and tag us along your Work it Out Journey.

Who Wants Some Healthy, Happy Habits?

As we move around the Evolutionary WiO Woman Wheel and introduce you to new programs, we also want you to keep in mind something that all our WiO Women can take advantage of...WiO Wellness. Designed with you in mind and customized around the evolution of our WiO women, there's something for everyone. Special for the month of October and November, we're offering a one-time $50 Wellness Consultation for all clients with active memberships. Call or email the studio to set yours up -- and start new healthy, happy habits! Our Top 4 packages include:

Vitamin A-1-C This 45-minute session will walk you through your most recent bloodwork, which is the gateway to our wellbeing. You’ll learn about key nutrients and vitamins that support your body’s immune system, digestive functions, and more. At the end of the session you will have a customized guide to eating so you can feel good on the inside and outside. $100

Mission: Eat Clean, Live Well Strapped for time? This express option provides you with a 30-minute exploration session and a month long meal plan crafted to your nutrition and fitness goals. Includes two 30-minute virtual sessions that can be set-up based on your schedule. $200

Next Stop; Skinny² You’ve done the class, now add the food! Work with us to carve out your nutrition pathway to shed nagging pounds, boost your energy and jumpstart your metabolism. Includes a 4-week menu of food options to help you attain your personal goals. This includes a 30-minute exploration session, and three 45-minute one-on-one meetings; expires in 2-months. $300

Go Mommy-to-Be During your pregnancy, plan out your trimester with a special wellness plan and learn how to incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’ll work together to build a trimester focused nutrition plan with meal and snack suggestions, as well as other tips to keep you energized. Also, includes a 30-minute exploration session, and three 45-minute one-on-one meetings; expires in 2-months $325


Are You a Bride-to-Be?

Moving around the Evolutionary WiO Wheel, we want to fill you in on all things bridal for our WiO'ers to be Wed! Just like our Youth and Mom programs, we offer a handful of options for our WiO Brides. Whether you're getting married in a year or three months, there's something for all our brides-to-be -- so here they are all in one place!

I Do Kits

We created our "I Do" Kits to give you a great motivational combination of services to help you prepare for your big day. From classes to consultations, these kits provide everything you need to get in shape for your wedding and plan it too! Our "I Do" Kit allows you more time to plan with a 6-month goal of 30 classes, a fitness consultation, touch-ups, nutrition counseling sessions and individualized meal plan, as well as your choice of WiO Wear! While our "I Do (in a rush)" Kit packs a lot in in 3 months, but still gives you great rewards. For the complete list of each kit, click here -- and be sure to call or email the studio if you're interested!

WiO Wellness

Maybe you have your WiO class routine down and all your wedding vendors booked? But still need help carving out that nutrition plan before the big day? Our Next Stop; Skinny² wellness plan is perfect for you then! This plan will help you lose those last couple of pounds and boost your energy in the midst of wedding planning. Your three 45-minute one-on-one sessions will get you back on track with a 4-week menu of food options to help you meet your big day goal!

Brides & Bubbly

Over the summer we teamed up with Tulle Wedding Skirts to create a monthly event for our WiO Brides. Brides & Bubbly is our take on the "girls the night out" theme, with the hopes of introducing you to local vendors and networking with other brides, all while enjoying a glass of bubbly and a freebie or two. Past vendors have included: The Pretty Kitty, Up & Out, Rodan + Fields, Super Color Fashionistic, Luxe Face and Body and Sweet Dani B. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our next event & photos!

Bachelorette Kits

Our newest bridal offering is definitely the most fun! We know wedding planning can be stressful, which is why we've created our Bachelorette Kit -- where we take care of all the preparations and you just show up with your girlfriends for an awesome day! A 90-minute customized personal class complete with post-work out elixirs and snacks is the perfect way to forget those planning woes and have fun with your besties. We'd forward this right along to your maid of honor if we were you!

All of our bridal services can be purchased in studio or over the phone or email. We can't wait to help you celebrate!

For Our Wee WiO-ers

This summer we introduced you to The Evolutionary Work It Out Woman -- The idea behind the focus of our studios that WiO is here for you every step of the way -- from working woman, to bride, to expecting, to mommy -- to gymnast! WiO evolves around women in every stage of their lives. In the meantime, we've also introduced new classes, new programs and new events and wanted to highlight each particular stage to give you all more information on what exactly it is we're offering you.

First up, we've got a lot of new programs for our Youth and Moms. Keep reading for all the fun we have in store for you and your little ones!

Baby G.A.P. We've created a unique mom & me gymnastics class for 12 - 36 months that's more than just play time! Baby G.A.P.(gymnastics and play) is the perfect activity for your child to learn locomotor skills and coordination in a fun and stimulating environment. Join us for class this Fall on Wednesdays at 10:15 am at our River studio.

Bite Size Barre Ready to get back in the studio, but not ready to leave baby? Don't fret! We've got the perfect new class for you! We've designed a new version of our CandyBarre class that includes a new sweet treat, your baby! Strap on your Baby Bjorn and get back to the barre. This class is personalized for postnatal mommies and non-mobile babes (3-10 months or still carrying). Join us for class this Fall on Thursdays at 11am at Willow!

Go Mommy-to-Be Wellness We also introduced our WiO Wellness programs this summer, but wanted to highlight our special Go Mommy-to-Be package. For all of our expecting mommies out there, plan out your trimester with a special wellness plan and learn ways to incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Together we'll build a trimester focused nutrition plan with meal and snack suggestions, as well as other tips to keep you energized! Call or email us to get started!

Go Mommy Classes Looking to squeeze in your morning workout and can't find a sitter? Look no further than our daily morning Go Mommy classes! Offered twice a day at both Willow and River, these classes allow you to get in a killer sweat sesh, while we watch your kiddos in our Child Care program. It's too good to be true! Check out our full schedule here.

WiO Gymnastics Last but certainly not least is our WiO Gymnastics Program! Our program is dedicated to the progression of your gymnast, where each child receives hands on training from our expert coaches. Like, share and join our team on our brand new WiO Gymnastics Site! And be sure to register your child for class so they can flip with the friendliest team in Hoboken!

Call or email us to get your child enrolled in gymnastics or inquire about our Wellness programs -- Be sure to register for Bite Size Barre and Go Mommy classes on MindBody!


Meet Super Sweet Zumba Love Queen, Allie

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
I am proud to be born and raised a Jersey girl. I think the tri-state area has so much to offer in regards to entertainment, culture, nature, and cuisine. I come from a loving Italian family, so you know I enjoy a good meal or two. I’m extremely passionate about animals and believe strongly in adopting pets that need homes. My friends and I use SnapChat to hold full conversations, I am a dedicated Bravo fanatic, and I tend to watch movies over and over again until I know every line. 

As far as my education and work experience, in 2010, I received a BA in Mass Communication with a minor in Journalism from the University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!). After graduation, I worked for a pop culture web site where I interviewed celebrities for feature stories. My most memorable moments come from doing Red Carpet interviews for the TV Land and Comedy Award shows.  I’d say my favorite interactions were with Robin Williams, Ty Burrell, Ralph Macchio, Pee-Wee Herman, Regis Philbin, Tim Gunn, Carrie Ann Inaba, and several Real Housewives of New York. I still work part-time for PopCultureMadness but am now also a full-time Instructional Designer in the online learning department at Stevens Institute of Technology. This past year I also decided to start taking graduate courses part-time at Stevens to complete my MS in Management.

How did you find WiO and what motivates you to get to the studio?
I heard about this studio from my good friend and now Work it Out ride instructor, Michelle Falcone. She didn’t approach me with this because she knows I am a workout buff; I wish I could say that about myself. Michelle knows I am extremely passionate about dancing and she recommended Kelly Wadler’s Zumba Love class to me. She explained the dance-like atmosphere of Zumba Love as compared to a more aerobics-based workout, so I gave it a shot. I went to my first class in May…and I have gone almost every Monday since. The best way to describe it is a boot camp that you never want to end. What keeps me going every single week is the amazing head to toe workout that feels like a cleanse for my entire body. I also get to learn different styles of dance. My boyfriend and his family are amazing salsa dancers, so this class really helps me keep up. Plus, I now know how to move to some merengue classics and just learned how to samba.

What are your favorite places to have a good time in Hoboken/ favorite restaurants or places to go on a date?

My boyfriend (Lenny) and I are actually NY City fans, and we look for any opportunity we can to think of fun date things to do while we are there. The same goes for my friends and me; we have a girl’s night coming up where we will be indulging in some Becco’s pasta and hopefully enjoying a new lounge or rooftop bar. I think the greatest part of Hoboken is getting that warm neighborhood feel while being able to access one of the greatest cities in the world in the matter of minutes.

Of course, I have to give Hoboken credit for having mouthwatering fresh “mutz.” Lenny and I like to spend our Saturday afternoons waiting on Fiore’s deli line to get their famous roast beef and mutz sandwich that they dip entirely in gravy. Another favorite of ours is Green Rock, as we are obsessed with their buffalo wings. Speaking of buffalo, Hudson Pizza Kitchen has the best specialty pizzas and is perfect for an after-bar late night visit.

Our favorite dinner spots are actually outside of Hoboken. North Bergen is home to the most unbelievable Italian pizza (Trattoria la Sorrentina), tastiest Cuban cuisine (Rumba Cubana), and best Colombian restaurant (Noches de Colombia.)

You commute to Hoboken, how is that commute for you? What do you do with your time on the train or bus in?
I actually don’t mind commuting; I think that’s the magic of making a daily trip like that – once you have surpassed that hurdle you get used to it. I live at home in North Jersey with my roommates (aka parents.) I think it’s a great gig… my mother cooks the most delicious meals every night, my father and I laugh hard at the silliest comedies, and my yellow Labrador Summer is quite the snuggler. At this point in time, I get to work in Hoboken and enjoy the nighttime activities as Lenny lives in town. So I feel I do get the full experience without actually living in the area. As soon as I pay off my college loans, I do look forward to moving out either into Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, or the surrounding areas.

As far as the commute itself, I pass the time reading for grad school. When I don’t feel like hitting the books, I let Pandora entertain me with some of my favorite stations: Zumba Fitness, Pitch Perfect, Backstreet Boys, and 80s Throwback. If I have my work iPad handy, I also treat myself to countless episodes of Modern Family. It’s obviously a wide range between acting like a responsible student and mindlessly soaking up entertainment.

A goal you have set for yourself in the next five years? 
There are two goals I want to achieve in the near future; I want to complete my Masters degree and I want to become a Zumba instructor. I started graduate classes with some apprehension, but I have to say I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and would encourage anyone to continue his or her education if possible. Working towards my degree has not only helped to keep my mind alert but has also allowed me to meet some wonderful people along the way. In regards to Zumba instruction, I’d like to get my certification and eventually teach.

When looking at the more distant five-year future, I would hope to expand my talents in the educational technology field and enhance my video editing skills, which hopefully leads to more advancement in my field.  Then there is, of course, the more personal route to that question, which involves starting a family.

Motto you live by/ any advice you have for fellow Working Gals!

The advice I try to follow is three-fold: have a workout buddy, forgive myself for those late night pizza binges, and don’t let my body stay at rest! It has been hard for me to stick with a certain workout routine, but when I think about all the times I’ve been dedicated to exercising whether that was back in my high school sports days, carpooling with my friends to the gym, or going to classes with someone each week – those partnerships motivate. There have been many rainy Monday nights when I wanted to hit “Cancel” on my Work it Out reservation, but I couldn’t let down the one or two people who were coming with me. And for that, I am grateful. So having a workout partner is a good idea.

I have to forgive myself a lot for my (as Kelly would put it) “naughty” eating moments. I have a site dedicated to pictures of tasty food that have “That Yum Factor.” If it is fried, cheesy, chocolaty, or creamy – it makes it onto my site; and I want to share these finds with everyone. What I have discovered is I can still enjoy these sinfully delicious treats as long as I practice portion control and continue to work out. I do believe in the saying, “Life’s too short to eat bad food,” so I forgive myself for loving a good meal. I tell myself that it’s not all about the weight; it’s more about being able to wake up in the morning with a clear mind, healthy body, and positive spirit.

A final piece of advice comes from a Stevens mentor of mine. He said to me one day, “Listen Kiddo, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest, so keep moving.” Ever since then, I have been keeping myself busy as often as I can. Whether that is mentally by studying, drawing, writing poetry or physically by taking the stairs at work or joining Zumba Love each week. As you might have gotten from this feature, I love to rest… but I don’t want to STAY at rest. 


Meet Zumba Love Queen, Michelle Falcone

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you found your way to the 'Boken?

I am the definition of a Jersey Girl.  I have lived in NJ my entire life, spend every summer down the shore, am 100% Italian and live for Sunday dinners at home with my family.  I graduated from the University of Delaware 3 years ago and landed a Recruiter job at an IT staffing firm fairly close to my hometown.  After one year of speaking IT lingo all day, I realized I loved recruiting, but it was time to do it for a company I was excited about…and move out of my parent’s house!  If you are one of my close friends, you know that I am passionate about fitness.  I was able to blend that passion with an HR/Recruiting job at Equinox, a luxurious fitness company, in the big apple.  Which also meant – it was time to move to Hoboken!  I am going on my 3rd year living in the same, perfect, downtown apartment.  As much as I loved my job and work life balance at Equinox, I was recruited by the one and only Michael Kors this past December and am currently a Human Resources Generalist for their Retail division.  Being a lover for the renowned brand, it was an opportunity I could not pass up.  Luckily,  I am able to keep a healthy dose of fitness in my work life because I recently became a certified Spin Instructor!

What motivates you to get to the studio after a long day at work?

When I worked at Equinox, this question was NEVER an issue. Our Corporate office was right above the beautiful Flatiron facility in NYC and I would work out in the morning before work or during my lunch break – easy breezy and done before 6 pm.  When I started working at Michael Kors this past December, one of my biggest concerns was: when would I find time to work out?!  I tried the before work thing…didn’t last long.  I tried going home right after work, eating dinner then making it to the gym at 8 pm…definitely not for me.  I quickly realized the 30-45 minute workout on the elliptical at the gym was not satisfying, definitely not fun and not something I was committed to on a daily basis. I have to admit I am an avid “SoulCyclist” and go at least once a week in NYC with my roommate. When I am not at SoulCycle, the remaining days are now spent running outside along the Hudson or at Work It Out. Not only do the classes give you an amazing workout, the instructors are fun and so motivational and once you are registered for a class, you can’t back out!  I even have one of my friends from college hooked on Zumba Love with Kelly so we motivate each other to go every Monday night.  For me it’s all about finding a workout that you actually enjoy (yes it is possible!), making sure it is set in stone on your calendar and sharing the experience with friends.

What are you favorite places in Hoboken to go on a date?

If you happen to know me and my boyfriend, you are well aware of our obsession with going out to eat.  Luckily, we live in a town where there is a new restaurant to try on every corner.  For special occasions, my favorite place is 3Forty Grill on the water. The view of NYC is breathtaking and the dinner menu is very trendy and delicious.  When it’s time for just a casual Friday night date, it’s definitely a tie between Biggie’s and Precious – I know, we’re pretty low maintenance.  Biggie’s when we are looking for a solid sandwich and a cold beer (or glass of Pinot Noir for me) and Precious when it’s time for BYOB and sushi.  

Describe your perfect Hoboken Girls Night!

These nights are my absolute favorite.  Nothing compares to indulging in too much guacamole at Charittos, splitting a number of pizza pies at  Johnny Pepperoni or drinking one glass of wine too many at Teak’s half price nights - all with the company of your best girl friends.  My perfect “Hoboken Girls Night” would include all the above on a beautiful night where we can eat outside and catch up on our busy lives.  If you don’t have a slight headache the next morning from all the sangria and laughing, it wasn’t done right!

 What is a goal you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

I will be turning 25 in a month so 5 years from now will make me the big 3-0. Something that has been on my bucket list for the past 2 years has been to become a certified Spin Instructor.  I just crossed that off my list this past May.  In the next 5 years, I have two goals I would like to accomplish: Utilize my certification and begin teaching spin classes and buy an apartment in Hoboken.  I am extremely grateful for my corporate career at Michael Kors and understand that not many people can say they work for a company they are passionate about.  Having stability and making a living is important for obvious reasons, but I find it just as important to make bucket lists outside of your career and accomplish goals that fulfill your personal life. 

 Any comments/ advice you have for other WiO Working Gals?

At the end of the day, it’s all about what works for you.  Working in HR, my day is never the same and I have to admit I do have a “Type A” personality and live for consistency and a schedule.  Even though I can’t control my unpredictable work day, I can control my post “9-6” life.  I like to take the time on Sunday night to plan my work out schedule for the week and pencil in each work out on my office calendar.  This way I am looking at it all day.  I also find it much harder to make an excuse and get out of something if it is in writing.  Find a workout that you can’t get enough and actually have fun doing it…and grab a friend to come along for the ride.  It is also so important to take one day off every week. You’re body needs the rest!  Make this your cheat day when you get a drink with an old college friend, see a movie with your boyfriend and eat buttery popcorn or just lay on the couch for some alone time and catch up on trashy Bravo TV shows.  Lastly, aside from your career and staying physically fit, make sure to invest your time in a hobby that brings happiness to your life. 



Bathing Suits for your Rocking WiO Bod

Looking for a new suit to rock your toned Sweata Weatha arms and Tight End legs?  Check out our favorite bathing suit looks of the 2013 summer season!

Bikini - Go totally ombre this summer! From hair to nails, ombre is all the rage and this suit is the perfect way to rock the trend poolside!


The Full Piece - Retro Suits are all the rage this summer and we are loving this classic and beautiful one piece from ModCloth. 

The Monokini - Fringe is In! You will be turning heads all over the beach in this super sexy and fierce monokini! 




Outside Fun Now that Spring has Sprung

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here, it's SPRING! Time to bask in the sun's rays and get out there and feel alive! Check some great outdoor activity ideas in the area! 

NYC High Line - The High Line in NYC's coolest new park. This public park was built on an historic elevated freight line on Manhattan's West Side. Get a brand new view of the city while you take a lovely stroll from Gansevoort to 30th street. For more info about the High Line click here. 

Take a Hike - Why not get a great workout as you become one with nature this Spring? Taking a hike is a great way to de-stress, breathe, and experience all the beauty nature has to offer. Want to find a trail near you? Click Here.

Central Park Zoo - What better way to embrace your inner child than a visit to the zoo? The Central Park Zoo will make for a perfect date or a fun girls day! Find out about how to see the animals here. 



Meet Working Gal WiO Instructor, Julia Fouts

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Were you always active? How did you get involved in the fitness world? I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and went to college at Ohio Wesleyan University. I studied Psychology and Geography in school and played women’s Lacrosse all four years. With two older siblings and too much energy, I’ve been known to joke around quite a bit and have a knack for distracting others. Sports were always a main focus of mine, playing soccer, tennis, lacrosse, track and loving all of it!  This mentality definitely has its pros and cons, but by the time I went to college I knew I needed to buckle down and become more serious and more focused. 

I learned a lot about my work ethic and strengths in college and chose my major based on pure interest and excitement. My job path was fairly similar and the 'go with your gut' method has helped me succeed. After school, I started working for a company in Boston and had little interest in the field. I know I needed change. Without set plans, I decided to quit my job in late February. My parents were not thrilled with this decision, to say the least,  but it all worked out. The day I gave my two weeks notice,  I was offered the Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach position back at OWU (from March 15th - May15th). I packed my bags. 

Coaching allowed me to realize my true passion and I'm so greatly for that opportunity. I loved being on my feet, interacting with people everyday and helping them towards personal goals. My path was pretty structured there on. After moving to NYC that June, I obtained certifications in Personal Training, Pilates, Spinning and continued to coach high school sports at The Dalton School in the Upper East Side. Its been 4 years since then and I've love it ever since! 

You just recently moved to Hoboken, what made you move here? What do you love about it so far? My boyfriend and I moved in together and we were deciding between NYC and Hoboken. I've lived in the city and he's been in Hoboken. We flipped a coin; I lost.  No, just kidding. I loved Hoboken! It's fresh, fun and lively. We have a lot of friends and family here as well; the decision was a easy. 

What do you do to unwind after a stressful day? It depends on the stressful level and late it is in the evening.  Besides working out, I love to draw, cook, play darts and read.  They all help me unwind, but if my day was extremely stressful then I just try not to judge myself for being completely unmotivated. I have a glass of wine or take my butt to the nail salon (with a 15 minute massage). 

Life motto you have or any advice you have for other WiO Working Gals. I don't really have a life motto. I think the best advice, I've been given and use is to learn about yourself and what makes you most happy. Kind of like the last blog question, knowing what helps you unwind. Know what kind of workouts you enjoy best, what food is your favorite, what helps you relax and so on. That way, when life gets sticky or hard, you have great tools in your back pocket to ease most situations and to help comfort you. Also, smiling helps :) With that mentality, the glass is generally half-full. 



Spring Fashion Trend Report

Could it be? Spring is finally in the air! With the start of every new Spring brings new fashion trends! Check out our top three!

Lace -  This feminine fabric is coming back with a bang this season! Feel like a classy lady in this new hot trend! Check out this pretty lace top from Guess. 

Cut Outs - This modern trend is all about showing off the abs and the upper body! Great news for all of you hard working WiOs! This look is very cool and will give any Working Girl a stylish edge. Check out this cut out dress from bebe! Smokin!

Floral Prints - After this brutal winter we say bring on the Spring with bright floral prints! Don't be afraid to sport this chic and feminine look! We are digging this floral dress from French Connection.



Meet Loyal WiO, Ginni

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I attended college at the University of Delaware where I majored in Marketing. After graduation I had my mind set on finding a job in Manhattan and moving there as quickly as possible.  A year of commuting to the city from my parents was about all I could handle, so I found a roommate and moved into an apartment that does not even seem habitable now! Looking back, it was probably not the wisest decision at the time, but hindsight is 20/20, you live and you learn right?  I lived in the city for some time and even managed to upgrade from my shoebox apartment.  About 2 years ago I decided I needed a change and moved to Hoboken. So here I am!

I’ve been working in the beauty industry since the start of my career. I’ve been fortunate to work on some reputable brands, including Clarins, MAC Cosmetics (Estee Lauder) and Rimmel London (Coty Beauty). I’m currently doing Marketing and Product Development for Cargo Cosmetics working on rebuilding the brand.  It’s extremely exciting but a tremendous amount of work at the same time. The beauty industry is exceptionally fast-paced (which I enjoy) and like many other marketing jobs can be highly stressful. I am passionate about what I do and take pleasure in the fact that cosmetics help make people feel better about themselves. I’ve also met some incredibly talented people and developed lifelong friendships along the way.

What motivates you to get to the studio? For me, getting to the studio is half the battle. I have to make a conscious effort to get myself to class on the days when I have time to work out because there are many nights when I end up working late or have something on my calendar. I always feel far better afterwards so I have to give myself that extra push, even when I’m exhausted and working out is the last thing I feel like doing.  At the studio I can leave the day behind, take the focus off of my stress and relax. That hour is for me. No phone. No emails. Not only does working out enable me to become stronger physically, it clears my mind and provides me with a sense of accomplishment as well.  Not to mention, it considerably eases my feeling of guilt when indulging in a big burger or a few happy hour drinks. And I can’t forget the instructors who provide encouragement and continually push you further each class. Also, the other amazingly dedicated WiO ladies who are definitely a motivational factor for me especially when I’m at my laziest!

Favorite and least favorite thing about Hoboken? Let me preface this by stating that there are far more positive than negative things about Hoboken. Since you asked, one of my biggest gripes with Hoboken is the commute to work. Unfortunately, I have to take the bus and that can be a bit of a nightmare at times.  On a positive note, it’s finally back to “normal” after Hurricane Sandy. I often contemplate moving back to the city yet again, but the main thing keeping me here (besides more space!) is my friends ….. my favorite thing about Hoboken! There are some genuinely remarkable people in my life here (both old and new friends). Most importantly, one of my sisters lives in Hoboken so that gives me all the more reason to stick around.

What would be your perfect night out in Hoboken? Dinner and drinks with friends of course! Another thing I love about Hoboken is the abundance of restaurants, particularly the BYOs. I’m always up for going out to eat and trying new places. There’s nothing better than good food, wine and great friends!

 Advice you have for other WiO working Gals? Make time for yourself. The “Rocks, Pebbles, Sand – The Important Things in Life” story really helps to keep things in perspective for me.  In order to be happy we need to pay attention to the important things in life first and then deal with less significant things later “Take care of the rocks first – the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

Also push yourself beyond your norm and don’t be afraid to try something new. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish. If I can do one thing a month out of my comfort zone (this interview is just that for me!), I feel accomplished. Along the way I’ve realized that often more times than not, it takes failure to lead to success.

A goal you have set for yourself in the next five years? In terms of fitness goals, I hope to continue to build my strength and endurance. I like to change up my work out routine and try new things. I’m definitely not a runner, and I don’t particularly enjoy it but would love to run a 5k one of these days. I just did the MS Climb to the Top NYC and climbed 66 flights (1215 stairs) to the top of Rockefeller Center Observation Deck. I am participating in the Spartan Race at Citi Field with a "fearless" group of ladies next month! I never would have thought I could or would do something such as this but am looking forward to conquering one more thing! 



Fitness Fashion Trend Report

Want to know what's hot in fitness garb? Well, look no further! Check out these three super cute looks that you'll totally want to sport in the WiO Studio!

Open Back Tanks - Show off those back muscles you are building in this sexy chic open back top! Check out the tank here! 

Printed Leggings - Bored of your black yoga pants? Don't be afraid to try out this new fitness fashion trend, printed leggings! You will feel fierce in every WiO class! Check out these Nike Leggings here!   

Vanity Work-Out Tanks - What better way to motivate yourself at the studio than with a pump up work-out tank! We are loving this WiO purple "Drop it Like a Squat Tank! Check out all these unique tops at

Also, be sure to check out all the great fitness fashion we have at the WiO Boutique! 






Got Cravings? Stop them in their tracks!

We all suffer from the craving monster! You know that extremely loud voice in your head that says, "I want cookie... NOW."  It is a hard battle to fight but here are stop helpful tricks to stop cravings in their tracks!

1) Treat yourself to something else satisfying like a manicure/pedicure or massage -  Instead of reaching for the cookie go for the new polish or a nice rub down.  You will forget your even wanted the cookie once you are in relaxation mode.

2) THINK FIRST - Before you put the cookie up to your mouth ask yourself, "how am I going to feel after I eat this cookie?" Of course the cookie is going to feel awesome going down but how are you going to physically and mentally feel 30 minutes after you eat it?  If you know it won't make you feel great, say to yourself, I can have this cookie but I don't want it. You will feel super empowered and in control of yourself!

3) Modify - If you have a craving for a delicious cookie, why not try a modified healthy recipe! There are a ton of ridicuoulsy awesome recipe modifications out there! Some are so good you won't even want the real thing again. Plus, when you cook or bake your own food you will appreciate what your eating more because you worked to create it.

4) Drink Water - If you experience a pang of hunger or a craving and you recently ate your body is probably asking for a big glass of water! Before indulging, hit the water cooler and wait it out!  If you are still hungry, then go ahead and grab a healthy snack.

5) Go for it - Once and awhile, it is completely healthy to listen to your cravings.  There is nothing wrong with a little splurge here or there, especially if you are putting good healthy food in most of the time. In fact, allowing yourself a treat on occasion will help quiet the craving monster from coming out more often than it should.  You can even go with the Rule of 1 - take one bite and go do something for 30-minutes and if you're still hungry or craving, indulge. 99% of the time you won't want it. 




Meet All-Around WiO, Laura Ritchie

Tell us about yourself. I am from all over the place as I moved around a ton growing up! Born in Delaware, moved to Michigan when I was 5, then to Pennsylvania when I was 11, spent a year there.  You would think that would be enough moving around as a child but no, I then moved to SWITZERLAND for 4 years and finally we moved back to PA when I was in high school.  I finished up high school and went to Penn State for college, I graduated with a BS in psychology in 2002. I moved to NJ in 2005 and have been in Hoboken since 2007. I have worked for Pharmaceutical companies since I graduated, but at the moment I am working for a contract research organization (CRO) doing study start up for Pharmaceutical companies.

How did you find WiO and what motivates you to get to the studio? I found WiO through fellow WIOer, Alexis Walling.  The first class I took was Zumba Love with Kelly and I was hooked! I feel better when I exercise, I like the way it makes me look and feel. Plus, I like the group classes and getting to talk and connect to the other WiOers. Since, I work from home 3 days a week its nice to get out of the house at the end of the day!

What are your favorite places to have a good time in Hoboken? On the weekends my friends and I go to O’NealsHudson Tavern and Trinity. The bars are just as spread out as we are!

There are a ton of little boutique shops in Hoboken, what are your favorite ones to treat yourself to a new outfit? To be honest, I don’t do a lot of shopping in Hoboken.  That’s kind of my mom and I’s “thing”. I do most of my shopping with her when I go back for visits. And since I am home most of the time, I more or less live in yoga pants!!

Motto you live by/ any advice you have for fellow Working Gals.  My motto is "Let it be" there is so much in life that we can't control so there is no sense in worrying about. So, my advice to other WiO Working Gals is getting upset over a setback for more then 15 minutes doesn't do us any good. So, pull it together, get over it or find a way around it! Then go to the studio and get a great work out in!!



Throw the Perfect DIY Super Bowl Bash

Superbowl Sunday is all about good friends, food, drink and the couch!  This year, why not try your hand in throwing the perfect Super Bowl bash! With thanks to Pintrest we have created our perfect DIY Super Bowl Bash!  Plus, the recipes are on the healthy side so you won't ruin your hard work at the studio (Don't forget the Super Burn on Sunday at 11:30am)!

Decoration - Save plastic and get festive with these Football Themed Cup Tags.  Your guests will love their personalized cup and it will make clean up so much easier. Click here for the how-to!

Cocktails - Now, that we have the awesome personalized cups we need a great cocktail to go inside and nothing says Sunday Funday more than a great Bloody Mary! Click here to learn how to make them!

Snack - Nothing beats a great chip and dip situation when watching the big game!  Check out this healthy Guacamole recipe that will knock your socks off!  Pair the dip with an organic tortilla chip or celery and carrots and you are in business! 

Main Dish - Simple is key!  Check out this One-Pot Turkey Chili recipe that everyone will love! Plus, subbing ground beef for turkey saves on fat and calories! 

Dessert - After all the heavy eating and drinking why not end the party with something a bit lighter!  These Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries are not just super fun to look about but are absolutely delicious! Plus, strawberries are now in season so you can get them for a great price!