Our Tighter in Twenty(13) ladies have been killing it every Wednesday night with Heather. They have been put through the ringer each week participating in high intensity interval training. Their workouts have been something Work it Out has never done before and everyone is sweating it out with a smile - like true WiO-ers! All the ladies just completed their mid-challenge mark and are on their way to completing the full 8-weeks!!
This week, participant Kristine Kirwin, shared a few words with us about the challenge. Check out her honesty and motivation below. Leave a comment to inspire her and all the other participants through their last four weeks. Everyone is doing awesome!
How long have you been with Work it Out?
I just started with WiO for Tighter in Twenty, so I'm a newbie to Work it Out. I just did my first non-Tighter in Twenty class - CandyBarre and loved it. I love the whole vibe at Work it Out... so happy to have found it!

What pushed you to join the Tighter in Twenty(13) Challenge?

I've run 2 half marathons but usually don't do enough strength training and hurt my knees. The last one I ran was May 2012 and have since taken a "work-out sabbatical". Well, I recently found out that I "won" the lottery to run in the NYC Half Marathon in March and I joined to give myself a kick-start to get stronger legs.

Describe the best part of participating.

I love that we start the class talking about our week and how we stay on track (or get off track). It makes me feel closer to the ladies and that I'm not only accountable to myself but to them.

Any words of advice for your fellow participants?

We're in this together!

A big thanks to Kristine for sharing with us! Keep up the hard work!