This girl is on the go! Alex came to us via an Open Call in January and she hasn't left. Now she not only can call New York City her home, but also a little town across the Hudson called Hoboken. Read all about how Alex keeps her go-go-go days fueled, exciting, and positive! I have to say that my days are super varied, but this is about as ‘typical’ a 24-hours as might be experienced in my whirlwind of a world!

6:00am - 7:00am: This is usually when I wake up and start the day. I like to plop one of my large decorative pillow cushions on the edge of my bed facing the window, close my eyes, and do between a 5 to 10 minute guided, silent or chakra cleanse meditation. I find that this puts me in a great headspace to start my day.

I eat! My meals are an integral part of my day, as both a health coach and a foodie. So either I will make myself a full-on feast (often a scramble of sorts in the winter), a soy yogurt with gluten-free granola and berries (in the winter), or a banana with almond butter (pre-workout). The I head to class!

8:00am - 10:00am-ish: I will often take some workout class that is different from what I teach, often through my Classpass membership, whether it’s a bootcamp class at Barry’s, or a yoga class at Laughing Lotus, I like to move my body in different ways to target my inner athlete and continue to train. Then I shower and get ready to take NYC by storm!


(Alex with Andy Spear of Soho Strength Lab for Fitness Night Out with WiO's partner, ClassPass!)

10:00am - 4:00pm: EITHER I am in school, and this is all devoted to class time. Working towards getting an MFA in Acting at Columbia University is emotionally and physically taxing but incredibly fulfilling. You may see me boisterously parading the halls in a clown suit, rolling on the floor stretching my tongue in a vocal warm-up, or sitting on the couches in our lounge reading a play or quietly muttering lines to myself. OR I am on a date with my city. This usually means an extra workout class (yes, I workout for fun!), or a stroll in a favorite neighborhood like Chelsea or the East Village to go shopping, get a mani/pedi or a massage to ease those sore muscles. I love adding those little luxuries to my days when I can (and, hey, a girl’s got a right to pamper, doesn’t she?) I also adore lunch dates with my friends and you will likely spot me at Hu Kitchen on 14th street chowing on some Paleo muffins or Peacefood Café on the UWS eating one of my favorite vegan salads followed by my favorite vegan treats (I have a wild sweet tooth!).


(Alex singing in Birdland the Play, which premiered at Columbia University in March 2014)

4:00pm - 5pm: This is usually around the time I regroup at home. Often that looks like a snack, some light reading, and resting on the couch foraging for new music! Looking for music is one of my favorite pastimes - I spend hours per week looking up the newest albums dropped by my favorite artists, read music blogs and download exclusive releases from my favorite DJs. Then the playlisting begins! I put my headphones on and find music that inspires me to move on a bike or with weights in my hands. If my playlists inspire me I know I’m ready to enter class with them.

5:00 - 9:00pm: EITHER Hoboken here I come! I gather my belongings and head to Work it Out, my home away from home. I go over my playlist on the Path train and get to class and rock out with all my favorite clients! I love meeting fresh faces, seeing my regulars grow, and watching everyone get strong and have fun in the process. I always leave the room feeling more elated and inspired than when I walk in. OR SHOWTIME! I may be in rehearsal for a show or performing in the night hours. I participate in all kinds of theatre so I may be reciting Shakespeare or singing in a new musical written by my classmates at Columbia! Whether it’s a straight play or I’m singing or dancing on those bright lights, I’m in my element and love the age-old act of storytelling and bringing characters to life, whether they’re infamous or their stories have never before been told.


(Alex teaches a Work it Out signature Upper Class for Lululemon in Montclair, NJ!)

9:00pm - ?: EITHER I teach or have school early, so I’ll go right to bed, which is usually a nice shower, a bite to eat, one more round of meditation, and a jot down of my gratitudes for the day in what I like to call my “gratitude journal”, a pretty pink beaded notebook I keep bedside to remind me of how blessed I am. Then I go to sleep and rejuvenate for the next morning. OR Even though I like my early mornings I also like my late nights. If I have the early morning free I tend to go out with my girlfriends and hear my favorite DJs play live! You may catch me at Marquee or Output, clubs in the city, dancing till the wee hours to Branchez, Disclosure or some other electronic music artist. I am known for being one of the last people on the dance floor and having dance-offs with other music lovers. If I’m not out dancing I may be indulging at a romantic wine bar (I am a bit of a wine connoisseur) after a fancy dinner out.


(Alex is caught candid during a night out with her best friend at the top of the Empire Hotel in NYC)

Whether I’m in the streets, in a class, working out or getting down, my goal is to try and always be as present as possible and grateful for all the experiences blossoming All in a day’s work!