8:30am I wake up to three very excited dogs ready to go to the dog park to play with there friends Lola 160 lb. Mastiff, Rocky a 17 lb. rat terrier and Roscoe a 9 lb. chi mix. So I drink two packets of Emergen-C and then make my morning ice coffee and we are off to the park for about an hour.
9:30am The dogs eat breakfast and I make my favorite breakfast which is sautéed spinach and egg whites in a wheat tortilla with some cheese. Then I am out the door by 11:00am to teach class or train a client depending on which day it is.
2:00pm I am back home to take the dogs on there second walk and to grab lunch which is usually a vegetarian bowl from Chipotle (because I am obsessed with there salads). Then straight to my music library to start putting together my playlist for class. I am always very inspired as an instructor because of the incredible energy that WIO riders bring to class!!!
8:00pm Home, sweet home! I shower, change, feed the dogs and take them on there final walk. Then I figure out dinner which can be a challenge because my boyfriend is an amazing chef.
10:00pm Relax time with the boyfriend ;)
1:00pm  Bed time! I go to sleep feeling very grateful for my amazing life!!