We are giving you one more week to sign up for The 21-Club. The 'secret society' will begin on Wednesday, 1/22 and here are 21 reasons why you should sign up!! 

  1. No resolutions this year, build good habits instead
  2. No more waitlists! You get 2 VIP scheduled classes of your choice per week for 7 weeks
  3. Set, maintain, and exceed your fitness goals
  4. 90-minute weekly workouts with Heather! What's better than that type of quality time???
  5. Get over 21 hours of workouts in 7-weeks
  6. Try something new! Why not?
  7. Some personal one-on-one time to talk openly and candidly about your fitness aspirations with the nicest person EVER (Heather!)
  8. Spice up your weekly workout schedule
  9. Be like the P. Diddy of WiO with the first ever Black Card!
  10. Learn something new about yourself
  11. Snag a health coaching session with our own Kelly Wadler!
  12. Busy schedule? No excuses any more, we are here to support you! Just do it!
  13. Make new friends! BFFs are the best!
  14. Can't make get your liquid eyeliner straight? Don't worry, neither can we! Learn with make-up expert Ashley Frato
  15. Have fun with new workouts 
  16. Try Hoboken's newest, Up & Out blowout bar on a Friday night
  17. Find new ways to make fitness fun and achievable with WiO
  18. Get one-on-one support throughout the 7-weeks
  19. Discover new ways to make working out part of your life
  20. Instead of Wednesday Hump Day, make it Wednesday Work Out Day!
  21. At the end of the 21-days, you'll feel great. Promise.

All the details on The 21 Club can be found here! Just click and read!