Away from hair brushes, airbrushes, shame calling and name calling, is a place in Hoboken where the best version of you exists. Here, there is no division of labor, muscle is not blind to hair color, skin color, or eye color. Challenges are accepted and excuses are nonexistent. Work it Out is a sanctuary for the strong female and only empowered women walk in and out of those studios’ doors everyday.

My name is Britta and I am a believer in lifting safely, efficiently and heavy. I spread that mantra in my Sweata Weatha and Tight End classes every week and it has been heard. No, I don’t MAKE my WiO women do anything they don’t want to (besides burpee intervals) BUT my go-to line in all my classes is “challenge yourself”. That message has been heard loud and clear. As a result, we’ve been running into ANOTHER CHALLENGE in my classes… all of the heavy dumbbells are being used! So we share, we modify, and we always work it out!

As an instructor, a strong female, and an advocate for strong females everywhere, this warms my soul. I recently ‘grammed a photo of the Willow Studio shelves after one of my Wednesday morning Tight End classes. Every S I N G L E dumbbell above 10 pounds was used during my class. What a way to start ‘Hump Day’! [[camel voice]]

It drives me bonkers when I hear females of any age claim that they don’t lift weights because they don’t want to get ‘bulky’. Let’s clarify something quickly, when I say ‘strong female’ I mean both physically and mentally. You don’t have to be lifting 200 pounds everyday, but you damn well better be resistance training to the point where it is difficult but you are still moving efficiently. A strong woman pushes herself, challenges herself, loves herself all of the time.

When comparing cardiovascular exercise and resistance training (weight training), resistance wins the battle of burning calories. The huge advantage to weight training is your body's ability to burn fat during and after exercise. But that’s obviously not the only benefit. We have to get out of this notion that we need to be “skinny” in order to be the best versions of ourselves. Especially because muscles are the new black!

I shed a tear of joy every time someone reaches for multiple dumbbells to ‘double-up’ for certain  movements. Or the levitating hand that extends for the 5 lbs and quickly changes direction to grab the 8 lbs, with a reassuring deep breath. You got this! Or the extra burpee in a minute time trial, or the extra air squat at the end of a tabata series. My classes are timed and measured so all participants know exactly how much work and rest they will get per series of movements. I find this formula to be a successful structure that has yielded amazing results for the women who attend. They work hard, earn their rest and move onto the next series, just like that.  

We, as females are stronger than we know and the women of Work it Out recognize and embrace this. Bodies are built by breaking them down and minds are made stronger by testing your own limits. To all of the WIO women who I have been lucky enough to get to know, who attend my classes, who choose the heavier dumbbell, who are sore afterwards, who defy their own limits… you’re inspiring, motivating and strong! Accept all the challenges, lift all the weights, feel all the pain. We jump, push, pull, lift and collapse while we’re here so we can be better at everything we do outside of this place.

Remember that.

Wait, wait. ONE MORE thing to remember.

I'm taking a WiO hiatus due to my corporate job, but it is not forever.

I will be back to WiO during this time for special classes and burns. Check MindBody for when you can spot my name! Watch out for the dates and times. I cannot wait to see you all when I am back in town, and don't forget to make those dumbbells your b*tch!



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