Ever wonder who is behind Little Hoboken, the latest voice in Hoboken parenting and more?

Well, meet Melissa Wise and Cassie Mascari.

They are two local moms who were seeking fun things to do, great people to meet and reliable sources of information. That's how Little Hoboken was born. 

Melissa and Cassie joined forces together and have been holding court as the expert voice for all your questions and needs when it comes to living and growing a family in Hoboken.

We met these two lovely ladies this past summer and couldn't wait to introduce you to them. We have a lot of special events coming up with them in the near future.

Our first event is slated for Thursday, October 13th at our River Studio where we are teaming up with them to have a spirited conversation about how parents can establish themselves as healthy role models for their children and ways to get their child active. Be sure to sign up for this free event here. We'll be offering discounts on gymnastics, raffles and more!

Here is a little bit more about the two of them, what makes Little Hoboken unique, and more. Follow them as they explore our Mile Square City and let them bring you along for the ride. 

Do You remember the moment you both knew you needed to create the little hoboken blog?

MELISSA: For me, I was lying in bed scrolling through my phone before my son woke up and saw some people being super judgy and offering unsolicited opinions to moms on Facebook and I thought, "there has to be a better option!"

I, personally, had been cyber-bullied and mom shamed when my son was 9-weeks old and never wanted anyone to feel that way!  

CASSIE: I was also inspired by the mommy-boards. I was reading some of the advice being given and thought “there has to be a better way for moms to get the right information from the right person.” 



1. Is the blog just for moms of babies and toddlers?

No! Not at all! We happen to be toddler moms, but this is a resource for ALL moms! We always welcome contributors to represent all of the other moms here in Hoboken.


2. Are you related to that other mom-group that used to hold events?

Nope! We don’t know them, never met them, didn’t have kids when they were around, and don’t know what happened to them. Little Hoboken is a fresh idea, with fresh goals and a refreshing business model.


3. How hard is it to have a blog?

Ummm… VERY! We thought it would be a fun and easy side gig, and then Little Hoboken basically blew up! It has been amazing but it has definitely been hard work. We both have kids, and professions, and then we also work every day on the blog.

We have had to learn to organize and delegate. There are a million things in the works at any given time and more emails coming in than we can keep up with. But we are thrilled with the support and excitement around Little Hoboken.

It’s been really amazing, and luckily our husbands have been incredibly supportive of our venture.


in one sentence, what makes lh different from other mom or family focused hoboken based websites? 

There really aren't any other resources like LH in town, which is why we created it!

We have three core missions:

1. To bring a judgement free and factual resource to local parents

2. To strengthen the local loyalty to & among Hoboken businesses

3. To host fun day events for families & adult nights. Everyone needs a date night or GNO! (two sentences, sorry!) 


 As parents in the hoboken community, what is your key piece of advice to keeping it all together and balancing life with children? 

MELISSA: Lol! I'm not sure we think we have it all together! This is an amazing community of child-friendly businesses and friendly families always looking to meet others and help one another. I've personally had other moms catch my son as he launches himself off of a jungle gym just because they were closer!

CASSIE: Ha, she’s right, she really doesn’t have it all together. Kidding!! None of us do! We are all honestly just winging it. If your kid is happy and knows they are loved then you are winning.


You are a speech language pathologist by trade, what is your best advice for parents when they are watching their child's verbal development?

Try not to compare your child to all the kids around them too much. Every child is different and not all kids crawl, walk or say their first word at exactly the same time.

It can be hard to see another child the same age doing something your kid isn’t doing yet, but it is so overwhelming to let yourself worry about each milestone. Trust your gut. No one knows your kid better than you, so if you think they are progressing just fine, then take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. If you have any concerns then seek a professional evaluation. There are so many incredible resources around town that can help and point you in the right direction.


Being that you have lived in Hoboken for years, what is the biggest change you have noticed as in opportunities for young couples and parents?

SO many! I have been in Hoboken almost 19 years and I've watched the town evolve with me. Downtown used to be young and crazy and uptown was older. The West didn't even exist, and now there are some amazing buildings, parks and businesses.

There are so many families that have stayed in the last few years and I have seen so many new family friendly businesses and things to do. I feel that my generation of Hoboken-ites has decided to stay after the baby comes and the town is evolving with us.

Now that you know a bit more about the Little Hoboken founders.. Join LH & WiO for our very first co-hosted event!

On Thursday, October 13th from 7:30pm - 9:00pm we will host a discussion on how to be your child's role model and building healthy, active kids! 

You can register on our site now! You won't want to miss it! Plus if you want to get your kiddie started in an activity, all attendees new to Work it Out, will receive 20% off their child's first month of gymnastics with us, when they register for the full season.

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