By: Brand Ambassador, Alyssa Ginelli


On my recent vacation to Italy this summer I realized something very important.. You can MANGIA in a healthy way. It is possible!

Everyone knows the Italian culture is heavily centered around food. When going out to an Italian restaurant it’s easy to imagine yourself loading up on all-you-can-eat garlic knots and stuffing yourself with a bottomless bowl of macaroni.

At times even I make the waiter stand next to the table shredding cheese onto my pasta plate for an eternity….(mi dispiace!)

Good news! These quick pointers you can stop by your favorite Italian eatery without straying from your healthy lifestyle.

First, do look for anything that says “griglia” which means the dish is grilled. Try to avoid items that say “frito” which means fried.

Second, order veggies as an appetizer like eggplant, zucchini, and broccoli rabe. A mere 9 calories! Marinated vegetables are staples in Italian cooking and OH SO DELICIOUS!

Third, go for the Fruitti di Mare! 

Look for seafood on the menu or ask your waiter for the catch of the day. Italians are known for some of the most delicious fish dishes like Branzino.

Fourth, eat your share of garlic! Garlic is low in calories and high in nutrients. It's known to combat sickness, reduce high blood pressure & cholesterol, and is a natural antioxidant. A fun beauty tip is to rub it on your cuticles for healthy nail growth!

Finally! Check out the soup menu - lentils and cannelloni beans are rich in protein, low cal, yet high in fiber!

INSTEAD OF _____________ , TRY ____________ !

Instead of fried calamari, try grilled calamari.

It is usually dressed with lemon juice and is super refreshing. You will be pleasantly surprised!


Instead of cheesy garlic bread, reach for the bruschetta.

The veggie toppings will fill you up and keep you from wanting to reach for that second helping.


Instead of fried mozzarella, try a caprese salad.

Mozzarella & Tomatoes with EVOO & fresh basil make for a lighter option.


Instead of penne a la vodka, try linguine with clam sauce.

Avoid heavy, creamy sauces which can have a high fat content.


Instead of risotto, try the polenta.

This corn based dish is low in carbs, rich in vitamins, and an added bonus… it’s gluten free!


And make sure to leave room for some DOLCE!

For dessert, ask your waiter for the sorbet flavors.

This treat is light but will still satisfy your sweet tooth and round out the meal nicely. Also, be on the lookout for a Sicilian treat called granite, which is house made Italian ice. YUM! It is made with fresh lemon or orange juice and it is oh so good!


But Ladies, let's be real. Never forget to Mangia! Certain days we all need a little pasta in our lives. HELLO Sunday dinner!

On days like this stick with traditional marinara sauce (aka “gravy”), or look for a white wine or broth-based sauce. And when in doubt, get the dish you’re craving and dig in, you can always share it with your amore. <3

So grab a nice glass of red and toast to health for 100 years “Cent’anno!”

Meet Alyssa Ginelli (@misssslyss)

Blend a little bit of conservative and proper with a little bit of wild and you could either be describing our Blended Candy Barre class, or Alyssa! She loves a dance-inspired workout and loves that our class music is on point. But if she’s not fiercely dancing (and sweating) in the studio you might see her on shopping on Wash or walking around town with the love of her life, her pup Chloe! She may have left the Mile Square for JC, but she still comes here not just because she is devoted to her WiO (which she aptly describes as chic and fierce), but the 07030 has Salon Caru and Anthony David’s.

Random Fun Fact:

Need something painted: your nails, apartment, shoes call up Alyssa, she loves painting things.

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