By: Brand Ambassador, Alana Quagliariello


Ladies, you don’t need to be a fashion editor to fall in love with the athleisure trend.

Items that were once reserved for the gym are now street style staples and they're not only acceptable, but they're totally chic too.

Personally, gym-to-street looks are undoubtedly a part of my uniform.

The latest crop of activewear for sale at WiO this week has me excited to step up my sports luxe game. I am both a workout and fashion fiend, however, sportswear is quite unfussy and easy to integrate into your wardrobe. As such, I encourage you to try this trend out.

Lets navigate it together.

Take, for example, WiO’s range of alo yoga tank tops. Stretch performance fabric and mesh keep you cool, but also add an element of femininity to an otherwise athletic look. Two of my personal favorites are the Crest Tank and the Elite Tank.

What is the secret to elevating my workout wear? accessorizing for the win! Here’s how this tank can go from day to night.

By day – Tank, leggings, duster jacket, bun – done.

Quick tip: Keeping things in the same neutral color pattern (i.e. black, gray) instantly pulls this look together.

By night – This tank pairs perfectly with a midi skirt or leather pants. I’d knot the tank, throw on an aviator-inspired bomber and add a bold lip or beach waves. Thoughtful details are what make an ensemble feel compete and fashion-forward.

In need of inspiration?

Look no further than your Instagram feed. With Fashion Month in full-swing, it’s impossible to ignore the style setters hitting the streets and you’re bound to spot some sporty-chic looks to mimic.


All About Alana Quagliariello (@alana_quagliariello)

Fitness-focused and fashion-forward is the perfect alliteration for Alana (check out her gorg Instagram feed if you need further confirmation). She has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and loves her Hoboken community – where you can find her taking advantage of all the amazing, chill things our town has to offer – a great place to walk the dog, eat, grab a latte and a mani. Have you ever been in Jennifer’s 6:15am Sweata Weather class and thought that last round of plank rows had you seeing double? Chances are you might just be in class next to Alana and her twin sister.

Alana is such a devotee to WiO that she makes up Next Stop: Skinny classes at home if she can’t make it to the studio. And chances are her playlist would sound just like Lisa B’s with rap & hip-hop blasting.

Wanna know a random fun fact about Alana… she has two different color eyes.