Break-Up With Your Boyfriend Named, Diet


The year is coming to a close. We are reflecting on what we're proud of, things we want to accomplish in the new year, and of course, things that we do not want to repeat again!

One of the things we would like to never do again is diet.

We’ve all done it and we all hate it. Don’t lie. We’re women. It’s almost like a hazing ritual to graduate into adulthood. Come on, do this diet, hate your body with all the rest of us.

As women we are always striving for more. It is the beauty and curse of our gender. We’re never satisfied. But we are also very critical, and our own worst critics, with our bodies taking the brunt of it. Our bodies are the first thing we see when we look in the mirror. It’s hard to remember how smart we are and how we juggle so many of life’s hardest tasks in a day like being a wife, mother, successful career woman and more, when your eyes beam exactly to your mid-section, your thighs, or whatever it is that nags you on a daily basis.

So what do we do? We diet.

We diet to take control. In our hearts we truly believe we will make a difference this time, because it is the latest trend, it is the cleanest juice, the most detoxifying supplement that has ever hit the shelves before (insert sarcastic tone while reading). But it is never the miracle cure for those final 8-never-budging pounds, or the jumpstart you have been hoping for. It is actually the complete opposite.

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The diet creates a viscous cycle. You have big highs. Like that time you dropped 5-pounds in 3-days, except you had to swear off all sugar and you were sipping all your meals through a straw. Yeah, that was fun. Then you have super lows. That time you ate an endless amount of guacamole and chips, alone, because you’re starving, then for the next 48-hours felt bad about yourself. But truth is how could you have survived in the first place? No one can subsist on 1,000-calories a day or only eating 1-food group, or no carbohydrates (hello, those are what fuels your brain, of course you are going to lose it if you cannot function!).

And that doesn’t even start to explain why we hate diets.

We hate diets because they are like that horrible ex-boyfriend we’ve all had. Let us describe him to you.

He’s gorgeous, he's in tip-top shape, dresses like he stepped out of GQ, and is successful (so he claims). In the beginning he makes you feel like a million dollars. Treating you like you have never been treated before, but after time, you start to question yourself. Why is he with me? How long will this last? At the same time, you start to see his true colors. It is all about him. What he wants to do, what you should do for him, but never listening to your needs. But you stick around, because he’s gorgeous, in tip-top shape, and dresses like he stepped out of GQ, remember. It’s a viscous cycle. You are trying to prove you are worthy of him, and every once in a while he shows you he cares, so you continue to be loyal. But in the end, all you are getting is more self-conscious and losing your sense of self.

This is exactly how a relationship with a diet goes. It is packaged perfectly, claims to be this wonderful solution for your every need and in the beginning, it works. You are on cloud 9. But then something happens. It doesn’t feel as good as it did in the beginning, it actually feels worse. You are making sacrifices that hinder little moments of happiness, like not having that glass of wine with your bestie to catch up. You stop feeling like yourself, and worst of all, you stop seeing results. All you’re left with is claims. This is not a healthy relationship. Just like Mr. GQ, it is not as good as it appears and you need to break-up ASAP.

Just like the old saying goes, “looks fade,” and so do the claims of a diet. Dieting is temporary, but your health is forever, and so is your sanity. You would never put up with a emotionally inept man who only cared about himself and made you feel bad at yourself, would you? So why let a diet do the same things?

They say if you want to find the perfect man, you need to put it out to the universe. Write down all the qualities you are looking for and don’t settle. Well, I think you need to do the same thing for your health.

Here's your one-two punch to breaking up with your diet, right now.

Write down all the things you need to feel your best. Describe what a healthy day feels like to you, and what makes you feel satisfied. Then re-read it in 24-hours, do you still agree? Edit to the point where you feel you figured it out on paper, and then start to apply it. Slowly and steadily. Not all at once. Maybe it is just focused on changing your late night snacking and instead of cutting it out completely, you swapped a piece of fruit in there. Or maybe you go big, and you start cooking for yourself.

Then, stick that piece of paper on your fridge or in your bathroom, wherever you will see it daily. Let your mind start to absorb it all, before you start to physically do anything. Make peace with what you are going to change. Let yourself commit to it. Then attack it. You'll know when the right time is to make the change, don't force yourself. No one can keep up a new habit if they feel like there is a gun to their head. Follow your heart, your mind, and your body.

Learning to be healthier is a journey. It takes practice, trial and error, but it also includes food. As women, we need to learn to take care of ourselves before shifting focus and taking care of everyone else. Toss away diets. Practice eating, practice loving yourself, and nourishing your body. As 2017 gets started, break-up with your diet forever, and marry a healthy relationship with eating.