Introducing an exceptionally fierce WiO Woman who is on a mission to spread the word about her life's journey and her NEW online journal. We very proudly present, Maggie Scarpelli, who is Untamed Blonde. We caught up with Maggie, chatted a bit and felt her passion for her newest project and life's journey was a story worth sharing. 

A few things have stayed pretty consistent in Maggie's life: living in New Jersey, her love for writing, and her drive to blaze her own path. Yet on the other hand… many things have shifted: careers, personal well-being, and relationships.

During life transitions she has been able to uncover more about herself and realized her spark for writing has always remained lit. Recently, that spark and interest has turned into a call and aspiration, which has now fully engulfed her.

Here she is in front of our community taking a leap of faith to use her words and transform her career and life into Untamed Blonde.

By blazing her own path to discovery, she has been able to develop into the person she has always wanted to be. Maggie tells us that Work it Out has been one of the valuable steppingstones along her way.

She tells us, after joining just six months ago, our community and studios have brought her more self worth, the ability to smile and to have fun during a workout, plus she is on the road to her bridal bouquet arms! WiO Bride in the making! More importantly she says, "I have been able to take part in the Hoboken mecca that Lisa and Noël built for strong, talented, fearless women to join together."

She is so thankful for being a part of this community and feels every single person who is a part of the Work it Out team has encouraged her to embrace her true self. During the past six months Maggie has lost almost twenty pounds, and has changed her lifestyle habits completely. She has also quit her job and got engaged! 

These are the changes that are allowing her to set the world ablaze. Her hope is that Untamed Blonde will be a springboard for like minded women to do the same! Maggie tells us, 

I’ve created Untamed Blonde to motivate women to unveil their inner thumbprint and live each day untamed. May you feel compelled to follow, share, and gain inner strength to craft your own journey by using the Blonde’s perspective, tools, and advice. Together we will inspire women, just like Noël and Lisa, to walk through life unclothed.

Please join her to celebrate the launch of Untamed Blonde on Thursday, June 16th from 6-9pm at the Ainsworth Hoboken, located at 310 Sinatra Drive.

Ladies of Work it Out are all invited to mix and mingle! Grab your favorite workout buddy, instructor or friend, and get ready to branch out and meet new people, network and most importantly, get the first look at Untamed Blonde! Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Feel free to bring guests!

In the meantime, look out for Maggie around the studio and give her a big smile and congratulations! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.