Lisa here! Those of you may know me as Co-Founder of WiO and while I wear many hats in my role, my true passion is nutrition (Shameless Plug! Follow our NEW nutrition account on Instagram for recipes, advice and creative food ideas! @wionutrition)

For me, my favorite thing with nutrition, is talking about it. I did win Most Talkative and Class Gossip in High School! As a Freshmen at Rutgers I was so outspoken, I got them to start an entire new cheerleading team, that went on to be top 10 in the Nation for my four years there. Seriously.

Talking moves us women forward. It helps us make decisions, form bonds, and most importantly gives us peace of mind about whatever journey we might be on. Recently, I was asked to write a guest post for loyal member and blossoming writer, the Untamed Blonde. The article was focused on all things healthy. As I began to write I thought "Where do I start?"

As I jotted down notes, I had a wonderful moment of enlightenment and realized the one common trait all of us women have, is that, we love to talk! The problem is health is so personal, there are so many philosophies, and it really can be a very secretive topic at times. 

Over the years I've met and chatted with many women about nutrition and always noticed one thing, we hate to talk about eating. Well let me rephrase that a little, we love to bitch about eating, but never really want to talk about it honestly.

There is so much secrecy around what we personally do with food, how we stay consistent with working out, and how we find a little piece of peace on our plates each day.

But why? Don’t we know already that we are strongest in numbers? When we share our thoughts, tips, emotions and insights we have the ability to learn so much from each other.

Last year Noel & I hosted a series called the Skinny Sessions. They were not about getting skinny, they were about getting the “skinny,” on different health and nutrition related topics. It was a super fun project to work on and the turn out was great! It was a diverse mix of women and no woman was the same. During the sessions, the most amazing thing happened. After the first 10-minutes, everyone became bonded to each other through honesty. We spoke candidly about issues and questions and shared tips with each other. Four weeks later, all the women made lifestyle changes. Some changes were as big as consistently working out, others were as small, but certainly still impactful, as drinking more water throughout the day. The point is we talked and were given strength in our numbers to make changes each of us needed. Most importantly no one passed judgement and there was support for each other.

As women, communication is our currency. The more you communicate with each other about your achievements, challenges, and confusions, the more wealth you will attain by learning from each other.

Our health should be the driving factor for all of our decisions. How can we be successful career women, strong partners, healthy moms, if we cannot provide for ourselves? Therefore, communicating about health, finding out what works for you, how others have found peace with eating, or working out, can be life changing. It can take years to figure out what works for you but the most important part in achieving your balance is to always strive to improve. And believe it or not, talking and sharing can help you learn and grow. 

Now remember, there is no quick fix to becoming healthier. I hate to break it to you, but there are no quick fixes with anything in life. Our journey is long and you must allow yourself trial and error.

I challenge you to take this one small step and that's to TALK. Talk to each other, share your struggles and share your successes. You will feel full on inspiration and connection, not on empty calories, I promise. Take it from me, a perpetual talker.

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