Jacci Frascarelli

Introducing, our LAST but certainly not LEAST, 2016 Brand Ambassador, Mrs. Jacquelyn Frascarelli. Jacci lives in town with her hubby and 2 pups. Her life in Hoboken is healthy, happy and low key. She and her husband have a weekend routine in the warmer weather where they’ll meet at the studio after she’s done with class, and walk to grab bagels for breakfast with their dogs, that both get their own bagel with a little cream cheese too!

When we asked Jacci about her favorite post-class activity, she meekly answered “oh just another class!”. However her cute smile and soft spoken voice was not fooling us, yet it did showcase her bad ass commitment to her Work it Out and fitness regimen.

Let’s back up for a sec.. Jacci grew up in Freehold, NJ and rode horses very competitively for most of her life. Throughout school she always stayed very active and absolutely loved gym class. She tells us “I was probably the only girl that couldn't wait to sweat my butt off at lunch, only to then put my school uniform back on without a shower.” While most of the other girls sat in the shade and chatted, Jacci was always the one with the boys, playing baseball or kicking around a soccer ball. In high school she ran indoor/outdoor track and cross country. During her freshman year she made Varsity in all three sports and still continued with horseback riding competitively.

In college she took it upon herself to put together a team for every single intramural sport offered, in addition to riding horses. Yet still, her cavity for being active was still not filled. But what else was left to conquer? Well, it’s not typical but leave it up to this over achiever to get her fix with club rugby. Yup, that’s right, rugby....  As you can see, she needed multiple active outlets in order to keep her feeling fulfilled physically.

Fast forward to post college when she joined the real working world. She entered into that nose to the grind stone finance industry where she sat behind a computer, sedentary for 8 hours a day, straight. For Jacci this was the complete opposite of feeling physically fulfilled. However this became her routine for a few years and the sitting didn’t end at her desk. After her long days in the office she would come home and sit some more, on the couch, decompressing from her work.

After some time she began understanding that this new lifestyle was not making her happy, and knew deep down something had to give. Who would have thought she would be so far removed from what her lifestyle once was. Luckily, this realization was the beginning of the end. From that point forward she made the decision to change her life. She understood that it was necessary for her happiness and more importantly her health and her future.

Gym dating. Jacci had never really been a member at a gym before and was unsure of where to begin. In the past she would visit different types from time to time for fun, but never really formed her own personal connection with a specific place. What she did know was she was interested in the idea of classes and the motivation that came with being in a group setting. So she began trying out a few studios that were close to her apartment. Before meeting us, her first love was a barre class at another studio. It was her first real connection with something active again, and it was great while it lasted. Like most relationships, feelings change and growing out of someone (or something) is totally common. That said, she began to realize she needed something more - more of a challenge and a deeper connection. She wanted to feel physically fulfilled again and knew the only way to make that happen was with variety in her workouts - that same variety that was offered to her in college sports. She wanted her body to feel pushed and tested to be its very best. She then fell in love for real.

Jacci and her husband would walk past the Willow Studio on the weekends with their pups on their way to have breakfast. After passing a few times, she was intrigued and decided to do a bit more research. She told us “I jumped on your website and scoured the whole thing. I then bought the intro special.” She actually winded up taking barre both times she attended. She knew she needed variety but barre was comfortable and was the entry point for her. “I was immediately hooked and think I signed up for a year right away. I’ve really never looked back.” She tells us that she has taken every single class offered and has yet to find one she’s disliked yet, which certainly makes us feel great! 

I have no shame. I’ll make a fool of myself in Zumba, then pump 12lbs. weights in Sweata, then squeeze my ‘thass’, as Cassie calls it, in Hottie P’s.

Even though Jacci was always active in high school and college, she never truly learned to love her body.. until now that is. Jacci says she has more confidence than ever before and after 2 years of loyal dedication she gets excited to proudly wear a crop top. She also mentions she would’ve NEVER wore one in the past (or even owned one for that matter). Jacci is more than happy with her progress and sometimes still can’t believe what she has accomplished since becoming a member. We are super proud of her too and are thrilled to have her as the anchor of our 2016 Brand Ambassador Team.

As a BA, she hopes to share her positive attitude that forces others to get excited about working out as well. Hopefully, you ladies will see a little more of her personality rather than the girl that lifts the heavy weights in class. Beware she says! “Sometimes I get into my own zone during class and I may not look like I’m enjoying myself... but that's just my determined face!” We all suffer from resting bitch face from time to time. But turning off her brain and thinking about herself during her workouts are important for her progress, she explains. “We all bring things into the studio with us, ya know? Things that are bothering us, a bad day maybe, a break up, but we need to use that as motivation. Use it to punch harder, do the extra jump squat, pump out that last push up, whatever you need to do to rid yourself that crabby mood.”  Jacci wants everyone to feel comfortable approaching her with questions or motivation, anything you need she is there for you! She says “I feel like I practically work here anyway”. She hopes to motivate others to work harder too. It’s challenging to stand next to someone who’s a little stronger than you and we’ve all got a little competitive edge inside of us as women. Jacci hopes to be that person for whoever needs that extra push. She also wants to educate others about doubling up on classes and explains, “It's not that scary! Especially if you do barre and ride something low intensity and then high intensity. It's great to pair them together to really complete your workout!” Remember ladies, the first time is the hardest.

We asked Jacci about her goals for 2016 which included; running on the waterfront during her lunch a few days a week for extra cardio, drinking three large bkr’s of water a day, to do a split and to excel in Pilates, (she recently started taking the Wednesday and Thursday classes at Willow religiously and has already noticed a huge difference in her body). She also wants to focus much more on her core and balance. Last year, she focused a lot on strength and is more than satisfied with her results, which is why she is now shifting.

In closing we asked Jacci a few questions about her relationship with WiO and why she feels so connected to us? She responded with “I love working out alongside strong and motivated women. The instructors are incredible and the studios are just so damn cute. I am so happy to walk through the doors and call WiO my home. I’m like the most proud member ever and basically never stop bragging about it.” We also asked her to give you newbies some advice. “Your first few months are the most difficult but once you hit your groove, you start to crave WiO. You start to feel like you’re letting your team down when you cancel out of class. You want to change your diet because you are working so hard each day, and you don’t want it to go to waste on junk food! I encourage you to take a few classes a week in the beginning. Set a achievable goals for yourself and stay dedicated to them. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself - cheesy but oh so true!” 

When asked what her favorite post-class activity is and the answer is “another class” – you know you have someone very dedicated to her fitness regimen and her fitness studio, and that’s Jacci. (FYI, her 2nd answer was eating, and then listings some of the great HOB spots we might find her noshing at – and that’s what we love a well-rounded WiO woman.) Jacci also takes advantage of our beautiful waterfront to take walks her with hubby and their 2 pups (you might find them up on 14th on the weekends with some bagels). But if you don’t see her in Hoboken, you could check to see if she’s in Molly’s cupcakes in NYC, or at the Short Hills Mall (road trip!!).



Fun fact? Ranked number one in the country in her division riding horses

If you were a Sirius XM station, which would you be? Today’s Hits

Which WiO class is your Spirit Animal? Next Stop: Skinny

Favorite post WiO class activity? A 2nd class

Favorite season? The Winter (but I'm an East Coast girl and love the seasons)



Her Vibe | Bubbly

Known | Gym Rat 

Favorites | Her pups & fitness

Workout Style | [High Intensity] (B) Sweata Weatha

Birthday | September 19, 1986

By Day | Corporate Communications