Alyssa Ginelli

Blend a little bit of conservative & proper, with a dash of wild & fun! You’ll either be describing our Blended CandyBarre class, or our next adorable Brand Ambassador, Alyssa Ginelli!

Background check! Alyssa is from Monmouth County New Jersey and is 100% Italiano! We all know that growing up in the Italian culture breeds lots of family traditions, which mostly revolve around eating, eating, and more eating! Mangia! Right? Well in Alyssa's case there is an up side to this. She feels family can create a healthy support system for maintaining a positive outlook on keeping a healthy lifestyle. She and her mother have always loved cooking together, and cooking is a tradition that has carried over and plays a role in her healthy eating habits. During her Alyssa's childhood she wasn’t exactly keen on sports. She describes herself as more of a book worm, involved in academic clubs and groups. Fast forward to her teen years, she naturally became body and health conscious, which led her to trying out her first group fitness class. Her first experience was at a local karate studio that her older sister introduced her to. Cardio kick-boxing. She loved the feeling of working out in a motivational group and has been hooked on group classes ever since.

Now, that's where we come in! Alyssa is well-acquainted with most styles of fitness including; yoga, Pilates (which she did religiously in college), barre, spin, interval training and more. For Alyssa, it was always about trying something new, keeping her workouts fresh, fun and most importantly, challenging.  When she discovered our community for the first time (a few years back), she connected immediately and it all made perfect sense. All the classes she knows and loves, all at one studio! She says, “For me, there’s no need to look any further. WiO's classes are cutting edge and there is ALWAYS a different style available to take.” She explained that if her body isn't feeling up to a high-intensity cardio class like Riding High, she’ll focus on another area of her body, and sign up for a class like AbSalute.

Alyssa does admit that at times she will fall into habitual comfort zones where she'll only attend one style of class, with a specific instructor. She realizes that this is natural but understands it blocks growth. She says,“Everyone struggles with breaking out of their comfort zones at times. Comfort creates consistency, which is important in fitness! However I do try to remind myself that growth doesn't come from comfort zones.” Alyssa forces herself to break free from comfort and has goals of becoming more and more, well-rounded with her weekly fitness routine.

We asked Alyssa to talk to us about women. We wanted her to speak from an inspirational place and look to guide and to help motivate. She began to discuss how sometimes as women, we can be terribly hard on ourselves. Her thought process on this topic is our reason for selecting her as one of our 2016 BA’s.

Shaming is dangerous and leads to comparison, competition and seeking approval from others. At Work it Out there is an opportunity to be comfortable in you our own skin and women need that. A safe place where we can be kind to each other, root for each other, and lift each other up in a sincere way.

We asked Alyssa what we can see from her during her time as one of our four 2016 Brand Ambassadors. She told us that she has plans to share what motivates her. Whether it be playlists, healthy tips, her favorite recipes, style and beauty inspiration, or just some summer travel pictures, no matter the content, she promises to inspire. Follow her @missslyss on Instagram. But remember ladies! Just because our BA's are here to inspire you, we're sure they can use a little support at times too. One goal Alyssa has set for herself during her run as a WiO BA, is to get into more early morning classes. She agrees that when you start with an AM workout it sets the tone for your day, and ultimately leads you to making healthier decisions all around. She also understands the added bonus of having more time to spend with loved ones when the day is done. So look for her in class, say hello, connect with her, and ask her how her early morning rituals are going! She'll appreciate it.

Overall, this is a girl is drawn to dance-inspired workouts and playlists that are on point! (Hear that instructors?!) But if you don't catch her fiercely dancing (and sweating) in the studio you might see her shopping on Washington, getting her hair done at Caru, or having lunch at Anthony David's! Also keep your eyes peeled for her walking around town with her pup Chloe. Alyssa recently left our Mile Square for JC, but she's still an avid Work it Out woman and makes it into the studio weekly!



One Fun Fact? Need something painted? She's got you covered.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? 90's on 9

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Blended CandyBarre

Favorite post-class activity? Honeygrow

Favorite Season? SUMMER



Her Vibe | Upbeat

Known | To Love the Jersey Shore

Favorites | Music, Starbucks & Shopping

Workout Style | Barre

Birthday | March 9, 1987

By Day | NYC Finance