Meet Tam, the lead Ambassador of the 2016 Work it Out Brand Ambassador Program.

She was chosen because there is nothing cookie cutter about her. She prides herself on being unique, and doesn’t conform to a one-size fits all policy, just like our motto here at Work it Out! 

You might recognize her from a Next Stop Skinny class, seeing her at our Front Desk, or maybe even just running around Hoboken. Literally running, since she’s training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May.

Tam is a Boston-girl born and bred, but has been living in New Jersey for about 28 years. She came out to Hudson County to be closer to NYC when she was working as a PR Executive.

We chose Tam to be one of our first Brand Ambassadors because we felt she embodied an important part of our core demographic. She's determined, confident and incredibly sweet. We asked her why she loved Work it Out and she responded with how she loves the the strong community of women it draws in. She said she felt that "sometimes women get intimidated when they hear the term boutique fitness." She explained, "But that's not the case here. People walk through the door and can immediately see how welcoming everyone is!"

I want women to be more aware of what a great community we are here at WiO and how we represent the variety of women in Hoboken.
— Tam Turse

Tam is a woman on a mission. At 36 years old she decided to become a runner. At 40, yoga certified. She has quite the track record with races too! Tam has run a total of 6 half marathons and 3 full; The Philadelphia Marathon twice and The NYC Marathon once. She's currently training for the Brooklyn Half on May 21st, and in November will be giving the NYC her second go. She told us jokingly, "each year my marathon time goes down and my age goes up!" Tam stays in tune with her weekly running schedule by working off of a training plan. She maps out her runs to prepare for the amount of miles she should complete for the week ahead.

Tam's positive attitude is infectious. We asked her about her motivation to become a runner in her 30's and where she began. She said, "When I started I couldn't even run a mile! But I got it in my head that I really wanted to do it, so I worked up to it on the treadmill first." She explained "After that I decided that I wanted to do a 5K, and after I completed that, I started setting harder goals for myself."

Wondering what can you expect to see from her during her time as a Brand Ambassador?

Well, lots of Instagram posts about her training during marathon season for one! She posts photos from every run. If you are ever up bright and early, walking the Hoboken waterfront be sure to look for her! Especially on Mondays, as she tries to get a 3 mile run in right after (B) CandyBarre. She also promises to post about healthy eating and has goals to start making smoothies every morning! Tam is the only Ambassador that is also an instructor. You can catch her on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at the Willow Studio. If not there then definitely in class. Tam loves variety in her workouts, classes and instructors. "Oh! and playlists too!" she says.



Her Vibe | Zen

Known As | A World Traveler

Favorites | Books & Photography

Workout Style | Yoga, Tone n' ohm

Birthday | May 25th

By Day | Communications Manager, Wellness One




One Fun Fact? Married her HS sweetheart.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? Alt Nation

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Next Stop Skinny

Favorite post-class activity? A run or a latte! 

Favorite Season? Fall