Meet our next Brand Ambassador, Alana Quagliariello. Fitness-focused and fashion-forward is the perfect alliteration for this fit chick! If you don’t believe us just check out her Instagram feed @alana_bazaar Alana has a passion for living a healthy, happy, stylish lifestyle and it certainly shows. She has a background in fashion and just completed a 3+ year run as Special Projects Editor at Harper's BAZAAR. She’s now excited to be moving on to a new position at Spotify as a Partner Marketing Associate, where her vertical will be fashion and retail. We’re sending out a big CONGRATS to her as she started her new job today!

On a weekly basis you can find her taking advantage of all of our class styles here at WiO as she makes it in to the studios 5-6 times a week. Talk about dedication! She’s an early riser and always takes advantage of an AM workout. She says, “It's the best way to kick off my mornings, and by the time I get to work, I'm hyper-productive.” Alana’s favorite classes are Next Stop Skinny, Riding High and Hottie Pilates. As of very recently she’s also taken a liking to CandyBarre and says with a smile, “it really works out those small muscles!”

Alana has built fitness into her lifestyle for years and has never looked at working out or eating clean as a chore. It’s a part of who she is, she says. She looks forward to trying new workouts and recipes, and just living life well overall! We asked her about the boom in popularity surrounding the health and fitness movement and she said, “I’m glad it’s finally happening, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been invested in my health and well-being long before this all began.” Kudos Alana! And her love for health and wellness does not stop with her own goals. She feels passionately about wanting to motivate others to find joy in it too. In college she struggled with body image issues but emerged from that period in her life, stronger and healthier. Alana was a perfect choice for our first round of BA’s because of her desire to empower women to find self-love and healthy balance within their own lives. She understands what it is to be a woman of Work it Out and calls our energy, “fierce female confidence.”

As a BA, this girl is certainly dedicated to spreading our positive message of well-rounded health and fitness. You can expect to see her in many classes, events, posting socially and furthering the sense of our kick-ass female community. Also, (exciting news) she is on the road to becoming an instructor and will start training with us this summer! Oh, and if you're a hip-hop fan, go find her to chat playlists.

A little about her background, she’s originally from a small town by the Jersey shore. Growing up she played lots of sports but specifically soccer and lacrosse. She liked the camaraderie of team sports although, her love for a solid independent work out always took precedence. She always considered herself to be self-motivated and appreciated her ‘me-time’ at the gym.

Alana moved to Hoboken a year after graduating college and truly enjoys our mile-square city. Both of her sisters live in town as well and often all take class together. Have you ever been in 6:15am Sweata and thought you were seeing double on that last round of planks? Ladies, it’s not exhaustion. Chances are you were next to Alana and her identical twin. Laura – who is getting married in a few weeks, recently hosted a Bachelorette Party with us and is a WiO Bride in the making! We also can't forget to mention their older sister Kristine, who is the final link to their fit trio. These three are incredibly close and get to bond at the studio on a regular basis, and that's our favorite part.

She understands what it is to be a woman of Work it Out and calls our energy, ‘fierce female confidence.’


One Fun Fact? She has two different colored eyes.

If your were a Sirius XM Station? The Heat

Which WiO class is your spirit animal? Next Stop Skinny

Favorite post-class activity? Grabbing a latte! 

Favorite Season? Fall (Again, ever dedicated to working out – when asked this question, she noted not only the stunning colors, but spending more time outside, adding “outdoor workouts, anyone?!”)



Her Vibe | Chill

Known As | Fashion Fiend & Fitness Enthusiast

Favorites | Manicures and Lattes

Workout Style | [Interval] Next Stop Skinny 

Birthday | February 21, 1990

By Day | Partner Marketing Associate, Spotify