The Work and WiO Hustle

By: Jacci Frascarelli



Hi, I'm Jacci and I am a WiO-holic.

You've probably seen me in the studios and in all of the Work it Out classes. I love a workout, especially when it is with my favorite fitness community. But that only explains half of who I am!

I currently work in finance and sometimes it’s difficult to balance a busy work schedule and make time for myself.  Work it Out is certainly one of my priorities and I make sure that I can get there at least 5-6 times per week, but that takes a lot of hustling. 

I rearrange my workout schedule to fit with my work schedule. If I have early meetings, then I visit the studio at 6am or after work.  If I can go in a few minutes late, I will make the 7am class work.  To me, it’s about making the gym a priority.  I am not a morning person. But, it is very important to me to get a workout in each day, so I changed my schedule around and made it work for me. 

The good news is that there are an abundance of classes to choose from at various times throughout the day so you can definitely make one of them work for you!

Whenever I’m having a bad day or I have something on my mind, Work it Out is my sanctuary.  I walk through those doors into a hallway of cuteness and immediately feel a wave of happiness.  I put all of my thoughts, my stress, and my anxiety into those weights or burpees.  After my workout, when I walk back down that hallway, I feel ten times better and I can start or end my day in a happier place.  I am more motivated, I have more energy, and I am generally in a better place.

Let's be clear. This Work it Out hustle didn't happen overnight. It took time to figure out. Here is a sneak peak into what I tried and how I got to where I am today.  You can follow my guide and see if it works for you.

G o a l   S e t t i n g

Start small with something achievable. I set a few easy goals for myself:

  1. Get my butt to class at least 3-4 times per week.

  2. Try to double up at least once a week

  3. Try something new once a week and stick with it. I always HATED spin. I was never on beat, but eventually I got the hang of it and now I LOVE it!

  4. Get to a point where I could use 8lb weights consistently for all of my exercises in Sweata Weatha and Next Stop Skinny.

  5. Be happier with my current “self.” That meant eating healthier, getting outside a bit more, and figuring out how to shock my body each week, in a good way!

After about 6 months, I was able to achieve all of my goals and I felt GREAT!

You know what that meant - it was time to set new ones!

Now, I am at a point where I can still build upon these goals, but I’ve added a few new ones. I have always wanted to be able to do a split, have better balance, and a stronger core. However, I am not very flexible. So I decided to start adding more classes like Mat Queen into my workout cycle which I LOVE! I also added a goal to run 3-4 miles at least 3-4 days a week. I’ve even thrown in a longer 5-6 mile run once a week too.

Lastly, one thing that has become super helpful is wearing my Fitbit at all times. I even wore it to a wedding to grab those dancing steps!  The Fitbit has come a long way since they first introduced it and they have added some great features. One of my favorites is that you can set a certain number of hours each day that you would like to ensure that you took at least 250 steps. To me, the number of steps you take is not important, but this feature helped remind me to get up from my desk at least once each hour, even if it’s just to grab a glass of water or talk through something with a colleague. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in your work and next thing you know, you are slouched in your chair for hours and haven’t moved. You can also set a goal for how many days per week you would like to exercise and you can input which exercise you did each day and for how long - they even have barre on there! It calculates how many calories it thinks you burned and a few other things.  In addition, I have it track my entire run. It will give you your route, mileage, calories burned and even your splits and average pace in your ear as you run!  When I hit the end of two songs (approx. 7.5 - 8 minutes) I know I’m close to hitting one mile and if I’m halfway through that third song and haven’t gotten to my mile yet, I better pick up that pace! I know it’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty cool to have all of this information in one place! Plus, you can “friend” people and see who hits more steps each week.  I have a few friends that also wear a fitbit and I certainly check up on them to see if I’m beating them in steps each week. I’m super competitive. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve definitely walked around my apartment to try to get to my step goal!

My best advice is however you want to start, just start. That's the trickiest part. But I promise you, it'll be worth it in the end! Plus Work it Out has the most supportive community, so if you need some motivation, just ask. Or check their Insta! @WiOwithus

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When asked what her favorite post-class activity is and the answer is “another class." If you know Jacci, you know she has some serious dedication to her fitness regimen and her fitness studio. But don't get it twisted! Her second answer to her favorite post-class activity was eating! She then went on to list some of the great Hoboken spots we might find her noshing at. And that is what we love about a well-rounded WiO woman. So when Jacci isn't working out or eating something delicious, you can find her taking a stroll on the waterfront with her hubby and their 2 pups!