How I Set My Mind To Running - One Step At A Time

By: Brand Ambassador, Tam Turse

If you follow me on any form of social media (@TamTurse), then you know I’m a runner. I always find it funny to write that because while it seems like such a part of my life now, it really only became that way recently.

In fact, I couldn’t even run a mile 6 years ago. I had lots of reasons as to why I couldn’t, and at this point they don’t really even matter what they were, because at some point 5 years ago I set my mind to running.


So how did I start?

Well, after I told myself I wanted to “take up running” I started by going out and getting sneakers specifically for running – I had my gait analyzed, told the associate I planned to run about 10 miles a week, and got a pair of Brooks running sneakers. And then… well they sat in the box for a while.

But fast forward to months later when I worked up the courage to run and conquered 1 mile on the treadmill (thanks Jay-Z for “99 Problems”). I pretty must piqued there for some time until I decided to finally sign-up for a 5K. The 5K was for charity, and to keep myself on track and make sure I stayed committed I solicited donations for the run. Now, not only was the charity counting on me, but all these people who so generously donated would hold me accountable.

Maybe even more hooked on staying committed to running by training for the next race, which was the Boston Half Marathon in October 2012. I loved looking in my planner and seeing what I needed to accomplish for the week. Now 4 years later, with 3 completed full marathons and hopefully a 4th on Nov 6 - the NYC Marathon - I still love training.

Maybe 'love' is a little strong of a word for how I feel about training, but I do like goal setting and scheduling to keep up with my running. Of course that doesn’t mean I only run during training season –there is plenty of yoga, and I try and get a class in, like CandyBarre or Naked Ride.

Now maybe you want to run, but aren’t ready to think about running a race, you just want to add some runs to your weekly workout routine. I still think it’s important to make a plan and schedule in a run, especially if you don’t have a love of running yet where you feel like you have to get a run or two in each week. You might not be scheduling it in MindBody, but put it in your planner, or phone calendar. Start small, maybe just .5 miles to get to a class at WiO, and then run home that same route – voila you got a 1-mile run in.


Want more miles?

We are so lucky to have this beautiful waterfront as a backdrop – it is a traffic-free route that you can take for miles, and free apps like Strava or Nike+ will keep your mileage for you while you run, and have a social component to get motivation from your friends.

Need more ideas, or looking for a running buddy in the early AM, let me know via social media. As we know from being a part of such a tight-knit fitness community at WiO, one of the best motivators we have, is each other!

I finished my 1st 5K in May 2012. Once I finished that 5K, that was it – I was hooked.


here are some tips for running around Hoboken

Thinking about taking a run, or adding a run before or after your WiO Workout?

Here are a few mile marking ideas:

1 Mile

Starting at WiO River and head to the waterfront. Loop Pier A - follow right along the waterfront past Blue Eyes, the soccer field to the Hoboken Yacht Club House.

This is a nice one maybe after a class at WiO, you’ll be right near 16 Handles for a post workout/run treat.

3 Miles

Start at Pier A. Go completely around Pier A, then follow the waterfront path towards Pier 13 to Turning Point, and run back to Pier A.

This is a good run to also do before or after a class at WiO. You can leave your items in a locker to carry just your essentials and grab your stuff back at WiO after your run.

More about Tam Turse (@tamturse)

A WiO woman isn’t formed from some cookie cutter. She is unique, and doesn’t conform to a one-size fits all policy, just like Work it Out, and this is certainly a way to describe Tam, who became a runner at 36, and a yoga instructor at 40. You might recognize her from working out next to her in Next Stop Skinny, or teaching a Tone n' Ohm class, or even just running around Hoboken.

Tam loves this area, spending lots of time strolling on Washington Street, getting a mani, and enjoying the great places to eat. Much like her Gemini sign, she can be chill and find her zen, and then be up and looking ahead to the next thing on her list!

Want to know a fun fact about Tam? She married her high school sweetheart!