Our Annual Open Call is quickly approaching on Friday, October 2!

We're looking for fitness lovers interested in teaching one of our customized styles of class - Ride, Toning, Barre and more! Come prepared with a 3 song audition.

Pre-registration is required. Please submit to info@workitoutgym.com. Open Call will be held at our River Studio at 6pm.

Still considering becoming a WiO instructor? Here are our top 10 reasons why you should teach with us!

Top 10 Reasons to Teach at Work it Out

1. Personalized class feel.

2. Small class size so you can focus and correct the client.

3. Teach to the beat! WiO instructors personalize their playlists to the specific class style they teach.

4. Dedication & Passion. Many of our team work their day-jobs on top of teaching at WiO - They are there to help YOU reach your goals.

5. We preach positivity - No matter how we say it, our instructors use motivating language to make you feel on top of the world. You will never feel put down - Class is for the client!

6. Be the change maker in someone's life to establish a healthy relationship with fitness. 

7. Gain experience growing a brand with a team of empowering women. 

8. Learn new skills! We train you to teach all different styles of classes. We host regular workshops on more. 

9. Be a part of an incredible community. Hoboken may be one-square mile, but there's a ton of diversity and it's an awesome community to work in.

10. Help make us bigger, better & stronger!