The WiO team is growing! We're so excited to welcome not one, but two, new team members this week. First up, it's our pleasure to introduce you to Lindsey Larkin! We have a feeling you're really going to like her...

Did you know?

When I'm not at WiO you'll find me…swimming in the ocean, doing loops of Central Park on my sexy yellow road bike, rehearsing for a show, or talking about craft beer.

Favorite restaurant in Hoboken? Honestly, I enjoy cooking at home. There is something incredibly satisfying about making things with your hands. That being said, I adore Basic Food. Their produce is beautiful and smells good and they have cheap kale chips! YES. I. Love. Kale. In. All. Form.

Your go-to song this summer? Listen, I know I'm late to the party, but I can't stop listening to Flawless by Beyoncé. Yes, I do sprints while listening to a monologue about feminism. And it makes me feel like a BOSS. 

More on Lindsey

Lindsey has been involved in a serious love affair with fitness that has lasted over 15 years. She is a proud marathon runner, triathlete, surfer, and Ironman in training. In her Ride and Blended Ride classes, you will move to the beat with efficient form and a happy heart. Lindsey believes that being kind with yourself and a clear mind are the best way to start a workout. When Lindsey is not at WIO, you will find her in the ocean, in the woods, or on her road bike.

Meet Lindsey tonight, Monday, August 10 in 6:30pm (B) Upper Class and 7:30pm (B) Tight End at River!

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