This is it. Summer is officially coming to a close and Labor Day Weekend has arrived. But just because it's the last holiday weekend of the summer and you might be a bit bummed, doesn't mean you still can't have some fun! So let's make the most of the upcoming long weekend, the still-nice weather and work it out!

We've got another great on-the-go workout for you - whether you're going down the shore one last time or taking a staycation. Our Man Maker Workout will leave you feeling stronger than any man!

What is a Man Maker?!

Man Makers are a great and advanced exercise that will challenge your entire body. This combination move increases muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Check, check. 

The Man Maker combines elements of a burpee, renegade row, push up, squat, and an overhead press. Before you take FULL advantage of this exercise, make sure you can do all of the previous ones mentioned with weights.

The Man Maker:

  1. Start standing with weights in each hand (something you can shoulder press, but heavy).

  2. Bending your knees, lower the weights to the ground and jump back to a plank. Perform a push up, a left arm row and a right arm row. Jump your feet back just outside your hands and simultaneously lift the weights and drop your hips. Explode up from that deep squat to a standing overhead press.

  3. Not including the rows, the exercise is very reminiscent of a Burpee with weights. Return the weights to your side and then repeat for your 2nd rep.

  4. Similar to the Burpee breakdown in July, this is a great full body workout you can try at home. Add this one onto a jog or when you can't make it to class!

The Man Maker Workout: (10 minutes)

Warm up with jogging, jump rope or jumping jacks

50 seconds Burpee

50 seconds Renegade Row

50 seconds Squat Thrusts

50 seconds Squat to Overhead Press

50 seconds Forearm Plank Hold

1 minute Rest

10-15 Man Makers; 30 seconds rest;  x3

Repeat, if you’re feeling it!

Try this workout with your friends, take some photos, post them to Instagram, tag @wiowithus and use the hashtags #wiosummer#wiotravel!