We're back with our second video in the Work it Outdoors Hoboken Series!

We've designed these videos with you in mind - For those days when getting into the studio just isn't a possibility. But what's great about the exercises we share is that they require minimal equipment (a set of weights!) and little space (think size of a yoga mat). No weights? Grab two full water bottles!

Now onto our second series. Our first Work it Outdoors video focused on your core. Next up! We're targeting your arms. Try these five exercises for toned arms without the bulk - Not to mention, increased upper body strength to boot! Looking for more? Combine these together with the five exercises from our first video!

Hoboken Series 2:  Arms

1. Alternating Bicep Curls. Start with your feet hip distance apart and your arms extended by your sides with a weight in each hand, palms facing out. Alternate right and left bicep curls – then both arms at the same time.

2. Standing Row to Kickbacks. Stand with feet hip distance apart – Bend your knees slightly and pitch your chest forward. Extend your arms out in front of you at a 45-degree angle from your thighs – A weight in each hand, palms facing in. Pull your arms in and back along the side of your body for your row – Then extend from your elbows to your kickback.

3. Bench Dips. Find a curb, chair or park bench. Sit down and place your hands on the edge, fingers facing your booty. Walk your feet out – The farther away your feet are from you, the harder it will be. Raise your seat and take a reverse push up, sending your elbows straight back behind you. Lift your toes off the ground for an extra challenge.

4. Plank Rows. Start in a straight-arm push up position with a weight in each hand. Lift your right arm up towards your shoulder, sending your elbow back. Repeat with your left arm. Keep alternating arms, maintaining a strong core and steady hips.

5. Full-Range Push Ups. Lay down on your mat and place your hands right next to your shoulders. Lift yourself up into a straight-arm plank. Take a full-range push up sending your elbows straight back. Try to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible.

Watch our second video below for a visual tutorial of each exercise! Stay tuned for more Work it Outdoors videos in collaboration with @meybirdcreative.