Hey WiO Women! 

You're part of our crew and we want to be there to support you and grow with you. Like any good relationship, communication is key. So, we put together the best way to make the MOST out of your WiO Weeks with us. 

Here are our Top-3 Insider Tips to Be a WiO Wonder Woman:

#1 Motivate Yourself By Mapping Out Your Week

We have classes galore, take advantage of it. Unlike other studios that offer one style, we offer more than 10! Sign up Mondays at Noon when our new schedule for the upcoming week goes live, and keep yourself motivated with different styles of class.

Here's how: Start your week off first thing Monday morning in Next Stop Skinny for a total body workout. Keep the high going on Tuesday with an evening Blended Ride or Riding High class. Then change gears and tone those muscles in our Wednesday evening CandyBarre. Take another Mixer or Blended Ride on Thursday. Finish strong in Friday AM Sweata Weatha. Maybe there's a rest day in there - and then another class over the weekend. We could keep the variations up, but think you get the idea.

#2 Don't 'Wait' Around

Yes, sometimes classes fill up, but don't fear the wait list. 

Want to take your favorite class but there's already a wait list? Still sign up. Chances are with everyone's busy schedules, a spot is going to open up for you.  Or sign-up for a different class you haven't tried before in the same time slot! Get adventurous!

We've always said treat our wait lists like you're signed up for class. This golden rule still holds true. You may be added into class up to 30-minutes before, so make sure you receive our AutoEmails or simply give the studio a call to check in about your spot in class.

Which brings us to our next point...

#3 Running Late?

You're all busy ladies! We know that! So plan your classes around your calendar. Please don't sign up for class unless you're sure you can attend. We understand fully that circumstances will occur that leave you no choice, in which case we ask you to please notify us right away (better yet, 4 hours before class) so we can give your spot to someone on the wait list. If you Late Cancel and you have a class package, you will lose that class, and if you are on a membership, it is a $10 fee.

If you have any questions or tips to share, let us know and give us a shout. You know where to find us - in the studios, @WiOWithUs or 201-222-0802, 201-710-5458 and info@workitoutgym.com.

We invite you to work it out with us.