Crave a deeper understanding for the practice and business of fitness?

Apply to be a part of our first ever, Work (it Out) Exchange. 

Our program requires 6-12 hours a week, with a minimum commitment of six months, for a fully comped fitness package and/or internship credits. This is an ideal opportunity for college students looking for a unique internship, but is open to all, including passionate clients!

This is NOT a volunteer position.

WiO staff must demonstrate respect, reliability and accountability. For the amount of hours that you work you receive either 50% off or a fully comp'd package during the time that you are a staff member.  

To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate a passion for healthy living and fitness

  • Have exceptional communication skills (in person, on the telephone and in email)

  • Exhibit strong administrative skills (organization, efficiency, and excellent computer literacy)

  • Regularly attend classes, staff meetings and other fun community events

  • Be dependable and punctual

  • Be observant and able to communicate Studio Etiquette

  • Work well with Studio Manager

Shift Responsibilities:

Your job has many tasks and once you are assigned a shift, you will be given a staff manual to serve as a guide throughout your time with us. If you are applying for an internship, and depending on your major, you will be assigned different tasks. We have people that can teach and lead in Graphics, PR, Admin, Marketing and Management. 

Want more information or to share your passion for Work it Out?