A little birdie told us you moved out of town! We miss you - and we think you miss us too. You may not live in our mile-square city anymore, but that doesn't mean we're still not here to support you.

The beauty that has become the WiO Community is that Work it Out isn't just a fitness studio you come take class at after work. Like we said, we're a community and we're here to support you whether you live in Hoboken or not. We know life has it's ways of taking us to new places, moving for jobs or family and cutting our time short in places we'd like to stay in for a little bit longer. So, we'd like you to think of WiO as family - We're not going anywhere!

Want to know how to work it out with us from afar?

1. Take advantage of our Work it Outdoors video series! We've started a series of videos and blog posts that show you how to do some of your favorite exercises from class right in your own home (or backyard). Each video targets a specific muscle group, so you know exactly what you're working on. Our first video focuses on your core. Watch it below and read the blog post here for more details. Stay tuned for our next video coming soon!

2. Get involved in WiO Wellness! Curious about our Skinny Sessions? We're taking them on the road this fall! These hour-long sessions are judgement-free zones where you can chat, vent and share your thoughts on living, eating and breathing a healthy, active life. We'll be hosting our next series at local businesses around town, so you can make a night of coming back to your old-stomping grounds, eating out at your favorite restaurant and chatting with us! There's also rumors about making our WiO Wellness sessions virtual, so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your couch! Look out for the Fall Skinny Sessions Tour schedule.

3. Stay social with us! The beauty of social media is that it keeps us all connected - near and far. We love social media - and there are many ways you can stay connected with us. Keep up with our blog - You'll find more in depth pieces, guest posts and our Work it Outdoors video series. Facebook, Twitter and our personal favorite, Instagram are all there too. Be sure to comment on posts and pose questions too - It's always great to start a dialogue with our clients. That's how we learn from each other!

4. And if all else fails, just keep us in mind the next time you're in town! Maybe you moved to the 'burbs and are just a quick drive away...Come visit us on the weekends and take a class when the pressure of Monday-Friday is off! Weekend classes are a great way to do something just for yourself - and feel good too. Then take a walk around Hoboken and visit all your favorite places!

Have another way you'd like to stay connected with us? Shoot us an email or leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!