There are many misconceptions on the way woman feel about each other. People assume we are always judging when in fact we are usually admiring. I can honestly say I check out women way more than men just because I'm able to appreciate the diverse beauty. 

Before studying to be a Health Coach, I spent 13 years in the extremely competitive, judgmental entertainment industry. From what you wear to what you eat, it became difficult to hold onto the self-confidence I thought I always had. Being 5'2" with muscles and curves is not exactly the ideal body for the fashion world. It took me a while to figure out where I belonged and how I could succeed at my passion for modeling. I've been told I’m too short, too fat, my teeth are too white or even better, my hair is too layered!? Just to name a few. 

One major thing I learned was being skinny had nothing to do with being healthy. I searched for different ways to keep myself looking and feeling great. I never tried fad diets or ANY diet for that matter. Years of trial and error have taught me one thing that keeps my life and body in balance -- setting realistic goals that fit into my day-to-day life is the only way to live. I could eat out as much as I wanted, as long as I was eating the right foods.

Becoming a Health Coach has inspired me to educate and motivate women to embrace who they are, because let's face it your genetics don't lie. Having the ability to accept who you are inside and out has helped aid in my philosophy of balance and achieving realistic goals. Finding balance is key, and I work with each person to determine exactly what that is for his or her body. 

My experience with WiO was serendipitous in a way. I stumbled upon it randomly one afternoon and from that moment I fell in love with the energy of the studios. Once I was able to learn more about the women who ran it and the community it attracted, I felt like our views and goals were very much in line when it comes to health, fitness, and overall happiness. 

I live by this quote and wanted to share: "If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More, Learn More, Do More, and Become More...You Are a Leader!" - John Quincy Adams 

Krista Ayne is Certified Health Coach // Institute for Integrative Nutrition and understands how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She comes from the busy modeling and acting industry, and has experienced the stress and pressures of keeping up with healthy routines. After years of experience, she lives by a very simple mantra of setting realistic goals. Read more about her on or find her as a voice in our Skinny Sessions.