While in my twenties, I once had someone tell me this quote, "Watch where your feet go," and I’ve never forgotten it. Meaning watch what you do everyday and who you spend your time with. Being present and aware of our daily habits and rituals can offer us some valuable insight into who we truly are, what we care about and who/what we value. Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over again without much thought? Are those healthy habits, positive behaviors or things that are not serving you? Let’s dive deeper.

Observe. What did I just do?

Just becoming aware of what we do week to week, month to month can help us course correct in a better direction or applaud ourselves for actions we take that are good for us. Most people have a hard time taking those first steps in examining their behavior. It means being completely honest with yourself and owning up to your lifestyle. We are all guilty of dropping the ball on certain areas of our life from time to time. Whether it is a bad relationship, a low paying job, spending too much time on Facebook or eating dessert every night, we need to look at those behaviors and understand why we might be going there in the first place. Opening our eyes to the good and bad can help us move forward. 

Learn. What will make me healthy & happy?

Over the years I’ve had to take a look at my own life, watch where my feet tend to go and get completely honest. I noticed some interesting things. Work is hard. Relationships can be hard. Exercising was my normal drug of choice. I was an athlete in high school and I enjoyed moving my body. Walking, running and yoga all put a smile on my face. I also love cooking, trying new recipes and could spend hours in Whole Foods smelling the mint and touching all the fresh greens. I know weird, right?! I also noticed that I could eat way too much pizza and guacamole. Other observations:  I love laughing, meeting new people and connecting my community together. Knowing these things about my personality made it easier for me to stretch myself to healthier habits and grow in new directions. Learning what works for you, what you’re good at and what you enjoy can move you into a whole new space in life. Honor your gifts and talents and don’t be afraid to share them with the world. 

Explore. Where am I going?

Follow your heart and your feet and explore new territory. Be open to new experiences even if they scare you at first. Put a smile on your face and just do it. Trust yourself to make smart decisions and honor your health and happiness. Reaching out of our comfort zone can teach us so much about ourselves. Be fearless and sign up for something today. Whether it be a graduate course, exercise class, 5K, strawberry picking or introducing yourself to the cute guy on the train…go for it. Move forward in a healthy direction. 

Strength. This is what SHE looks like!

We walk many miles with our feet and they connect us to the earth. Stand tall today and honor yourself by spending a few minutes looking at where you’ve been and where you’d like to be tomorrow. Take small steps to make that happen and see how you feel. Don’t be afraid to fail, make mistakes or not know everything. Over time you will find your path. All of us here at WiO are here to support you. Find strength and comfort from our community and show up for yourself. Enjoy the journey of discovery, health and exploration. It’s always worth it! Be strong and fearless. 

To find more motivation, inspiration and recipes find Lynda at lyndalayng.com. Lynda is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Healthy Chef, Cookbook Editor, Recipe Developer and Wellness Educator. When she is not teaching classes or speaking about health and nutrition you can usually find her cooking in her new kitchen in Cranford, New Jersey, riding her bike or buying more plants at Whole Foods.