Skinny is a word we fixate on. It makes us angry, happy, and everything in between. But we really want to talk about getting the skinny on all things healthy and positive, so we created the Skinny Sessions! These complimentary one-hour chat (and bitch) sessions are focused around all things that we love and hate about eating.

Hosted by founder, Noël and co-founder/nutritionist, Lisa, the four weekly sessions on Thursdays at 6:30pm will delve into four integral components to living, eating, and breathing a healthy, active life. 

Each session builds on the other, starting with the core values of accepting and loving the body you have and then moving into areas of exploration and reflection on topics such as eating with joy. Join all four or join when you can. Our hope is to encourage candid conversation with doses of education on nutrition and wellness in a safe and welcoming environment.

How To Get The Skinny

Session 1: 7/16

Healthy at Every Size

Learn to love your body for all that it provides you, no matter what

Session 2: 7/23

The Art of Intuitive Eating

Find satisfaction in all your food choices and learn to be present during eating, one of the great joys in life

Session 3: 7/30

Make Your Own MEtox

Eat clean, without deprivation and personalize

Session 4: 8/6

Create Your Healthy Living Mantra

Rise and shine each day with your own personal mantra to motivate you

The sessions are meant to be used together, but if you cannot attend all of them, that's okay too! It's a "judgement-free" zone! We hope to chat, vent and share with you soon!