Raise a fresh pressed juice this month in Work it Out's honor! We are celebrating five years of killin' the fitness game in Hoboken.

Every November we take a look back to see how far we've come and where we are going and this year is especially important. We are embarking on our 5th year with much anticipated excitement. Willow is getting a make-over, with renovations that will elevate your experience and the overall Work it Out brand, plus we are launching our first ever, more attainable memberships in an effort to really build and foster the Work it Out Community. If you missed those announcements, get in touch with us, we'll give you the full details.

During our anniversary month we'll be hosting our regularly scheduled classes, with a splash of swag!

Each week, we'll announce specially sponsored classes, that will feature our favorite brands and businesses from in and around Hoboken. Sponsored classes could include fun swag, gift cards and more. Every Monday, we'll announce the schedule of classes that will be sponsored, so keep your eyes peeled and sign-up! Sponsors include honeygrow, Luxe, Up & Out and more!

We couldn't help ourselves, but to really get into the five year anniversary spirit with a little music video - you know we love our hip-hop!

We hope you take the time, join a specially sponsored class, and celebrate with us.