Have you seen how incredible our very own Go Mommy, Virginia Einstein looks? Virginia has lost 20-lbs through the last 6-months with us and we could not be more proud and happy for her! Check out how she did it below and be sure to give her a HUGE congratulations when you see her roaming the WiO Studio. 
Congratulations on your huge weight loss success! How do you feel 20 lbs lighter and stronger?
Thank you so much!  I feel great, better than I have in years.  Not only do I feel physically better, but mentally as well.  If you had told me 10 years ago that nearing my mid 40's I would be in the best shape of my life, I would have never believed it.  At least once a week I do something at WiO and think to myself "Huh, that is not something I would have been able to do a year ago."  Today in Ashley's Go Mommy I did 30 tricep extensions with 10-lbs.  When he gave me the "thumbs up" and shout out during class for putting up the extra weight I felt really powerful and strong!
How did you do it? What were your fav WiO Classes?
Joining WiO was a huge step in the right direction.  It wraps up the fitness aspect into a neat little package.  At home I used good, old fashioned portion control and better food choices.  My husband is a vegetarian and very clean eater, so it was easy to follow his lead.  That said, I tended to be a night snacker.  I would eat very well all day and then find myself at midnight mindlessly eating.  Sometimes those things would not be inherently unhealthy, I would just eat too much (hello half a jar of peanut butter).  So, to combat it I tried to not eat anything after 7-8pm for the first couple of months.  That was hard.  But now, my body/mind crave food MUCH less in the evening, so I guess it worked. 
I could never pick one (or even 2) favorite classes! They are all so different!  I started as a Go Mommy gal (shout out to Kara!).  I love ride and had never been in a class which incorporated so much upper body into the routines.  Once I got a little more comfortable I started branching out and trying some new things. Outdoor Mixer on Thursdays is awesome!  I always walk away from class happier than when I walked in, but it also has a lot to do with Heather's super sweet personality.  If I am feeling like I wanna cut loose, there is no better way than Zumba!  It is SO fun you totally forget you are working out...until you look at your hart rate monitor and realized you burned 500 calories in 50 minutes!  Recently I started taking Sweata Weatha.  I was a little nervous at first but Monica pushes me to limits I never thought possible.  When I leave her class I always feel like I accomplished something.   
What keeps you motivated?
At this point, the results really help keep me focused.  But I also have a secret weapon!  As fate would have it, Sheilla, (WiO legend, spin goddess, all around awesome gal) lives in my building.  Before I started coming to WiO we were friends and I would always see her going to or coming from a workout.  After a few months of telling me I should come check it out I did...and of course I was totally hooked!  Now, on most nights the last text I get is from Sheilla discussing the next day's workout.  There is no way I would be at the place I am today without her constant support and encouragement.  She is an amazing friend, neighbor, mommy... you name it!  I owe a lot to her.
Any weight loss transformation words of wisdom you have to share to the WiO community! 
Just start. In a 180 days, 6-months are going to have passed.  If you start TODAY you will be 6-months stronger, 6-months leaner, 6-months happier when day 180 gets here.  Day 180 is coming either way, why not meet it head on?