It's been five years since the doors at 603 Willow Avenue swung open and since then, oh so much has changed. But with all of the change, some true clarity came and it can best be seen through our loyal community and rock star team. Each woman, whether you are a client or instructor, is strong, supportive, and comes from a different and unique background. And because of all these unique faces and experiences, it has pushed us to evolve too. You've seen us evolve with our expansion in Hoboken to include Work it Out - River and Blended Ride. A style of class that we believe brings out the best in a workout and is ideal for each of you to achieve the most efficient and productive workout. Each category of classes we design are in an effort to fit you and where you are in life whether you are a bride, single sassy lady, mom or mom-to-be, we have you covered.

Our latest evolution is something we are most proud of, and each of you were the inspiration.

Enter our new mantra and year long campaign entitled 'This Is What SHE Looks Like.'

This mantra encapsulates every strong female that walks through the studio doors. Each of you are united under this one common theme and live an active and healthy lifestyle through balance, support, and motivation with each other. It is not one style of a woman that makes us Work it Out, it is all different styles, perspectives, and backgrounds. Over the course of the next year, you'll see this play out in different ways. Here's what you can expect to see from us?

A new online voice

If you are reading this right now, you probably noticed the site is new and improved. We are featuring brand spanking new photography from the talented Thaddeus Rombauer who grabbed the most phenomenal shots of our staff. Additionally, you'll see more lifestyle content from us featuring different contributors in and around Hoboken. Topics will include everything from the latest fitness trends, nutrition tips, style, and more. Check out the site, read our instructor bios, and peruse all of our offerings. There is a little something for everyone!

The WiO Circle

We're going to be selecting three women to work with us for the next year as part of the WiO Circle. This is our new brand ambassador program designed to spotlight motivating WiO Women that have been a part of the brand, live and breath the WiO lifestyle, and want to be even more involved with us as true spokespeople. This will include being social media mavens for the brand, introducing new clients to the studio, and more.

More community-building events

The Skinny Sessions. Hosted by Noël and Lisa, these complimentary, hour-long chats are based on behavior theories, activities, and some good ol' fashion bitching, that will guide you to self-reflect, share, and learn. The sessions will cover four integral components to living, eating, and breathing a healthy, active life. Each session builds on the other, starting with the core values of accepting and loving the body you have, no matter what the flaws, and then moving into areas of exploration and reflection on topics such as eating with joy. The sessions are meant to be used together, but if you cannot attend all of them, that's okay too! It's a 'judgement-free' zone where we will share, support and ultimately elicit positive change based on getting the skinny on topics and themes we've all wondered about.

  • Session 1:  7/16 - Healthy at Every Size: Learn to love your body for all that it provides you, no matter what

  • Session 2: 7/23 - The Art of Intuitive Eating: Find satisfaction in all your food choices and learn to be present during eating, one of the great joys in life

  • Session 3: 7/30 - Make Your Own MEtox: Eat clean, without deprivation and personalize it

  • Session 4: 8/6 - Create Your Healthy Living Mantra: Rise and shine each day with your own personal mantra to motivate you

There's many ways to be a part of the new evolution of Work it Out. We hope you get involved where you can, inspire each other to achieve great goals in and out of the studios, and constantly defining what a healthy, fit and active Work it Out Woman is. Stay connected with us @WiOWithUs and tag us along your Work it Out Journey.