Tis' the season of temptation! With delicious food and holiday parties all around us, it is very easy to let ourselves go and suffer from the holiday bloat! In additions to taking class below, are three healthy tips we can use to keep the holiday bloat at bay.


1)Fall in Love with Juicing- Nothing will make you feel better after holiday fiesta than a glass of nature's finest ingredients. Fresh extracted juices are packed with vitamins and minerals that will naturally cleanse and recharge our bodies.  During the holiday season try swapping your normal breakfast with a fresh extracted juice and see how great you feel. For a list of great juice recipes click here.

2) Drink Water- This may seem like a given but sometimes it is hard to remember when in party mode. Drinking water not only detoxifies the body but it also helps quicken the metabolism, which we all need during the holiday season!  Also, if you are enjoying some holiday "spirits" drink water in between cocktails to keep hydrated.  This will help to prevent any rough mornings.   

3) Everything in Moderation- The holidays are about enjoying ourselves but there is a way to do this without ruining all of your hard work at the studio. The trick is putting everything in perspective. If you have been waiting for that Christmas cookie all year, then go ahead and enjoy it! Just don't eat 10 of the Christmas cookies you have been waiting for all year. Eat the dishes you want but keep your portions small. Try using a small plate, instead of a regular large meal plate.  Instead of shoveling it all in in order to fill your next plate, eat slowly and enjoy every last bite.

Lastly, when faced with temptation this holiday season remind yourself of all the hard work you have been putting into yourself at the studio and how great you feel when you are eating well and training hard.  Nothing tastes as good as that feels, unless it is chocolate cake. Ha! Jokes aside, enjoy your holiday season WiO Working Gals and keep these anti-bloat tips in mind:)