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Our next WiO Working Gal, is an outgoing, powerhouse that brings energy and life into any room she walks in!  We are ecstatic to feature...
Lauren Sandy
A little about Lauren...
I grew up in North Jersey, in West Paterson. I went to Penn State for my undergraduate degree where I got a BA in Political Science.  Ever since I could remember I always wanted to be a lawyer, probably because I love talking and in particular arguing (although now that I argue for a living I find myself not arguing about anything else ironically).  I went to Widener in Wilmington, Delaware for law school.  After law school I moved back to Jersey with my parents for a little and then finally made my way to Hoboken where I have been living for over 3 years now.  I have been practicing at the same firm in Hackensack since 2006, primarily labor law.  I represent Unions throughout the State (mostly police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and nurses).  My firm is very small, but it enables me to get a lot of experience in court practicing and I have been fortunate to appear and argue before the New Jersey Appellate Division several times, as well as just recently arguing before the New Jersey State Supreme Court.
How do you balance your career, dating and social life and trying to keep healthy all at the same time? It's definitely not easy to juggle all of the above but it ebbs and flows.  When work is slow, I really try to get to the studio as much as possible because I know when work picks up it might be a week before I can get to a class. I am still working on keeping this balance. If anyone knows me they probably remember seeing me at two classes a day up until august, and now I haven't been to a class in almost two weeks because I have had so many trials! My boyfriend is very athletic and I try to go to the gym whenever he goes to work out.  He also helps with making better decisions about eating healthy -  think substituting something you want for something similar but healthier. We tend to go out to eat a lot and I try to only eat half of the serving and give him the other half, unless its sushi.. then I'm not sharing! But seriously, everything in moderation!

We all know you are the major of town, what are your favorite places in town to get your party on/ meet guys/blow off some steam? I am always at 1 Republik or the West Five Supper Club. West Five is perfect for when you are in the mood for going out, getting dressed up, and dancing the night away! Everyone who works there is always so nice, it's definitely one of my favorite places to party! They get some amazing DJs and you can often find me throwing napkins on the dance floor. 1 Republik is in a category on it's own - the atmosphere is nicer than any "bar" but lacks the pretentiousness you get with a club (no cover, no bottle service, no arbitrary dress codes).  They play great music, have good food (try the salmon), and have an amazing staff! It's a perfect spot for a Saturday night that's not exactly low key but yet also not quite crazy raging. It's also my go to Sunday Funday spot for football games.  

What keeps you motivated to get to the studio? All of the instructors at the studio are so supportive and provide a huge amount of motivation for me. They are just so inspiring and I am lucky to call some of them friends.  Also, I'd have to say the other members also motivate me, I truly love all of the girls who I have made friends with going to WiO and find they are also a big source of support. From their personal weight loss success stories, to the girls who are striving to be healthier, they are all just on the journey with you.  It's truly amazing. I have belonged to pretty much every gym in Hoboken at one point and nothing compares to WiO!!
This month we are celebrating women and bringing awareness to breast cancer awareness month. Who is a woman in your life that has inspired you to be the best woman you can be? I'd have to say without a doubt my mom is the strongest woman I know. I'm sure most women find their mother's to be an inspiration, and maybe that answer seems like the typical choice.  But my mom is the reason that I am so strong and independent.  The values that she instilled in me from a very young age are at the very core of who I am as a person. Work hard and be the best, and never settle for anything less!  She is a woman who is a force to be reckoned with and I aspire to emulate that strength everyday.  
Lastly, any advice you have for WiO Working Gals? We all will fall off the wagon every now and then, eat something bad, miss classes for a few days - all you can do is not beat yourself up about it and start fresh the next day - every day is a new chance to make healthy decisions! And most importantly: Work Hard! Play Hard!