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We are ecstatic to reveal our first WiO Working Gal...
Chrissy Kreisel

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and was the first of two girls. Both my sister and I, were raised by the most amazing single mom you will ever meet!! My mom worked several jobs to support us but the main one was dance teacher, so we grew up at the dance studio and by 7 years old dance became my first love.  

As I grew up I always continued to dance, but also got involved in volleyball and diving in high school. When I graduated and got accepted to the University of Delaware, just one-year later I got accepted to the Young Americans, a touring performing group promoting arts education in schools and moved to California for a year. Once that amazing experience ran its course, I rejoined University of Delaware and finished my BA in Sociology.  

I have been a Hoboken-area resident since 2005, and working in New York City. For the last five years, I have worked for Tishman Speyer, a real estate development company, in the Public Relations department helping oversee and plan events internally and externally. 

In 2010, while out with my girlfriends at The Shannon. I met my boyfriend Frank and the rest is history! We've been together 2 1/2 years and have lived together for a year and a half!! Oh and let's not forget our little bundle of joy, Diddy, our 2 1/2 year old Shiba Inu dog :)

How do you balance your career, dating and social life and trying to keep healthy all at the same time? Oh how I struggle with this!! My job is demanding and requires me to be there at 9 and work until sometimes 6:30pm, 7pm or later, and as the chef of the household it's a challenge to make sure I am cooking healthy and eating a balanced diet.  Combine that, with having quality friend time and I'm left with a "too much to do but too little time" problem.  

To try to keep my job, social life and home life intact while keeping healthy I have tried to do a few things. Sometimes, I just put my foot down and say "work - I'm leaving at 5 today to get in a work out, I deserve it" and then I march off to Next Stop: Skinny! Or I'll put my boyfriend Frank to work in the kitchen, while I take a Hip-to-the-Hop class.  It's amazing how sometimes we unknowingly let our health slip so low on the list without even realizing it. I'm always trying to be more aware of that!!

Are you a Uptown or Downtown Hoboken gal and what is your favorite Hoboken joint place to blow off steam after a long day at work?

So I'm actually a Union City gal - we live in The Doric, but before that I lived in Hoboken for 7 years all over town and we only go out/shop/gym/dine in Hoboken.  My fav restaurants in Hoboken are Margheritas for Italian, Robongi for Sushi and Charritos for Mexican.  For going out it is 100% Village Pourhouse for football Sunday's (GO GIANTS) - and I love a good 1/2 Price Martinis at Madison's (with a great DJ) on Tuesday nights or a fun dance party at Green Rock on a Thursday night!! 

How do you find the motivation to get to the studio! Are you a morning or night work outer? 

Currently my main motivation is weight loss and toning of my body to get myself back to where I was when I danced.  Obviously as you get older it takes more dedication and I need to get back to that and feel good in a cute pair of skinny jeans or a little black dress.  It also helps that there are several classes I have come to love at WiO and hate to miss! I am definitely a PM WiOer... NOT a morning person at all but need to work on that as I can't always make it after work!

Any advice or words of wisdom you have for other Hoboken WiO Working Girls? It's such a simple concept but so very hard to master in this day and age.  I haven't fully figured it out yet but you need to find a give and take solution where work, dating, social life and health can all live happily ever after together!!