We are always curious about what our Work it Out Community is thinking. You have probably gotten an email from us in the past asking for feedback or have been peppered with questions in the studio. This week we are taking it on Facebook and want to know what motivates you to work out, when do you like join classes, and more! WiO Wonders Week is simple to participate and we hope it'll provide us with great information to continue to set your fitness free!

Here's how it'll work: each day we will post a question on Facebook, all we ask from you is to choose an answer AND leave us a comment. For every comment you leave, we will enter you to win a Work it Out reward at the end of next week. The reward could be anything! Apparel, a free class, a chance to bring a friend…the possibilities are endless.

Take a minute this week, give us your thoughts and be a part of helping the studios evolve!