Starting this Saturday, December 6, we're teaming up with Wallace Elementary and their Applied Behavior Analysis Program to raise awareness for Autism. WiO was first introduced to this program through our very, own Sheillah -- who's son, Alexander was diagnosed with Autism in 2012. Sheillah led us in a charity ride to fight this cause in April -- and now we're doing it bigger and better with more opportunities to support the community and donate with our first event this weekend -- The Shop and Drop Local! Here's Sheillah's insight:

I remember the day all so well, November 5, 2012. This was the day that changed our lives, it was the day Alexander was diagnosed with Autism.

And here we are now, 2 years later, with an almost 5 year old who is now on the road to becoming fully verbal but always overcoming challenges in his every day life. All thanks to the hard work being done at Wallace Elementary, teachers, teacher aids, an army of therapists, supportive and understanding family and friends, and his biggest cheerleader; his best friend, Felicity.

Autism is a battle that may likely never end for him, but it is one that we are feeling confident we are well equipped to take on for the years to come. It is a battle that many kids are facing, 1 in 45 in our state, and roughly 30 of our own kids at Wallace Elementary.

It is a battle that they cannot fight on their own, and also one that is hard for their parents and professionals. And this is why on December 6th, we will host our first fundraiser event to benefit these children, The Drop and Shop Local. Every dollar we raise will go directly towards the Applied Behavior Analysis program at Wallace Elementary.

So what do you say, can you help us in making December 6, 2014 another day we will never forget?

The Shop and Drop Local will take place from 12:30pm - 3:30pm on Saturday, December 6 and offers parents 3-hours of uninterrupted holiday shopping time in town, with special discounts at select retailers. During this time their children will be entertained by Wallace and Work it Out staff at the Work it Out River Studio. There will be two additional events hosted for parents in January and February, along with the main charity ride on Sunday, March 29 that will include 55-minute spin classes hosted by Sheillah.

This Saturday's special discounts include:

Bellie & Katrina - 20% off $75 purchase

Big Fun Toys - $5 off any $25+ purchase, and $10 off any $50+ purchase

Dear Hannah - 15% off your entire purchase!

Luxe - 15% off your entire purchase!

WeeBabe - Will donate 5% of your sales to the cause

Donation: $60 for first child, $75 for 2 or more (children must be between the ages of 3 and 8 years old). Includes: Child-friendly activities and snacks. Sign-up here or call our studios: 201.222.0802 or 201.710.5458.

Alexander and sister, Felicity in Elysian Park before his appointment on November 5, 2012.